Monday, April 30, 2012

Mia's Blessing Day

Kevin blessed Mia yesterday at church. It was a perfect day. I loved everything about it. We had a LOT of friends and family come support us and I am so grateful we have so many people who support and care about us! Thank you everyone who came! 

The day started out great. Our church is at 1, so we had plenty of time to sleep in, take long showers, and get extra pretty that day. :) Mia wore the dress I wore when I was blessed. My mom made it! I think its so cute. I will give it to her to pass down to her first daughter. She also wore some cute white booties, made by a lady in my sister in law's ward.

Kevin did a wonderful job blessing her. I cried all the way through it. My bestie Becca recorded it for us! Thanks becca!! Kev told me he was nervous, but I was just so proud to call him my husband and Mia my child! I love my family so much. It's amazing how every day my love for Kevin grows even stronger. I love watching him interact with Mia. When I first found out I was pregnant, he really wasn't that happy about it, mostly because he was scared. Now that she is here, I am pretty sure he is just in love with her by the way he talks to her and acts with her. He is so patient and kind and sure knows how to love. I love you Kevin! You are my best friend without a doubt and you are such a great father! Thanks for all you do and for blessing our sweet baby girl. 

We had to take some pictures afterwards. We all went to my parents house in Elk Ridge to eat some yuuuuummmmmyyyyy food! Thank you to everyone who brought food! I so appreciate it! And Thank you to my mom for hosting it at her house. It was a really nice afternoon! Mia just loves it when people talk to her. Here she is smiling with grammy reva! (Kevs mom)

Better view of dress and shoes


My best friends came to eat after. Alyssa, Brittney, me, Ally, and Kenna. Thanks for the support girls! Love you!! 

This is like my favorite picture ever. It's so weird that we are growing up and going on missions and getting internships and getting married and having babies! I love you girls, you will forever have a soft spot in my heart. Thanks for always being such good friends and always being there! 

It was a great day filled with good food, spiritual goodness, love, good visits from friends and family, and holding my sweet happy baby. I will never forget this day. (or the delicious texas brownies Sharese made. mmm)


Michelle and Landon said...

I'm glad we were able to make it! Baby Blessings are such special times! I actually recorded it as well just in case no one else did, but I'm glad your other friend did as well. Sorry we couldn't stay for pictures and food after :( looks like it was fun. You and Mia both looked Amazing!

Dave and Tana said...

Little Mia is so pretty! You all look great!


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