Monday, April 16, 2012

updates on the mohlman family

Kev and I had the opportunity to go see Hunger Games on Friday April 6th. My mom came after work to watch Mia while we went. It is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves when people bring babies to movies. Stupid. Because either the baby is crying and you have to take them out, so why would you pay 9$ a ticket when you can't even watch the movie? OR, you let the baby cry or fuss in the theater. And then it ruins it for everyone else. So, yes, we left our baby with my mother. :) I was pretty nervous to leave her because she was pretty fussy before we left for some reason. I had pumped some milk for while we were gone, and then fed her right before we left. Luckily she was really good and snuggled my mom all night! I LOVED The hunger games. Best movie ever. It was so so good. I would def. pay to see it many times again. It's one movie I will be buying when it comes out. I loved the books too. I can't wait for the next movie! All in All, it was a great date night and fun to be out with Kevin. It was weird because it was our first date without Mia! I kinda felt like something was missing. ;)

For Easter, we went to my brother Adam's house in South Jordan. His wife Amy made sweet potatoes, a roast, a salad, I brought some rolls, and my mom made some pies. It was all really yummy and fun to visit with all of them. We didn't do Easter baskets or an egg hunt. I never grew up with Easter baskets so I figure it's not that big of a deal. Maybe when Mia gets a little older to understand and think it's fun, we will do it but really, I don't see the point in doing it for a brand new baby.. 

We were going to bless Mia yesterday but she has been sick so we stayed home and let her rest and get better. She is finally on the mend. We will do the blessing April 29th at 1pm if anyone wants to come. 

She is now sleeping 6 1/2 hours at a time at night! I LOVE it! Lucky me. I really do feel lucky because I have been able to be fully rested. She will sleep for 6 1/2 hours, eat, then go back to sleep for 2-3 hours. Of course I go back to sleep too.. hahaha. Her happiest time of the day is 11am. She is always smiling and cooing and talking to me! I kinda think she likes the sound of her voice, she is always making noises. I think she will be giggling soon.. 

Baby love now has a nickname. My dad has deemed it 'MJ'. And I kinda like it. I call her that sometimes too. little MJ has really been wanting to roll over lately! I think it's going to happen soon. 

Also, no matter how tight Kev or I bundle her up, the left arm seems to sneak out! Its the funniest thing. Sneaky baby...

Kevin has been trying to get papers done and lots of studying done for Finals coming up this next week, so Mia and I left him alone to do so and went to my moms to hang out for a few hours yesterday. My mom even made a yummy cake which I ate way too much of... sigh.. We sat around the piano and sang lots of disney songs. It was fun! Thanks mom!

Today, Ally and I hung out and made dinner here. We made some yummy chicken wings with wingers sauce. (homemade sauce). We also had steak fries.. delish! We watched the voice and just chilled in our pj's. She got a few cute pics that I thought I would share: 

Mia was lovin on her aunt ally! 

Wish Kev good luck on his finals... he gets a week break after finals (I think) and then starts up the summer semester. Not looking forward to yet another semester... I can't wait for the day when he is done! 

He sure does work hard for us and we love him so much! He is the best daddy in the world- so patient and loving. Thanks for all you do honey- I love you forever. 


SewSara said...

haha ... i took greta with me when i saw Hunger Games. When Simon was a newborn, i took him with me to see the new Twilight movie. They didn't make a peep though. They sleep or nurse the whole movie through. :) I only take my babies if they are tiny enough and still sleep a lot. I probably wouldn't do it past 3 months.

The Duke said...

Look at that happy face on Mia! She is beginning to make lots of sounds, working her little mouth and looking around. She is a doll.


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