Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a little bit of everything: kev, mia, wic, baby showers, sewing, and more

lots has been going on over here at the mohlman household. 

first off, kevin has been sooo dang busy with school. he is taking the first summer block classes but is only taking two classes: biology and public speaking. uuuuuugh. can you say loads and loads of homework?! He has class Mon Wed and Fri from 9am to 1pm and he works every day from 3-11:30 pm so I don't see him much. It's been really hard and I miss him alot, but he is such a hard worker and I am so grateful for him. He always spends as much time with Mia and I on the weekends and we all look forward to weekends! he is doing really well in his classes so far and im proud of him! 

i have been making some burp cloths to bring in some extra income and just for fun. my friend jess has a booth at the provo farmers market and said i could sell my burp cloths at her booth! i am selling a set of 3 for $10. they are super cute, and perfect for especially spitty babies since it has a towel material on the back of it. here is a picture of some: 

so i have been a busy little bee sewing lots! 
i want to get really good at sewing, but i totally need lessons from someone that knows how. trade for a haircut anyone?

speaking of hair, i haven't been doing it much lately and i miss it. if anyone needs a cut or color, call me, because i need to keep myself doing hair still so i don't loose my skills.. haha. no but really i just miss being in the salon sometimes or using my hair creative skills! (and i miss making people look pretty.) but I wouldn't trade being a stay at home mom for anything. 

so i posted on here a while back about how mia was having eating issues. i tried a little experiment- going off of dairy. i was off of it for about 2 1/2 weeks and she seemed to start eating better. well saturday night, i ate a big bowl of ice cream, and boy was she a terrible eater and upset on sunday! i took her to the doc for her weight check today and told him about it and he is pretty sure she is lactose intolerant. so, off milk i am for a while. but thats ok, i am going to try almond milk. mia can only be on lactose free formula as well, since i supplement her a few ounces a day. so, i made an appointment to get on wic, because now that i am not working, money is a little tight and we just can't afford formula on top of diapers and all that other stuff! we have never been on any sort of government help besides pelgrants so this is kinda me being humbled and accepting help.. but the formula is just soo expensive! i'm grateful for programs out there that can help us out! 

on saturday, i went to my good friend makelles baby shower! she is having a little boy, and is possibly the cutest pregnant girl in the whole wide world! i went to hair school with her and whitney and now all of us will have babies that are all within 6 months of age apart! i am so glad we all stayed friends, i love those girls and it was really fun seeing them and a few other people such as jessica hurst! her baby is freaking adorable too! i am glad i have lots of friends with babies close to mias age so we can all have play groups and go through this new mommy thing together! whitney and i drove to the shower together in my car, and it was so funny because on the way to the shower, both of our babies were hungry and crying. one would cry, then he other would cry, then they would sound like they were trying to one up eachother with their cry! we were just laughing! but, on the way home, our little babies fell asleep- peaceful as can be. Whit's baby is just a month older than Mia, so hopefully they will grow up to be besties! (picture taken from the trunk open) 

mia is sure getting a personality. she is so dang cute i just can't stand it! she smiles so much, but on the drop of a pin, she can scream her head off. haha. i think she is already getting an attitude... :) we like to spend time laying on the grass outside. we don't take too many walks anymore because of my knee, but hopefully we can get back into that soon. she has an amazing nighttime schedule and goes to bed with almost no tears most of the time, but daytime naps are a little harder. she wants to be held, but we are breaking that habit! as i type she has been asleep for a half an hour in her crib all by her self.. so proud of my little trooper! 

at her doc today for her weight check up, he said she is now 10lbs 7oz. and 24 inches long. that puts her in the 7th percentile for weight and 75th for height! haha, my long and lean little girl! doesnt she look so tall in this picture below?

we got some cabinets put up in our bathroom! i dont have a picture yet but they look sooo good and give us so much more space for things. i have been organizing like crazy, and if you know me well, you know that its hard for me to keep my bedroom clean, but lookie here!!!!!

clean! oh so proud of myself. granted, my mom had to come watch mia while i got it done because it took me like 2 hours to go through papers, go through my closet, get rid of stuff, organize drawers.. etc. so thanks mom for helping take care of mia so i could get this done! i know, lame that it took me that long to clean it... kevin was happy it was clean though. :) 

yesterday was a very bad, no good day at ALL. today was better. and still is better. i am learning to just forgive and forget and move on.. so hard to do sometimes... but last night i saw this quote: 

so, i woke up today and told myself to have courage to get through the day, and try again! i have made it a good day so far, so hopefully i can make it a good week regardless of what happens that is negative. 

well, that's about all i have to post about today. hope my post interested you a little. :)


Ashley Rose said...

I was on WIC with Gabriel and it was hard for me. A very humbling experience. My mom made me feel better about it. She had to remind me that I have been a responsible, hard working citizen of this country since I was old enough to work--which means I've been paying taxes. And, by golly, if I come to a point in my life where I need a little help, then I need to set my pride aside and ask for it/take it! She also had to keep telling me not to let my pride get in the way of taking care of myself and my son....that hit home for me. WIC is great! Stock up on whatever they give you. You never know what might happen or if we may get struck by a natural disaster--you may need all the formula you can get!

Hang in there, girlie. You're a good mommy and Mia is lucky that she has someone who loves her and cares for her as much as you. :-)

Michelle said...

Well said Ashley. I totally agree about the government thing. Sometimes you just have to use those things and it's okay. If anyone tells you differently then they've obviously had it way easy. There is nothing wrong with being on any of it, as long as you have a goal to be off it someday. We were on WIC while Jason went to school and government subsidized housing and medicaid and I'm so glad we were because it saved us from taking out thousands more in student loans. I hope your day today was better than when you wrote this post. I'm like you, I don't see my family much during the week so I live for the weekends. Your room looks really nice. Cleaning always makes me feel great.


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