Wednesday, May 9, 2012

thank goodness for phones

today I am sharing super random pictures that were on my phone. I take lots of pictures with my phone since my camera decides to work sometimes, and not to work sometimes. So glad I have a phone to capture moments. Haha. 

today, mia and I went to Home Depot and got some flowers! We decided we needed some color in front of our apartment. Flowers make me so happy. 

Mia was just looking cute so I had to add this. I made her little flower. :)

When you become a Mary Kay director, you get a really nice suit. This is just the jacket part of the suit, I didn't try on the rest. I love how it looks though, super trendy and if you were to see it in person, there are gold sparkly threads in it!! So cute! I want that suit...

I posted this picture a few weeks ago. Those diapers are now almost all gone. We now only have two rows left. boo. 

over the weekend, we had our friends Jon and Kenna come over. They have a homemade waffle cone maker so they made the cones and we had yummy ice cream, and cookies, and toppings... and stayed up till 1 am talking! it was so fun!

my cute little mia on sunday ready for church! we went to all 3 hours this last sunday! yay mia! I still get super nervous about taking her, but she is 10 weeks old and I know we need to be at church! 

This picture is when I was at our ward talent show (no I didn't perform) and my friend Tracy had her nephew with her. He was a freaking cutie, I had to get a picture of the two together. 

Mia sleeps in the funniest positions. I like this picture because of 1-the way shes like holding her binky in her mouth half way, and 2- look at her curly hair! to die for! 

this is a picture of a picture. HAHA. this was a looooong time ago, when I was in high school. I really wish I was that skinny again. but back then I danced like every day and hardly ate anything and I would say I was borderline anorexic for a time... but I wish I had a smaller body now! I didn't become a 'woman' (in terms of my body growing curves) until I got married really. dang birth control

the mornings that kevin is home, when mia wakes up, i will go get her and bring her into bed for about 10 minutes before we all decide to get up. that is our snuggle time! I love it. She is always super smiley and kevin is usually trying really hard to keep his eyes open hahaha

I threw a mary kay party at my house a few saturdays ago. It was super fun. I set it up with all my samples out for people to try and everyone that came had a good time I think. I want to do it again soon, and I even supply muffins and juice! 

lastley, who can't resist this? she is really starting to like tummy time. I love that she is rolling over now. she has such a strong little neck. you go girl! 

I will say though, the last two days I have been SO TIRED. people keep making the comment 'you are getting the true feeling of motherhood now if you are tired!' I guess I have been spoiled to have such a good sleeper, so when she has a night where she just wants to stay up, it throws me off! oh well. she's too cute to be mad. :) 

I miss Kevin. he started going back to school again this week. He decided he needed to do a summer semester. Biology and Public Speaking- MWF from 9am to 1pm. bummer. we miss having him home most mornings.... but, luckily, we got a pelgrant for the summer semester and only had to pay $7 for tuition. SCORE! Thank you government! :) 

well, thats all for tonight. Kev will be home in 10 minutes, can't wait to snuggle and drift off to sleep!! zzzz.....

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