Wednesday, May 16, 2012

feeling good about yourself

I just had a conversation with a friend on facebook via chat about life and looking at things positively. At the beginning of the night, I was feeling rather down on myself about my body image. By the time I got done talking to her, I didn't feel that way anymore. I feel important and beautiful and strong. 

She was telling me that sometimes you just have to tell yourself positive affirmations every day to make yourself start believing how great you really are. I believe in that! Regardless of how skinny or big you may be, you will always find a fault in your body if you LET yourself think negatively about it. 

And it doesn't even have to be about your body. You can tell yourself how you wish you were smarter, or had longer hair, or had a smaller nose, or how you don't like your wardrobe (all things I have told myself) but by doing so will only make you sad! Those things aren't even what's important in life! 

Although it's easier said than done, I need to start feeling better about myself. There is no one else like me. I am the only ME. In honor of the conversation I had tonight I am going to post some things I like about myself... (don't judge, this is helping me ok! haha)

-I am very forgiving
-I am creative
-I have a pretty good singing voice
-I am a good mom
-I can cook 
-I am a good wife and take good care of my hubby
-I am good at remembering to turn off the lights in the house (my dad would be proud about that one)
-I care about others
-I am outgoing
-I can make friends easily

Ok, I did it. Now I have to just say those things outloud every day this week to make myself BELIEVE those things are true.. 

I challenge all of you to write things you like about yourself on your blog, facebook, in your journal, or just say them outloud. I already feel better about myself. 

Thanks to my friend Lyss, for helping me feel better about myself tonight. You are great!

In closing, she said this at the end of the conversation:
Respect Yourself, or Nobody Else Will. 

amen! believe it sistas. 


Crystal said...

Thanks Gillian, I needed that tonight.

Melissa and Jeff said...

Thinking positive things and saying them out loud helps me!

The Duke said...

Well I'm glad to hear that you are finally taking your own advice. I get that advice from you all the time! I could probably make a list a mile long of the things you do well, too. You are a wonderfully, awesome, "gorgeoumous" (to quote Ms. McCune) woman.

Kira said...

This is the exact thing that got me out of my deep depression.

Its called cognitive therapy.

I use it alllllllllll the time :) Loved this post... and Gillian. You ARE great!

and per your request..

SO am I ;)

Heather said...

This is great, I listened to a motivational speaker who talked about how you can either live bitter or better, and it's easy to dwell on the things you dont have I have to remind myself daily to be bitter or better


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