Wednesday, June 20, 2012

St. George

We decided to take a little vacation to St. George with Ally, Kelvin, Brittney, and Curtis this last week. It was so much fun! Ally's dad owns a house down in St. George that people in the family can just go stay in. It's a really nice house and has plenty of room for lots of guests. It's in a little community and has an indoor/outdoor pool so we got lots of swimming in! 

We left Wed night after the wedding we attended. We didn't end up on the road until like 10:30, but we wanted to go during Mias bedtime so she would be asleep the whole time. It pretty much worked, she slept ALMOST the whole way. way to go good girl! We crashed that night at like 3am once we got there and got Mia down to bed. 

The next day was Thursday. This was our relax day. It was so nice to just do NOTHING! We have not had a day like that in forever. We did go swimming though, and made a yummy chicken pillow dinner. We also went Thrift shopping in downtown St. George, and I got tons of good stuff for Mia, for .50 each! Steal of a deal. Here are some pictures of her swimming: 

It was Mia's first time swimming, and she wasn't quite so sure about it.. 

We got this canopy floaty from It was 20 dollars but worth it. She is still a little small for it... haha, but we could let go of her and she would just lean back in it a little, but there was no way she was falling out of it. So I like it alot, and it was so worth the money! You can also adjust the canopy if the sun is in different spots. Mia thought the water was just a little too cold... but she eventually got used to it, until she decided she wanted a nap, and wanted it NOW. haha..

startin to fuss a little right before the naptime freak out started...

She ended up falling asleep in her stroller for about an hour so we were able to swim and have fun for a bit and get some sun. Yes, we wore sunscreen! 

The next day was Friday. We went down to Logandale, NV (where Ally's Aunt Trish and Uncle Duane live.)  Logandale is just an hour away from St. George so we had to go spend the day! We all watched 'I am 4' when we got there and then the guys and britt went shooting while Ally, Trish, Mia, Me, and Mandy stayed and chatted and made dinner. Trish made this amazing homemade alfredo sauce with chicken and noodles and some DELISH homemade french bread. It was the best dinner. The reason us other girls didn't go shooting is because 1- it was freaking over 100 degrees, too hot for mia. And the shooting was too loud for her. 2- Ally is prego and wasn't feeling very well. and 3- Mandy is in a wheelchair and can't very easily get to the shooting spot, so we GLADLY stayed and chatted with her! It was so fun to see the Mays, we love them and are so grateful for their hospitality. Thanks for letting us eat your food and crash your house and visit with you guys! It was a huge highlight in the trip! Love you all. 

Kelvin, Ally's hubby, got a rabbit! I wont post a picture of it, its gross.. haha

look at my manly man.. hehe

Here is ally chattin it up with Miss Mia. Mia loves Ally! I love this picture. It says a million words about how great of a mother Ally will be. She is so patient and loving and calm with kids. I trust her with my everything, and her kids that are waiting in Heaven are lucky to be coming to her! Mia just loves Ally and smiles big for her. 

Saturday Kevin and I went to breakfast at the Bear Paw Cafe.  Holy crap, it was gOoD!!!! If you go down to St. George, you all need to eat there. It's on Main Street I think.. But it was delish. After that we checked out the outlets and a few more thrift stores, but didn't buy anything. Just had fun looking around. When we got home that afternoon, we decided to go swimming again. Mia didn't love it again... but hopefully in a warmer pool she will like it because she normally LOVES bath time and water. That night, all of us went to eat at the Black Bear Diner. Yes, another bear place. Haha. That was good too. I hated what I got, (a hamburger. had no seasoning and was super greasy and gross) but I LOVED kevin's food. He got whats called the grizz, and it was bacon, hashbrowns, pancakes, eggs.. the works. So yes, he had breakfast twice that day. Yum yum! 

Brittney's parents came to stay the night friday night till sunday night because they wanted to go to Zions on Saturday.. so, after dinner on Saturday, Vivian (Britts mom) said she would stay and listen for Mia if she woke up so all of us could go swimming and hot tubbin. So, off we went and it was really fun. Kev and I watched Just Married on our laptop in our room that night and then fell right to sleep! 

Sunday we got up and cleaned, and left to go home. It was such a great trip, so relaxing, and so much fun!! Thank you so much Ally and Kelv for inviting us. We loved every minute of it. Glad we have fun friends to vacation with and hang out with. Vacations are always more fun with friends and family! I hope we will go on a vacation once a year with them till we die.. even if it's to somewhere different each year! How fun would that be. :) 

Well, thats all of the deets for St. George. We had a great time, and I LOVED spending every second with my hubs that whole week. :) 

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