Monday, May 14, 2012

mothers day

Yesterday was my first 'real' mothers day! I loved every minute of the day. I truly got spoiled.
photo taken by my mommy, christina clark

It started off with Mia sleepin in like a champ! We had put her to bed at 10:30 the night before, and she slept entirely through the night until 9:30 AM. Then, I fed her, and she fell back asleep until 11 AM! Wahoo!! Kevin made me breakfast in bed while I was still sleeping. He came in the room with cinnamon french toast with powdered sugar and HOMEMADE maple syrup (I know, awesome right) on top. He also brought me Apple juice. :)

I then got to open my present! I got a dozen roses (beautiful and smell so fresh) and a HUGE pack of gum from Sams club (if you know me, I love gum...... alot.) He also made two coupons and laminated them that said "good for one half personal day". So, I can have two half days with him and he wont have to go into work until 7pm, or I can have one full day where he doesn't have to go in. If you know Kevin, you know that he has never called in sick to work a day in his life, and hates to miss work. One, because the money is always needed, and two, because he is just a hard worker and wants to save those days for emergencies. He only gets 5 personal days a year, and then two paid vacation weeks. So I was really excited about that, and thought it was cute that he made the coupons on the computer and laminated them! I even got a long back massage with lotion- it was so needed!

I thought alot about being a mom yesterday. How lucky I am that I got blessed with our little miracle baby Mia. I am truly in love with the role of a mother. It's hard. It's rewarding. It's being tired. It's talking baby talk. It's sacrificing a shower for a day or two. It's being worried about your baby. It's clapping and rejoicing when the baby poops. (Mia has had pooping problems) It's singing primary songs. It's trying every possible thing to make the baby smile when shes sad. It's frustrating. It's being creative. It's amazing. It's fun. It's a calling from God. It's a divine calling! It's everything and a bag of chips! (haha..)

And I couldn't be happier about it. There are days where I feel like I don't know how to make Mia happy, or where I am not sure I can last the whole day.. or where I feel like I am failing. But at the end of the day, when I am giving Mia her bath and getting her ready for bed and rocking her, it's her smile that makes it worth it. It's her batting of her eyelashes that lets me know that she loves me. She appreciates me. And I will take every moment of that in because in 15 years she won't be so sure if she loves me anymore haha ;)

I know I was meant to be a mother, and in all honesty, it's been easier than I thought it would be. I have been blessed with patience so far and blessed with happy spirits and energy to take care of this baby girl. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father trusts me enough to take care of one of his princesses here on earth! She is truly so special! I love being her mommy, and can't wait to be a mom to more children some day. 

I cannot let the post go without talking about my sweet mommy. I love her so much. She is ALWAYS There for me. She is a woman of faith, charity, patience, hard work, and most of all, forgiveness! I did so many dumb things and said so many rude and dis-respectful things to my mom growing up but somehow she still loves me. She cleaned my house when I was sick during my pregnancy and kevin was working so much. She cooks me dinner. She rubs my back when it's sore. She listens to me cry when I tell her about someone who hurt my feelings. She calms me down when someone makes me mad. She teaches by the spirit. She puts her family first. ALWAYS. She trusts in the Lord. She believes in me. She is the greatest mommy! I could go on for days about all the things I love about my mom. But most of all I just want her to know that it means alot to me that she cares so much for me. She would give the shirt off her back if she had to. I know that without a doubt she will make it to the celestial kingdom and I hope I can be as great as her so I can be with her up there forever too :) I'm so glad she's my mom and has put up with me.

I just wanted to quickly say that even if you don't have kids, it's my belief that every woman is a mother in some way or another. We ALL care for and love and nurture someone in our life, and those are motherly qualities. I don't want those who cannot have kids or who have not yet married to think they are not mothers. You are ALL important to me and I have been cared for and nurtured by MANY that do not have children or are not married. So to women out there- Happy WOMEN'S day! I love you all.

Thank you Kevin for making the day so special, and telling me what a great mother you think I am. You are my world. I love you!


Lokodi said...

That's a nice post Gilly. Thanks for the reminder as to why it's good being a mom. Sometimes the constant neediness and screaming can really get to me and I forget to look at the joys and positive side of Cecily. I needed that today.


The Duke said...

I couldn't be prouder of you than I am right now. You handle that little baby of yours with gentleness and a great deal of love. It warms my heart to watch you in action.
Thank you for your very kind, sweet words. I love you.


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