Sunday, May 20, 2012

busy busy week!

this last week was CRAZY. It was the busiest week I have had since having Mia. I know you don't need a play by play, but incase you wanted to know every little thing we did..... :

Monday: I had a bridal shower to go to for my friend Ashley Dumas. I worked with her at the Salon. She is getting married June 1st. I am super excited for her! It was fun, but Mia had a rough day that day. She was feeling kinda sick, and was fussy. She wouldn't eat very good either.

Tuesday: I had Mary Kay. My mother in law babysat Mia while I went to my meeting from 6-9:45. Thanks Reva!

Wednesday: I had another Bridal Shower for my good friend Justina! She is marrying one of Kevin's best friends from highschool. (That is how I met her.) Her shower was sooo cute, I have to share pictures! The theme was vintage picnic, and all the food was sooo good. I loved the cookies you made Michelle! All the decor was done by Triana Ord, (the grooms sister) and she also took these pictures:

Justina holdin the baby :)

Thursday: I took Mia to the doctor. She still had her cold and was really struggling to eat. I felt like I needed to take her in. The doc said she just had a virus, and that she wasn't gaining quite enough weight. She had only gained about 1/2 of what she should have gained from her last appointment, but part of that is probably because she has had a stuffy nose and hasn't wanted to eat as much. She told me to do saline drops, and if Mia still acts hungry after I feed her, to give her an ounce or 2 of formula. Hopefully I can keep making lots of milk she she can just have that. She is doing lots better at eating now though. What a difference a few days can make! That night we went to say goodbye to our friend Alyssa. She went to DC for a dance internship. Good luck lyss, we will miss you!

Friday: went up to SLC to do my sister Chelsey's hair. I am so glad I am still doing hair here and there, I miss doing it every day but like being a stay at home mom better. :) I love being able to be creative though and make people look pretty! After I did her hair, we went to Carters because they were having a 70% off sale! I had to get some onsies and sleepers. They were too cheap to pass up... I think Mia has too many clothes. Just look at her closet, full of ONLY dresses and maybe like 3 sweaters...

Saturday: We totally slept in till 11. Mia woke up at 8:30 to eat but then went back to sleep till 11. YAY! It was awesome sleeping in. We then went to a Carnival for Kevins work (snow cones, churros, cotton candy, kettle corn, crawdads, hotdogs, hamburgers, face painting, pony rides..) That was lots of fun!! After that, we went to visit with Ally at her adorable new apartment in Spanish Fork. I seriously have cried like every day because she moved. I am so sad. She used to be like 2 blocks from me, and sometimes there would be like 3 times or even 4 times where we would hop back and forth to each others houses if we got bored or needed something. I will miss having her so close, but I am happy she is where she wants to be and is closer to family. We then had to go grocery shopping. That's always an adventure... I was glad to have kevin with me though. On our way home, we rented the vow from redbox. (to be honest, I didn't really like it). We went to bed around 11:00, and Mia was just so good all day, considering we were gone all day and she didn't get good naps. 

Sunday (today): We went to church, made bbq pulled pork in the crockpot,  took a nap, and made cookies. Mia had a blowout, (awesome...) but she was a really happy girl today. She is so animated and so alert and smiley. I LOVE it! She is my favorite girl. 

We had a great week, but hopefully this next week isn't as crazy.. 

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Chelsea said...

We rented The Vow on Saturday too, BOO... I did not love it.


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