Friday, May 4, 2012

our first trip to the ER

It has been a rough night.

Let me just start by saying that Mia is NOT a fussy baby. And before you tell me how lucky I am, I already know. I have been told that a million times. And I honestly think Heavenly Father just blessed me with a non fussy baby because if she was crying all day long I think my depression would have kicked in again and it would have been harder. I still would have loved her just the same, it just would have been harder.

So tonight when Mia screamed bloody murder for 4 hours, I knew something was wrong. She never has to cry herself to sleep because she always falls asleep right after she eats. She takes good naps. She eats really well. But tonight, that was not the case. I tried everything. I gave her some tylenol, I have her a bath, I sang to her, I swaddled her, I snuggled her, I rocked her, I walked around with her.. and nothing worked. I just had this feeling like something was wrong.

By the time I got that strong feeling, it was ten pm and all the instacare's were closed. I talked with my mom and she thought Mia might have an ear infection. She said she would take her to the ER so she didnt have to suffer all through the night. I called Kevin and asked what he thought and he agreed. I have never been to the ER before, so I called my best friend Ally for moral support. Thank goodness she could come with me, because I dont think I could have held it together. I just felt so bad for my little Mia! She was crying so hard in the car that she actually choked. I started to cry because I knew she was in pain somewhere but I didn't know how to help her! I said a prayer outloud that she would be comforted and that we could figure out what was wrong and know how to help her.

We got to the ER and they were so nice and we hardly had to wait at all. The doctor checked her out and said her ears were fine, and she seemed to be healthy. But, she was of course screaming while he was checking her out. It wasnt just a cry, it was a painful sounding cry. He said he thought she might have a scratch on her cornea. I guess its common in babies, and causes them to be in a lot of pain and cry a lot. So, he put some dye in her eye, turned off the light, and got a little flash light to check in her eye. Sure enough, she had a scratch in her eye! Oh boy was she throwing a fit. I was so sad for her! He said his son once scratched his wife in her eyeball and she said it was one of the most painful things. So, I am sure Miss Mia has been hurting all night. I feel guilty because I should have trimmed her nails a long time ago, but I haven't yet because they are so soft still. Apparently not all of them are soft though, and she got her self good in the eye. Bad mother award right here...

He gave us some antibiotics to put in her eyes and it seemed to almost instantly calm her down. We got home around 11:30 and she just fell asleep about 15 minutes ago with the help of Kevin, who got home from work around 12. I am so glad I listened to my mommy instincts and took her in so she didn't have to deal with the pain without medicine! Poor baby. Such a rough day for us.

The doctor said it should get better within a few days. Thank goodness. Nothing worse than feeling helpless to your baby...

i love you mia, glad we could figure out what was making you so sad! lets hope you get better quick. xoxo.

baby love and her huge hospital tag.


The Duke said...

I was quite worried when you called because we could hear her screaming - not just whimpering or crying but screaming. It is so unlike her. I'm really glad you took her in because it would have been a mighty long weekend with all doctors' offices closed.

It was a relief to see her back to her normal, happy self this morning.

Tiffany said...

You are such a good mommy! I'm glad Miss Mia is doing better. It's so scary with newborns because they can't even hint at what is hurting them.
I have pink-eye and just know how much that hurts. I wonder if the medicine they gave her has a numbing agent in it. I think mine does, because my eye feels so much better when I put it in.
You are doing such a good job with your little sweetheart. I love to read your posts and see her pictures. Hugs!

Tiffany said...

PS-Sorry to hog your comments. When I was taking prenatal classes the teacher, who was an RN, told us that with newborns don't use the baby clippers because you can accidentally cut their skin and then they really bleed (been there done that and it's true). Use your teeth?! I know, weird right? But that way you can feel how short you are getting the nail, it's soft enough to bite off, and you KNOW you are not biting skin.:)
Just thought I'd share my two pennies.:)


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