Monday, June 18, 2012

wedding time- 11 years of dating and FINALLY marriage!

On Wednesday, we were able to attend a sealing of two of our best friends, Trent and Justina! Kevin went to high school with them both. Trent and Kevin have been great friends for a long time and Justina and I met when Kevin and I were dating. I have gotten to spend lots more time with  Justina, and her and a few other friends threw me a really fun baby shower before Mia was due. Justina is such a good friend and I have LOVED getting to know her more! The sealing was absolutely beautiful, and it was the first time Kev and I have been to the SLC temple since we got married. We were feelin the love that day! It was great to remember our special day and be excited for Trent and Stina. 

I got all the pictures I am posting off of facebook from either Michele Thomas or Triana Ord. I hope you ladies don't care I am posting these. My camera is broken.. all I have is my phone camera and well... we all know how good of pictures those take.. haha. 

Here is a picture of Trent's side and friends who were in the picture. Justina's family isn't in this one. 

We left Mia with my sister Chelsey in South Jordan while we went to the sealing. All I could think about was how much I missed Mia and wished she was there for pictures! But we did have a good little break and are grateful for my sister for watching her! 

Me and my lover- and don't judge.. I still have lots of weight to loose. working out is hard when you can barley walk because of a bum knee... surgery date to be chosen soon.. 

Here is Kev and his besties, T.C, Kev, Ryan, Trent, James, Landon, and Jon. Love all these boys!

I think Kev looks handsome right here :) 

And look how AMAZING she looks! I love her dress and hair and her makeup was seriously GORGEOUS. You can't tell from this far away but really, her makeup was stunning. Pretty pretty bride. 

We are so grateful for good friends and so glad we got to share their special day with them. Off to Jamaica they went on a honeymoon- Can't wait to hang out when they get back!! 

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