Friday, May 4, 2012

Family History Part 2- Growing up, Early Years

Growing up, early years: 

*Where did you grow up?  Describe it.
I lived in lots of places. I was born in Sacramento, CA, and lived there till I was 2. I don't remember living there. We then moved to Francisville, IN. I don't remember living there either. I know that we lived on a farm though. After living there for a year, we moved to Walton, IN. I do remember living there. We had a big yellow house: 

When I was 6, we moved to Utah. We lived in Benjamin for a little bit in my Uncles house while he was on a mission, but then we moved into this little gem of a house:

No, it did not look this cute. It didn't have an upstairs or that porch. It's been drastically remodeled since we lived there, but it's cute now. It was moldy and small and old when we lived there but hey, it worked. 

I lived there from k-4th grade. Then, we moved to Elk Ridge, to where my parents still live:

google images didn't have a street view. But this is what it looks like from above. It has tons of trees and a big yard. 5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms. There is also a pigeon loft there that my dad raises pigeons in. They have a huge garden too. I lived there until I was 20, then I lived with my friend Brittney until I got married a few months later. 

*What was your earliest memory? I have a pretty good memory of some things when I was younger. One thing I remember is running away when I lived in Indiana. I would run away all the time. Once, my sister Chelsey was babysitting (my parents were out of town and all the rest of the kids were at school) and I left without her knowing. I ran all the way to the elementary school down the street and found my brother playing at recess! The teacher took me to the front office, where they tried calling my house. The phone was busy, so the secretary took me home. Haha. I was in big trouble, and I am pretty sure my sister Chelsey got in big trouble too...

*What games did you play as a child? LIFE was one of my favorite games. I remember playing that alot with Kilee, Liza, and Camilla. With my mom, Boggle was the game to play! I love that game still to this day. 

*Where did you go to school? For the first half of my Kindergarten, I went to Thompson Elementary in Walton, IN. I think that's what it was called.... ? For the rest of Kindergarten through 4th grade, I went to Brockbank Elementary in Spanish Fork, UT. For 5th grade, I went to Mount Loafer. 6th and 7th grade, I went to Middle School in Spanish Fork. Then, I went to Junior High 8th and 9th at Spanish Fork Junior High. For High School I also went to Spanish Fork High. 

*Who were your friends? In Indiana, Lane Craig was my best friend. I also hung out with Samantha Vernon. In Spanish Fork, I hung out with McKenzie Beck, Jill Brunson, Valerie Hales, Mallory Herbert, Chelsea Loss, Morgan Bowen, Arienne Bills, and sometimes Courtney and Brittney Gleaves. I also sometimes hung out with Brittany Hales. 

Once I moved to Elk Ridge, Kilee Linford, Camilla Salcido, and Eliza Durrant were my besties. These were my Elk Ridge buddies:

Once I started Junior High and High School, Ally Hawkins, Brittney Green, Alyssa Richardson, and Kirsten Pritchett were probably my closest friends. 

I also hung out with all my choir/dance buddies like Shalee Lewis, Jena Sainsbury, Brittany Hughes, Julie Kell, Tiffany Winkel, and Alyssa Deidrekson. (sorry I don't remember how to spell it haha). I was blessed with lots of good friends! I hope I didn't miss anyone on the list, if I did, just know I love you all. :)

*Who were your favorite teachers and why? My favorite teachers growing up were in High School. I gotta say Mr. Hales... he let me get away with anything. Haha. Ally and I took hall passes together and never even hardly asked. He loved us. :) Mr. Lunt was my favorite as well. He taught me so much and of course since he was my music teacher it was my favorite subject. He was a good leader,  pushed me to work hard, and taught me alot about my voice. I spent lots of time in choir over the years of high school and I loved every minute of it. Especially when Mr. Lunt used words like "Asinine!" haha

*What were your chores? I had to help with all the chores growing up. Dishes, laundry, bathroom.. all of it. I always mowed the lawn once my brothers moved out too. :) 

Some of you asked where I got the idea for this and the prompt questions, here is the website:


The Duke said...

Yes, you did get in trouble when you ran away to the school.So did our family. Social caseworkers came to our house to see if abuse or neglect was going on. It was pretty darn embarrassing.
You would also hide under Chelsey's bed and we couldn't find you anywhere. You were one little stinker sometimes. You scared us half to death.
So glad you grew up to be the darling person you are. :)

Kelsey @ just 2 birds said...

Love your blog! This is such a cute post and a great idea! Personal history posts!

Mike and Adrianne said...

I thought I was the one babysitting, not Chelsey? Maybe I was wrong...

Michelle said...

I'd giggle a bit inside every time Mr. Lunt said "asinine"!


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