Monday, May 7, 2012

too cute not to share

Mia has been such a lil trooper today! We had lots to do today, and she has been so good and smiley. She even let me take lots of pictures of her. :) My camera decided to work today by chance. Lucky us! I can't believe Mia's hair is long enough to put clips in it... haha

We put her in the bumbo chair today and she did really good! She still is a little bit too small for the chair, but we tried it anyway, and she held up her head pretty good! I think I will only put her in it for a minute or so a day though because I don't want her to flop out of it, she is still pretty unstable. But, I got this picture and it just melts my heart... cutest picture ever! She is growing up so fast... 

Yes, those are newborn pants still, and are falling off her tiny waist. The onsie is a 0-3 month onsie though, so we are starting to move up in the world! 

Just look at that smile.. oh. my. CUTE! (can you see her red left eye? still trying to get better from her little cut)

I just love this little girl, and thank my Heavenly Father every single day for allowing me to stay home with her every day! It's been the biggest blessing in our lives and I enjoy every second of it- even when I don't get sleep or I have to change a poopy diaper... (we all know how sensitive my nose is.)

here is a video of the lovebug just making noises and smiling! She will be 10 weeks old on Wednesday... time flies!! 

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The Duke said...

These are adorable. I love the 2nd photo down the most. Sitting up like a big girl. :)


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