Thursday, June 21, 2012

my almost 4 month old

today was a pretty good day. my friend Michele invited Mia and I to go swimming with her and her daughter Morgan. We decided to go to the Lindon pool, which was so fun! We went around noon and left at 2:30. Mia liked swimming MUCH better this time, and infact, we were in the water almost the whole 2 hours! The water was pretty warm so I think that made it better for her. On the down side, I totally got fried on one spot on my back. I couldn't reach that spot with the sunscreen, and Michele had already gotten in the water so I just figured I would be ok without... no bueno! bad bad idea.. can't wait for kevin to get home to put aloe on it, since I cant freaking reach. 

Mia took a 2 hour nap after we got home. It was awesome. She usually only naps like 20-30 minutes, if I am lucky she will sleep an hour. So swimming must have wore that little one out. 

I forgot to share pictures of all the good thrift store finds I got! remember, I only spent 50 cents EACH on them

On another note, I got another team member in Mary Kay! YAY! So exciting. I have one more looking into it, but we will see if she decides to join or not. :)

Mia is growing up so fast. She will be 4 months old on the 29th, and that seriously makes me so sad. 
Look how small she was when I took her home from the hospital... haha, dont mind her pooping face right there.. or my huge belly at the time.. haha

two weeks old...

 I love this, shes been smiling since day one!

this was when she was a month old I believe... 

I have loved every minute of these last 4 months, even the hard minutes.. like last night for example. :) Here are a few facts about my lil one:

sits in the bumbo super good by herself! 
puts everything in her mouth, pretty sure she is teething since she has a runny nose, and has been more fussy than normal..
she is 11 pounds and 24 inches long
she still wears 0-3 month clothes
she is getting to the point that she doesnt want to be put down. she likes to be held facing outwards to see everything. 
she sleeps from 8:30pm -7 or 8am, eats, goes back to sleep till 9 or 10. 
she HATES The carseat, and the car. with a passion. 
her hair is growing like a weed, and coming in way light
her eyes are soooo light blue, and the most beautiful ones I have ever seen
she officially scratched her self on her face for the very first time two days ago. sad sad day, it bled a tiny bit. her nails grow so fast
she talks ALL The time. infact, we always think she is singing.. haha. she is def going to be a lil singer with all the noises she makes and she tries to mimick music already!
she can take her binky out and put it back in
she smiles HUGE anytime she wakes up from a nap or in the morning when you go get her
she is in size 1 diapers still
she loves rattles!
She cries alot from 7-8. fussy time... 

picture taken on wed june 20

Mia is a joy in our life and we love her so much. Cant believe its been 4 months already. on July 7th, it will be a year since I found out I was pregnant with her. She has been the biggest blessing in my life so far along with my wonderful husband of course. I am however excited for this new stage she will be moving in.. sitting up, eating some solids, giggling more, playing with toys more, crawling... so fun. I am excited to see how she will be as she gets older. 

I love you Mia Jane, you are the best! Thanks for all your snuggles today. :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

St. George

We decided to take a little vacation to St. George with Ally, Kelvin, Brittney, and Curtis this last week. It was so much fun! Ally's dad owns a house down in St. George that people in the family can just go stay in. It's a really nice house and has plenty of room for lots of guests. It's in a little community and has an indoor/outdoor pool so we got lots of swimming in! 

We left Wed night after the wedding we attended. We didn't end up on the road until like 10:30, but we wanted to go during Mias bedtime so she would be asleep the whole time. It pretty much worked, she slept ALMOST the whole way. way to go good girl! We crashed that night at like 3am once we got there and got Mia down to bed. 

The next day was Thursday. This was our relax day. It was so nice to just do NOTHING! We have not had a day like that in forever. We did go swimming though, and made a yummy chicken pillow dinner. We also went Thrift shopping in downtown St. George, and I got tons of good stuff for Mia, for .50 each! Steal of a deal. Here are some pictures of her swimming: 

It was Mia's first time swimming, and she wasn't quite so sure about it.. 

We got this canopy floaty from It was 20 dollars but worth it. She is still a little small for it... haha, but we could let go of her and she would just lean back in it a little, but there was no way she was falling out of it. So I like it alot, and it was so worth the money! You can also adjust the canopy if the sun is in different spots. Mia thought the water was just a little too cold... but she eventually got used to it, until she decided she wanted a nap, and wanted it NOW. haha..

startin to fuss a little right before the naptime freak out started...

She ended up falling asleep in her stroller for about an hour so we were able to swim and have fun for a bit and get some sun. Yes, we wore sunscreen! 

The next day was Friday. We went down to Logandale, NV (where Ally's Aunt Trish and Uncle Duane live.)  Logandale is just an hour away from St. George so we had to go spend the day! We all watched 'I am 4' when we got there and then the guys and britt went shooting while Ally, Trish, Mia, Me, and Mandy stayed and chatted and made dinner. Trish made this amazing homemade alfredo sauce with chicken and noodles and some DELISH homemade french bread. It was the best dinner. The reason us other girls didn't go shooting is because 1- it was freaking over 100 degrees, too hot for mia. And the shooting was too loud for her. 2- Ally is prego and wasn't feeling very well. and 3- Mandy is in a wheelchair and can't very easily get to the shooting spot, so we GLADLY stayed and chatted with her! It was so fun to see the Mays, we love them and are so grateful for their hospitality. Thanks for letting us eat your food and crash your house and visit with you guys! It was a huge highlight in the trip! Love you all. 

Kelvin, Ally's hubby, got a rabbit! I wont post a picture of it, its gross.. haha

look at my manly man.. hehe

Here is ally chattin it up with Miss Mia. Mia loves Ally! I love this picture. It says a million words about how great of a mother Ally will be. She is so patient and loving and calm with kids. I trust her with my everything, and her kids that are waiting in Heaven are lucky to be coming to her! Mia just loves Ally and smiles big for her. 

Saturday Kevin and I went to breakfast at the Bear Paw Cafe.  Holy crap, it was gOoD!!!! If you go down to St. George, you all need to eat there. It's on Main Street I think.. But it was delish. After that we checked out the outlets and a few more thrift stores, but didn't buy anything. Just had fun looking around. When we got home that afternoon, we decided to go swimming again. Mia didn't love it again... but hopefully in a warmer pool she will like it because she normally LOVES bath time and water. That night, all of us went to eat at the Black Bear Diner. Yes, another bear place. Haha. That was good too. I hated what I got, (a hamburger. had no seasoning and was super greasy and gross) but I LOVED kevin's food. He got whats called the grizz, and it was bacon, hashbrowns, pancakes, eggs.. the works. So yes, he had breakfast twice that day. Yum yum! 

Brittney's parents came to stay the night friday night till sunday night because they wanted to go to Zions on Saturday.. so, after dinner on Saturday, Vivian (Britts mom) said she would stay and listen for Mia if she woke up so all of us could go swimming and hot tubbin. So, off we went and it was really fun. Kev and I watched Just Married on our laptop in our room that night and then fell right to sleep! 

Sunday we got up and cleaned, and left to go home. It was such a great trip, so relaxing, and so much fun!! Thank you so much Ally and Kelv for inviting us. We loved every minute of it. Glad we have fun friends to vacation with and hang out with. Vacations are always more fun with friends and family! I hope we will go on a vacation once a year with them till we die.. even if it's to somewhere different each year! How fun would that be. :) 

Well, thats all of the deets for St. George. We had a great time, and I LOVED spending every second with my hubs that whole week. :) 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers Day

I can't believe I can call Kevin a father now. Lucky me! 

He really has just fallen right into this father role. It's only been 3 1/2 months but he is a pro already. He is always washing his hands, washing the binky, changing diapers, making baby smile, putting her in the carseat (without her crying, might I add... I somehow always manage to make her cry every time I put her in), checking on her when he gets home at night, and a million other things that just make him a great daddy. 

If any of you didn't know this, he was not excited to be a dad. We had heard from the doctor that it could take us a while to get pregnant given my womanly issues.. so we just decided not to worry about it (well, HE decided not to worry about it) and let things happen. I wanted a baby ASAP, and he was all for waiting a couple of years. We 'tried' (meaning, no prevention) for over a year, and not once in that time did I ovulate or have a period. I thought I was never going to be a mother! He on the other hand was not worried and knew it would happen when the time was right. (He always told me that.) Well, the time came, and I felt SO happy and knew it was the right time. He however did not think it was the right time, and was not prepared. He kept saying 'i'm just not ready. we didn't prepare for this yet. I thought we would maybe have to try for a few years, or adopt..' his worried were finances. He wanted to be able to provide for our little one. He also was worried I would get sick, since all his sisters were sick the whole 9 months. Unluckily, I was sick the whole 9 months as well... 

But, the day came, and Mia was born, Feb. 29th, 2012, and Kevin was instantly a father. There was no 'what do I do' or 'how do I do' or 'when do I do'. it was what CAN i do (to help) and taking  charge. it was taking extra shifts at work to help pay any diapers or wipes bill.. hehe. It was getting up in the middle of the night when I was tired, although he had to get up at 7 for school. It was changing those blowouts when he had never changed a diaper in his life before this. It was singing silly songs to Mia and making her smile from ear to ear. He has just been a natural! 

I cannot even explain how much my love has grown for my husband as I have watched the care and love he has given Mia. I have loved watching him be a father and do not know how I got so lucky. I know Mia will grow up saying 'I want to marry someone just like my daddy..." because he is patient, kind, loving, funny, responsible, smart, and spiritual. How could you not want to marry someone with those qualities? 

For Fathers Day, we were still in St. George, but I got up early and made him some scrambled eggs, pancakes, and bacon. I let him sleep in and I was going to bring him breakfast in bed, but he got up too early. :P We had to travel home that day, but We did get to stop by my dad's house on the way home and then at his dad's house on the way home. When we finally got home, I gave Kevin the gift of pampering. I made a little coupon for him to get a 1 hour massage and to have his favorite dinner and dessert, and to have a foot scrub too. Maybe even a scalp massage if I am feeling up for that. Lucky guy right there. :) 

Just a quick shout out to my dad, and Kevins dad as well. 

Dad, I love you so much and I know we haven't always gotten along, but I have always loved that you are a spiritual person. I have loved that you always have held the priesthood so I could ask for a blessing at any time of day and you would give me one. I loved that you taught me how to pray and to make the Gospel a priority in my life. And, thanks for taking such good care of Ammon, we all love you so much! 

Carl, Thanks for being a good example of a father so that Kevin could follow in your footsteps! You are such a great man- and although you don't speak many words, the words you do speak are wise and kind. I love you, and Kevin and Mia sure love you too. 

Happy Fathers Day to everyone, I hope it was the best day. 

wedding time- 11 years of dating and FINALLY marriage!

On Wednesday, we were able to attend a sealing of two of our best friends, Trent and Justina! Kevin went to high school with them both. Trent and Kevin have been great friends for a long time and Justina and I met when Kevin and I were dating. I have gotten to spend lots more time with  Justina, and her and a few other friends threw me a really fun baby shower before Mia was due. Justina is such a good friend and I have LOVED getting to know her more! The sealing was absolutely beautiful, and it was the first time Kev and I have been to the SLC temple since we got married. We were feelin the love that day! It was great to remember our special day and be excited for Trent and Stina. 

I got all the pictures I am posting off of facebook from either Michele Thomas or Triana Ord. I hope you ladies don't care I am posting these. My camera is broken.. all I have is my phone camera and well... we all know how good of pictures those take.. haha. 

Here is a picture of Trent's side and friends who were in the picture. Justina's family isn't in this one. 

We left Mia with my sister Chelsey in South Jordan while we went to the sealing. All I could think about was how much I missed Mia and wished she was there for pictures! But we did have a good little break and are grateful for my sister for watching her! 

Me and my lover- and don't judge.. I still have lots of weight to loose. working out is hard when you can barley walk because of a bum knee... surgery date to be chosen soon.. 

Here is Kev and his besties, T.C, Kev, Ryan, Trent, James, Landon, and Jon. Love all these boys!

I think Kev looks handsome right here :) 

And look how AMAZING she looks! I love her dress and hair and her makeup was seriously GORGEOUS. You can't tell from this far away but really, her makeup was stunning. Pretty pretty bride. 

We are so grateful for good friends and so glad we got to share their special day with them. Off to Jamaica they went on a honeymoon- Can't wait to hang out when they get back!! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

i love you because

dear kev, 

i love you because:
you like the grossest toothpaste in the world- orange flavored. but not many people like it, so i give you props for being different. 

i love you because: 
you let me steal all the covers in the middle of the night and then you don't steal them back from me. 

i love you because:
you have crazy dreams that come to life, like the one time you woke up, turned on the light, and told me a bird just pooped on your head. or the time on our honeymoon you said a snake was in the bed. i like this because it makes me laugh.

i love you because: 
you will stay up and talk to me after you get home late from work because it's the only time we have to catch up

i love you because: 
you like left overs. thank goodness, or we would throw lots of food away. 

i love you because: 
you have never raised your voice at me once, and that makes me feel safe and respected.

i love you because: 
you let me rock myself to sleep even though i KNOW it drives you nuts. whatever helps me fall asleep huh!

i love you because: 
washing the car totally makes your day. anytime you are in sorta a bad mood, i can tell you to go wash the car and you will come back happy. haha. 

i love you because:
although you think valentines day is a holiday for the media and you hate it, you will still buy me presents and make it a special day for me because you know i like it. 

i love you because: 
you do the laundry every saturday. i never have to do it!

i love you because: 
every day before you leave for work, you come kiss me goodbye, and then kiss mia goodbye. you love your girls. 

i love you because: 
every night when you get home, you go check on mia first thing. 

i love you because: 
you know how to say sorry. 

i love you because: 
you always go into so much detail when telling me a story- thats when i can tell you are excited!

i love you because: 
you are such a handy man and can fix/make almost anything!

i love you because: 
you wont watch the shows i dont like when i am around (family guy, breaking bad)

i love you because:
you have good friends, who are really kind to me. 

i love you because: 
you let me spend a quarter at the mall on gumball machines because you know how much i LOVE them!

i love you because:
you are smart with money and have taught me how to save

i love you because: 
you always smell soo good. i love your cologne, the smell of your hair, your fresh breath, and your yummy deodorant! i know, i know, a little weird, but you always smell yummy..

i love you because: 
you know how to calm me down when i get all worked up at a situation 

i love you because:
somehow you can turn my tears into laughter

i love you because:
you tickle my arm every night before bed

i love you because:
you don't complain that I don't shave my legs every week... haha

kev, i love you because you love me. you love me for who i am. i don't have to change to be someone i don't want to be, and i feel more comfortable around you than i do anyone else. i can't believe it's been 3 years next month that we have been married... here's to forever, and ever! love you long time! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a little bit of everything: kev, mia, wic, baby showers, sewing, and more

lots has been going on over here at the mohlman household. 

first off, kevin has been sooo dang busy with school. he is taking the first summer block classes but is only taking two classes: biology and public speaking. uuuuuugh. can you say loads and loads of homework?! He has class Mon Wed and Fri from 9am to 1pm and he works every day from 3-11:30 pm so I don't see him much. It's been really hard and I miss him alot, but he is such a hard worker and I am so grateful for him. He always spends as much time with Mia and I on the weekends and we all look forward to weekends! he is doing really well in his classes so far and im proud of him! 

i have been making some burp cloths to bring in some extra income and just for fun. my friend jess has a booth at the provo farmers market and said i could sell my burp cloths at her booth! i am selling a set of 3 for $10. they are super cute, and perfect for especially spitty babies since it has a towel material on the back of it. here is a picture of some: 

so i have been a busy little bee sewing lots! 
i want to get really good at sewing, but i totally need lessons from someone that knows how. trade for a haircut anyone?

speaking of hair, i haven't been doing it much lately and i miss it. if anyone needs a cut or color, call me, because i need to keep myself doing hair still so i don't loose my skills.. haha. no but really i just miss being in the salon sometimes or using my hair creative skills! (and i miss making people look pretty.) but I wouldn't trade being a stay at home mom for anything. 

so i posted on here a while back about how mia was having eating issues. i tried a little experiment- going off of dairy. i was off of it for about 2 1/2 weeks and she seemed to start eating better. well saturday night, i ate a big bowl of ice cream, and boy was she a terrible eater and upset on sunday! i took her to the doc for her weight check today and told him about it and he is pretty sure she is lactose intolerant. so, off milk i am for a while. but thats ok, i am going to try almond milk. mia can only be on lactose free formula as well, since i supplement her a few ounces a day. so, i made an appointment to get on wic, because now that i am not working, money is a little tight and we just can't afford formula on top of diapers and all that other stuff! we have never been on any sort of government help besides pelgrants so this is kinda me being humbled and accepting help.. but the formula is just soo expensive! i'm grateful for programs out there that can help us out! 

on saturday, i went to my good friend makelles baby shower! she is having a little boy, and is possibly the cutest pregnant girl in the whole wide world! i went to hair school with her and whitney and now all of us will have babies that are all within 6 months of age apart! i am so glad we all stayed friends, i love those girls and it was really fun seeing them and a few other people such as jessica hurst! her baby is freaking adorable too! i am glad i have lots of friends with babies close to mias age so we can all have play groups and go through this new mommy thing together! whitney and i drove to the shower together in my car, and it was so funny because on the way to the shower, both of our babies were hungry and crying. one would cry, then he other would cry, then they would sound like they were trying to one up eachother with their cry! we were just laughing! but, on the way home, our little babies fell asleep- peaceful as can be. Whit's baby is just a month older than Mia, so hopefully they will grow up to be besties! (picture taken from the trunk open) 

mia is sure getting a personality. she is so dang cute i just can't stand it! she smiles so much, but on the drop of a pin, she can scream her head off. haha. i think she is already getting an attitude... :) we like to spend time laying on the grass outside. we don't take too many walks anymore because of my knee, but hopefully we can get back into that soon. she has an amazing nighttime schedule and goes to bed with almost no tears most of the time, but daytime naps are a little harder. she wants to be held, but we are breaking that habit! as i type she has been asleep for a half an hour in her crib all by her self.. so proud of my little trooper! 

at her doc today for her weight check up, he said she is now 10lbs 7oz. and 24 inches long. that puts her in the 7th percentile for weight and 75th for height! haha, my long and lean little girl! doesnt she look so tall in this picture below?

we got some cabinets put up in our bathroom! i dont have a picture yet but they look sooo good and give us so much more space for things. i have been organizing like crazy, and if you know me well, you know that its hard for me to keep my bedroom clean, but lookie here!!!!!

clean! oh so proud of myself. granted, my mom had to come watch mia while i got it done because it took me like 2 hours to go through papers, go through my closet, get rid of stuff, organize drawers.. etc. so thanks mom for helping take care of mia so i could get this done! i know, lame that it took me that long to clean it... kevin was happy it was clean though. :) 

yesterday was a very bad, no good day at ALL. today was better. and still is better. i am learning to just forgive and forget and move on.. so hard to do sometimes... but last night i saw this quote: 

so, i woke up today and told myself to have courage to get through the day, and try again! i have made it a good day so far, so hopefully i can make it a good week regardless of what happens that is negative. 

well, that's about all i have to post about today. hope my post interested you a little. :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

cutest. video. ever.

I found this video on my computer tonight that I forgot to post. So cute. I love my happy baby! 


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