Friday, April 13, 2012

sick baby

snuggling my sick baby...

shes been taking naps with mommy on my bed.. that way I get to snuggle her! 

these last few days have been emotional ones. my poor baby girl has been so sick. It literally breaks my heart. I feel so helpless and just want to take it all away for her.

It first started out with some indigestion problems. She usually poops every single day, almost every diaper change there would be some in it. Then, she went to no pooping at all for 6 days. Every time she passed gas she would cry or whimper, and it stunk so freaking bad. Haha. She would arch her back like she was in pain and so I tried to pump her legs. I called the doctor and they told me to stimulate her bum by sticking a q-tip up there. I did that. Twice. Nope. Didn't work.

Finally though, yesterday, she pooped. But, it was a darker color and not the color it normally is supposed to be. She started getting a stuffy nose too, and that worried me. She went from sleeping 6 hours at a time to 2 1/2. I finally called the doctor again yesterday and he told me to bring her in. She weighs 9 pounds 2 ounces now. She has gained about a pound since her 3 week appointment. (She is now 6 weeks old.) Still my little baby! Anyway, she cried and cried through the whole appointment. The doctor told me she just had a cold and some constipation. He told me to give her some saline drops for her nose, as well as use a humidifier and some tylenol at night time to help her sleep. As for the indigestion, he told us to get some suppositories and also to try giving her one ounce of prune juice to help her poop. Oh the joys...

Luckily my good friend Andrea in our ward let us borrow her humidifier, and she also brought over some doTerra oils drops called digestzen (i think) that are supposed to help her poo too.. haha. I think the humidifier helped her for sure. We havent noticed a change with the poo yet though..

She hasn't been eating as long as normal because she can't breathe. Because of that, she wasn't staying asleep long enough. She has been super fussy, which is not normal for her. I am sure she has kept our neighbors awake for the last few days. :(

Last night, after I got all the medicine the doctor suggested, I gave her them around midnight. I then fed her and she went right to sleep at 1am and then slept until 7am this morning! She then got up to eat, but I noticed she has now started coughing. She is not wheezing, just a really dry cough. The stuffy nose sounded worse this morning too.. sad. She went back to sleep after I fed her and then slept until 11:15 am this morning... so I got some good sleep. Thank goodness! She is now asleep again, peaceful as can be.

I just am so sad for Mia. I wish I could help her and take the sickness for her. I am praying this doesnt turn into anything worse. I will have Kevin give her a blessing tonight. We were going to have her baby blessing this weekend but we decided to post pone it so that she doesn't get any other babies sick. I also think she just needs rest. We will be staying in for a few days!

I am excited to bless her, which we will do on the 29th now. She will be wearing the blessing dress I wore when I was a baby. My mom made it. Here are pictures of me in my blessing dress:

I hope little Miss Mia gets better soon.. this mommy needs her happy baby back! 


Michelle said...

Poor sick baby :( Thats no fun for anyone. I hope she gets better soon! Best of luck!

chelsey said...

Hope she gets better quickly! Having a sick baby is tough for you both! Hang in there.


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