Thursday, May 24, 2012

3 months

if I wouldn't get turned into child protective services, I would put Mia in the freezer to stop time. HAHA, totally kidding. But really, what the heck, how is my baby 3 months old!? She is growing up so fast. I love how smiley she is and how much she talks and coos. I love the stage she is in right now, and I am getting more excited for her to giggle... which I think will happen really soon! 

Here is little Mia tonight after her bath. 

Here are some things about my lil miss mia at 3 months old: 

Her hair is outta control. It is growing like a weed. She has major bed head every time she wakes up. This is how she woke up the other day. I call this her Donald picture. She has Donald Trump hair! Just look at that combover... 

Another thing is that she is starting to grab toys! See those toys in the picture below? She will grab on to the rattle (most of the time by accident) and stick it right in her mouth. 

She smiles ALL the time. If you are making faces at her, or smiling at her, she will smile right back! 

She is just starting to grow out of her newborn clothes. She now wears some 0-3 although she can still fit in all of her newborn.. they are just getting too short on her legs. 

Mornings are her happiest time of the day. She loves when I un-swaddle her and change her diaper, and open the blinds so the sun comes through. You will see her smile the most at this time of day. 

She will be going swimming for her first time ever next month. I know shes little, but don't worry, we will keep lots and LOTS of sunscreen on her, a hat on her, and not let her head get wet. Just incase you were judging. haha. We are taking a vacation to St. George with Ally and Kelvin and there is a pool so we will be taking advantage of that! My sister gave us a swimsuit thats freaking adorable, but then I saw this one at target and it was 7.99 but I had a two dollar off coupon, and couldnt resist... So she has two swimsuits now. 

We can put clips in her hair. I think they make her look much older, but they do stay in! 

She will not sleep if I dont give her a bath at night time. She loves her routine. Bath time, swaddle, feed her, sing to her, and put her in bed. And she sleeps through the night, from 9pm to 8am usually. 

She weighed 10 pounds 4 ounces at her doctor on Tuesday. We had to take her in because she wasn't eating, and she acted like she had an ear infection. Alas, she does have one, but the medacine is helping her and she is feeling better now. She is starting to get some meat on her bones, as pictured below, but she is still a tiny little thing. I think she is in like the 5th percentile for weight, and 15th for height. But I am not sure, that could have changed since last time. I just put it all in online on and thats what it said she was. 

She loves help in sitting up. She likes to sit up on my lap, and will also stand if I hold on to her! She seems very advanced for her age but hey, im just a proud mamma! (This was tonight, when Katy and Grandma Clark came to watch So you think you can dance with me and eat dinner. Fun girls night!)

She makes this face all the time. She still doesnt like her carseat that much. Always cries when you first put her in. 

She loves her bouncer. Kevins mom bought us this one the other day. We have been borrowing my sister in laws, thanks Amy! Now Mia has her very own. :) 

She may be lactose intolerant, as the doctor said at her appointment the other day. So, I am on a dairy free diet. I also have some formula that is for lactose intolerant babies that they gave me to try, since I need to supplement one ounce per feeding if she still acts hungry. 

We love our sweet baby, and can't believe how fast time is flying by. She is the light of our lives, and makes us laugh all the time! Happy 3 months old Mia! 

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The Rowlands said...

Ava has that exact swim suit! So cute!


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