Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday, July 29, 2012

5 months

our little one is 5 months old today! So crazy! Here are some facts about her:

Size 1 diapers still
3 month clothing, some 0-3 still 
newborn size shoes still, some 0-3 (she has very skinny feet, although they are long)
likes bananas and peas, hates applesauce and carrots and HATES rice cereal. haha
was sleeping through the night till our vacation to St. George.. now she wakes up once, usually around 3 or 4, then sleeps till 8:30
loves swimming!!
loves to be outside
still absolutely hates the car and her carseat. screams the entire ride
probably weighs close to 13.5 pounds now.. ? She was 12lbs 11oz at her doc two weeks ago when we went in about formula
she definitely knows who her mommy is! she is getting attached and has started reaching for me when in other peoples arms. 
is REALLY trying soooo hard to roll over from her back to her tummy. she is soo close!
loves to have you put your whole hand on her face when she is first falling asleep 
she does not like to sit still - ever.
she giggles when you make lots of silly noises at her or tickle her right under her chin

can't believe its been 5 months already! shes going to be sitting up soon and crawling in a few months... ah! so exciting. :) 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

We all know how much I love bows.. {tutorial}

so, I love headbands. I love bows. Mia has way too many of them. really. evidence:

just the bows

just the headbands

its an addiction, I just cant stop myself! She just looks so dang cute in them! 

Well, I had a few people ask me to make a tutorial of some, so here is the first one. 
you can make this one in any color, or size. its really the easiest bow to make ever. 

you will need: glue gun, felt, and a clip to glue it on or some stretchy elastic or hard headband. 

first step: cut a strip of felt. however big or small you want, however thick or thin you want. (btw, this tutorial works great with ribbon too!) 

After you cut the strip, fold it in half to see where the exact middle is. 

put hot glue down the exact middle. 

fold over both sides to the middle

pinch it to see where to put the glue to keep it together

put glue in the center, then pinch

It should then look like this when you pinch it. Make sure to pinch it tight and hold it for a bit so the glue can dry. 

then, cut out a strip of felt for the middle 

put a dot of glue on the middle 

fold strip over the middle, and wa-la! all done! 

who knows if those steps even made sense. Hopefully you can figure it out though. Its super easy! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

my world

this little girl is my world.
i love her so dang much. shes so cute and spunky and has such a funny personality already. 
although she is really colic and cries alot, there are some really great moments, and when they are great, they are REALLY great. she makes me smile, my heart melt, and makes me laugh out loud! she has so many funny faces and sounds- she talks all day long. 

i just had to share a few of my favorite pictures as of lately- shes my little bestie, so grateful i get to stay at home with her all day every day!

piggy tails!!

eatin her peas.. contrary to her facial expression, she actually likes peas! 

happy girly!

oh, and i got some bangs. what do ya think?


we love playin in the air, she even drools on me sometimes.. haha yuck

favorite pastime.. :)

'are you serious?!' watchin me get ready for church after i got her ready. i love that outfit. so cute, ally gave it to us!

mom, im tired of bumbo time!

just look at those lips!

most beautiful girl in the world. 

we love tummy time! mia is super strong!

all in all, being a mommy is so amazing- and worth it. every last minute of it. mia is so special to me and her daddy and we love spending time with her. love you baby girl! happy 5 months in a few days.. time flies! 

Mia's Room

I posted a few pictures back about the cute paintings my sister Adrianne did for Mia's room but I dont think I ever posted all the pictures of her room. I am very proud of myself for all the thrifty-ness I have done with it! 

The crib we got for free from our friends Jon and Kenna! So grateful for that. The bedding was $60 at, which I had a gift card for so I used that. I have always loved owls, so I had to get the bedspread when I saw it! (although I really wanted to do red and teal, not pink and teal.) I made the tissue balls with my friend Ally above her crib. There were two white ones as well but they fell.. and I threw them away because they were falling all the time and eventually got squished. 

I got this dresser on KSL for $35. On top of it is a lamp I already had, I just bought a new lamp shade from walmart for $4. The changing pad was also bought with a gift card, which is velcroed on with heavy duty Velcro on the bottom of it. The basket I got with a gift from my sister in Law Lisa. :)

These are the best part of her room. I love these paintings. My sister Adrianne is so talented! She painted them all by hand and sent them out. I love them so much.

This book shelf is all the storage stuff we needed for her/mary kay. My Mary Kay stuff is in the pink boxes (there is another shelf thats not shown that has another big pink box) and then I have Mias books (all gifted to me or bought at Savers), her blankets, diapers, bibs, bows, shoes are in the blue basket, and her teddy bears.

I made this bow holder. I had everything on hand already- the frame was made by Kevin, the chicken wire spray paint and ribbon I already had. And I made about half of those bows.

I bought these letters for $1.50 a piece at Hobby Lobby, painted them, and hung them. Ally helped me make the banner- which is made from paper.

I got these hooks from hobby lobby for $4 each I think.. and the towels were gifts from people. I love those hooks!

We also have a rocking chair, that we got brand new at Burlington, and didn't have to pay because we had a gift card there too. 

I am so grateful for all the things we were given to give this baby girl a good start! 

I love being thrifty and making things look cute with little or no money. It really gives me such joy! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just a few thoughts

This last week has been incredibly hard. Kevin got surgery on Thursday and hasn't been able to lift anything.. including lil Mia. He had a really bad Hernia and we are SO glad its gone now. He has had it since he was 12 but was too embarassed to tell anyone I guess. I finally made him go in and the surgeon said it was one of the biggest he has seen! Crazy. Glad everything went ok. 

We had to be at the Hospital at 6AM and so I got up at 5 and got ready and then got Mia up and we loaded up in the car and headed over to UVRMC. Mia unfortunately did not go back to sleep right away. It took about an hour and a half for her to go back to sleep. Kevs mom and dad came over to help me out with Mia while I was back in the room with Kevin Pre-OP and Steve, Kevins brother came to help give a blessing with Kevs dad. I cried when they wheeled him away... so sad. After his surgery was over, the surgeon came out and said all went great and that he would be in recovery in about 30 minutes. I told Kevins parents to leave because I thought we would probably only be at the hospital another 2 hours or so. Well, that was not the case. Kevin had a really hard time staying awake, and was feeling super sick. He had to get up and walk around and use the restroom before they would allow him to come home so we ended up being at the hospital for 8 1/2 hours. Out of all that time, Mia screamed probably 6 of the hours. It was so stressful. 

Mia has been fussing ALOT lately. She has had eating issues since month 2 and its been such a hard thing trying to figure out how to best take care of her. The fussing just kept getting worse and worse over the last two months until this week, it reached a new height. I had been able to handle it just fine for the most part, but then over the last couple of days, it has been constant screaming. Even when I was holding her, she would cry. I noticed the crying would get MUCH worse when she would pass gas. She is such a gassy baby, and I have been on a lactose free diet to help with that.. but I knew something was still up. 

So today, I took her in to the doctor. I told them I wasn't leaving until we figured something out to help with the eating situation. I told the doctor that Mia would suck for a minute, then pull off. She would get so frustrated that my milk didnt let down on that first suck that she would then scream, and then it would somehow make it so my milk wouldnt come. I think its because it stressed me out because I knew she was hungry and I wanted to help her but she wouldnt nurse. Then I told the doctor that after all Mias feedings, she had horrible gas and would cry and cry when she would pass gas. I always heard active belly sounds and she would arch her back after eating and cry. She never really threw up so if she had/has reflux, it would be silent reflux. When I explained to the doctor all of her symptoms, the doctor said she was almost positive it was a milk protein problem. She said even if I am off of dairy, my breast milk will still make lactose, and therefore, passing it on to the baby. She told me that alot of times babies little tummies can't digest the enzymes in lactose and so they have to be on a special kind of formula. The doctor told me that at this point, formula was the best thing for my baby although it was ultimately my choice whether to continue to breastfeed or not. 

For my sanity, and for the health of Mia, I chose to stop breastfeeding. I am really sad about it. But, I don't feel like a bad mom. I am doing what I have to do to make her feel better. I think I would feel worse if I had to keep her breastfeeding and knew it was hurting her belly! 

With all the crying, it is starting to stress me out a little therefore causing my milk to deplete anyway. 

I have seriously had to stick her in her crib and walk away many times this week. I have said a million prayers and tried to be so calm. Its been so hard. Anyone who has never had a baby that just cries all day wont understand how hard it is to listen to it all day. I say that its hard, but I would choose having a screaming baby all day than having no baby at all. So I am grateful that I have her.  Hopefully this formula will help her and she will get back to her happy little self! 

There are lots of cute and happy moments throughout the day though, so I thought I would share two videos and a couple of pictures. She is growing so fast, especially her HAIR! Its such a mess. I cant keep it under control. haha. 

One thing I love about her right now is that she is always sucking on her feet. Haha. Its so cute. I cant help but laugh when I see it. 

She also likes to take her binky out and make noise. She screams, but not in the crying way. Just in the HEY! LOOK AT ME! way. Haha. Its cute. In this video below, this is basically the way our house sounds all day long. talking talking talking away! 

Here is a video of her today at Allys house. She didnt want to roll over in the video, but she does roll over all the time. She is SO strong, and always wants her head up looking at everyone 

I love this little girl more than words can express. I am so grateful to have her in my life. Its been hard, but its been SO amazing too. the one smile or giggle I get from her makes all the crying worth it to me. 

i love you mia baby! you da best! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

our fourth of july!

We had such a fun couple of days celebrating the 4th. I first celebrated Elk Ridge Days, which was at the end of June. Elk Ridge is my home town and they do lots of fun things like a golf tournament, a parade, a carnival, and a mayors dinner. 

Kevin was working when the Elk Ridge Days Parade was going on so I decided to take Mia up and I drug my mom with me to go watch it. I had to dress Mia up in a cute little American outfit! 

Here she is being held by my favorite Teresa Caine from my parents ward. This smile is the smile that totally describes her! Shes always so nice and happy. 

Here's me and the Mi-ers! (we have started calling her that haha.. bad nickname I know.)

can't get over how cute she is...

On the actual 4th of July, we got super lucky to be able to spend it with our best buddies Jon and Kenna! Kenna's grandpa owns Lund Optical (nicest. man. ever.) and throws this big party for all the family and friends they have and saves spots for them to sit at the parade. His shop is right on university just past center street so its the perfect spot, and its the side that the sun wasn't shining on yet! They had soda, milk, donuts, muffins, fruit, candy, chips, dip, all kinds of food for us to share. We plopped down and Kenna wanted to hold Mia, and Mia was good the whole parade! 

I sure do love Kenna. She is so fun. We got lucky to get such good friends. Kenna is Jons wife, and Jon went to HS with Kevin. So lucky for me I got to meet her through Kevin! We have become instant friends from the day we met and could literally talk for hours about everything. I am so grateful for her! 

After the parade, we went and walked around the boothes and then went to a BBQ at Kev's parents house. We had lots of fun hanging out with family and had a great holiday. 

Now for a few random pictures...

Mia is so funny. She will have her binky in and decide she wants to talk. So, she takes it out, yells, and puts it back in. Funny funny girl! And yes, Kevin gets creative when it comes to hanging toys on that play mat... the monkey for example. 

Mia's hair is getting so long that I almost have to pull it up for it not to be in her face sometimes! I love this picture of us. Shes my bestie! 

This was a picture of Mia before church last week. I love this dress! Its the first time she has been able to wear it. She sure is a cutie. 

all in all things are going great here in the mo household. Kevin's getting surgery tomorrow and I am getting surgery Aug 9th.. so I may not say things are going great in a month. hehe... wish us luck! 


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