Monday, April 2, 2012

one month

My little Mia has passed her month mark! Oh how time has just flown by. It makes me so sad, I don't want her to grow up yet! I love how snuggly and tiny she is. She is still in all newborn clothes. All the 0-3 months clothes are wayyy too big on her. I don't have very many newborn clothes so hopefully she will grow out of them soon! I love dressing her up and doing her hair and putting bows/headbands in it. 

I have just loved every minute of being a mommy so far. Yep, I am tired, and Yep, it's hard, but boy is she CUTE! Totally worth it. 
I took a few pictures of her today after I got her ready for the day: 

here are a few quick facts about Mia as of now:
Mia looooves the bath. But only if the water is really warm. If it's not the right temp she will cry and cry! 
She totally has adult size farts. no joke. 
She smiles 24-7 in her sleep. 
She loves to have her hair played with. Infact, I keep catching her PULLING her hair! Ah! It drives me nuts! I always have to pull her hands out of her hair. 
She is very alert. When she is awake, she is AWAKE! Arms flailing, noise making, head moving, eyes wide open. I love it. 
She still has a blocked tear duct. Poor thing. 
Her hair hasn't started falling out.. yet. Hopefully it doesn't!
She has had two official blowouts, and 2 projectile vomits. Other than those vomits, she has not spit up once! lucky us!

She has light brown hair with a few blonde tips. (the picture makes her hair look a lot darker) I think her eyes will be blue. She just started getting baby acne, and it always looks worse when she is hot or sweaty after eating. Haha. 

When she wakes up from her naps, she has MAJOR bed head. And yes, those clothes on her are newborn size. Haha, she looks so much bigger in pictures than she really is. 

Clara, my neice, loved getting to hold Mia the other day. I think Mia liked it too! :)


Dave and Tana said...

she is so so pretty! and yes she is still very tiny. i cant believe she is not out of nb clothes yet!

Melissa and Jeff said...

she is so cute!!

The Duke said...

She gets cuter every single day!

Jess said...

She is DARLING! It's so fun that she has so much hair and you are crafty enough to have adorable bows to put in it! SO fun. :)


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