Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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We have had lots going on lately! 

We spend alot of time over at Ally's house/her at our house. We sometimes make dinner together or do our grocery shopping together. She is really really good with Mia and Mia loves her! Ally took this picture a week or so ago when Mia was taking at nap at her house. Mia's hair is getting SO long. It's grown a ton since she was born, and she hasn't lost any yet. Luckily..!

One of my best friends Brittney just returned home from her mission on April 11th! She served in the LA, California mission. She had her homecoming yesterday, so Kevin, Mia and I ventured down to Spanish Fork for it. Her talk was amazing, I felt the spirit so strong. She has a super strong testimony. I had fun getting Mia ready for church. Doesn't her outfit look SO cute?! 

I had to share these next two photos because she is just too cute not to share... 

 haha... totally cross eyed!!

Mia is two months old TOMORROW!! Where has time gone?! Here are some facts about the little one right now

Has blue eyes
hair is growing like a weed
sleeps about 6 1/2 hours at night
smiles like crazy
has started to squeal/almost giggle
holds her head up really really good, but can't quite roll over yet
still in newborn diapers
still in newborn clothes, except her legs are too long for them, and her waist is too little for them! 
still hates getting in the carseat at first
love love loves her binky
loves to nap in her bouncer
has super curly hair 
has officially had her first cold
she blows bubbles with her spit
she totally has a fake cry already
she makes lots of noises. I think she likes the sound of her voice
she is starting to hold on to her binky when its in her mouth

I dont know her weight or height right now, we will find out May 2nd at her appointment. 

Another thing that is going on is that I decided to volunteer at the Provo Nursing and Rehab Center. I have been wanting to do some service and since it's not too far from my home, and I don't have grandparents living, I thought it would be fun to volunteer there! They have all kinds of fun things to volunteer for. They used to have about 50 volunteers but almost all of them moved home for the summer or graduated from college and moved on. So, they are in desperate need of volunteers! You can sign up to visit with the residents, play the piano during meals or on Sundays, sing, play the guitar or any instrument really, help with the cooking classes, BINGO, other games, crafting... Lots of fun stuff! I am going to do manicures every Saturday from 10-12 and on Wed nights I will go and hand out popcorn to all the residents and invite them to come watch a movie in the dining area. I will also water the flowers in the courtyard on Wednesdays.  The lady in charge said I could bring Mia with me - so I thought it would be fun. I love old people. They have so much wisdom and fun life experiences. You can sign up to volunteer as much or as little as you want. You should all sign up! They need help! It's a really really nice facility inside. I am excited to start doing this. 

Things with Mary Kay are really picking up. I seriously love it! I have met some really amazing people, am making money doing it, and am learning alot more about makeup and other things. My goal is to get a car by the end of June. If I want to meet that goal, I need to do 75 faces between now and then. I also need to do 75 interviews. Wow. That's alot of pressure but I think I can do it! I wont be able to do it without help of course, and support. So, PLEASE! if you are willing to help with letting me give you a facial, or getting an interview, I will love you forever. If you do an interview, I will give you a free color item. I need this car. It's not just a want anymore. I need it. We only have one car and once school starts back up again, and it gets cold, we will be without the use of the scooter and will need a second car. Plus, its so hard working out my schedule with Kevin's right now. He seems to always need the car on the days I have something planned, or vice versa. It would just be nice not to have to wake Mia up at 11:30 pm to go pick Kevin up from work on a day it's raining and he can't ride the scooter. So, I am going to do this! I really want to earn this car in two months! I will need your help! The company pays for your insurance on the car, and the monthly payment. It's all yours, for FREE! They even pay for oil changes! So amazing...

Anyway, besides the above, Kevin is busy too! He is taking his finals tomorrow. Wish him luck! I know he will do great. :) He is going to take two classes for the first summer block at UVU. He will take Biology and Public Speaking. 

We plan to go to St. George with Ally and Kelvin in June to do all sorts of fun things. I can't wait to get away! We of course will take Mia, but that will be fun to have our first family vacation! 

I had the worst migraine last night. I started loosing my eye sight, and almost threw up. It came on super fast, and for some reason Mia had to choose last night to throw a tissy fit! I felt so bad because I didn't know how to help her and she kept crying. I just wanted to pick her up and sing to her and help her be happy but it was just killing my head, I was like paralyzed. I felt like such a bad mom. I had to call Kevin to come home from work last night because I literally could not do anything and poor Mia was just crying. He came home and took care of her and I am so grateful for such an amazing and supportive husband! I love you Kevin! 

Well, other than all the above, there isn't much else new. Just livin life one day at a time. Hope all is good for anyone reading this.  I will leave you with my favorite family picture...


Michelle said...

I think it's great you are volunteering! :) What a good way to spend your time. I looked into do something like that before getting my second job.
Mia is so beautiful. You guys are the cutest family.

Melissa and Jeff said...

If you need someone to do a facial on I am up for it! :] And I want to see your cute baby.

chelsey said...

LOVE that last picture gilly! Love how she's smilin at daddy there.


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