Wednesday, April 4, 2012

spring has sprung!

today was such a nice day! it was sunny, warm, and i noticed the leaves on our trees are coming in! oh the joy that brings me... 

i will admit though, our winter wasn't that bad here in provo. there wasn't really that much snowfall. kinda nice if you ask me. 

i'm looking forward to warm weather, sun tans, capris, shorts, swimming, camping... 
i can tell it's just right around the corner! 

today was a busy day for us mohlmans. kev had school from 8-12:50 so while he was gone, mia and i slept (she didn't sleep from 4:30-8 this morning so we were sooo tired. i am pretty sure she was feeling sick last night. she felt like she had a fever and she had some bad gas.. haha. i wonder what i ate?) had some tummy time, listened to music, and snuggled until kev came home. when he got home, we decided to go to lunch at sammys cafe. it was yummy! we waited for our food fooooooorever though, there was only one person working. soon after lunch, kevin had to go to work. i put mia down for a nap while i got a little bit of cleaning and mary kay stuff done. she only slept for like a half an hour, so we decided to take a trip to hobby lobby. she slept the whole hour i was wandering around there. i planned to go to walmart in springville to get some prescriptions but when we were checking out at hobby lobby i heard her toot.. and knew it was a juicy diaper! i could have changed it there in the bathroom but i decided to just go home. luckily, she didn't poop out of her diaper, but it was a gross one. haha. we then had to go to sams club, because i forgot we were out of laundry detergent and i have loads of laundry to do!! after sams club, we came home and she fell asleep for two hours while i watched the finale of one tree hill. Oh how sad I am that it's all oooooover!!!! 9 seasons. i admit i cried a little. it was truly one of my favorite shows. then came bath time. i was washing her hair (she looooooves it) and she totally smiled SO huge, I wish I would have had the camera right there. it was awesome. it totally made me laugh out loud. she even squealed! i can't believe how alert she is for a newborn. love me some mia. :)

anyway, between all of that, i managed to get two loads of laundry done, apartment vacuumed, dishes done, and decorate a  little for spring. here are some pics of my decorations:

i made the frame a few years ago, bought the flowers at hobby lobby. 

i made the temple block, bought the family plaque, and got the willow people as a gift. 

i made these blocks a few years ago 

bought this at hobby lobby. 

got this a while back at hobby lobby. 

i did have to put the baby in the carrier for a while because she just did not want to be put down today! oh well, i have always liked snuggly babies....(dont mind my second day hair do and no makeup face... woops)

all in all, it was a great day, and i love that my home looks more spring-y because it makes me FEEL more spring-y! :)


Kira said...

Eek! That makes me excited to put MY spring stuff up! Cute cute cute! Come decorate my house ;)

Alyssa said...

I love to look at all of the crafts you make! you are so creative!


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