Thursday, April 26, 2012

Family History pt. 1: my birth and family

I found this really neat blog that challenges you to start a personal history. It even has all the prompt questions so you can just use those. I decided I better start doing this! So, here goes!

Your birth and family:  
*What is your full name and how did you get that name?  Do you have any nicknames?
My full name is Gillian Clark Mohlman. Clark was my maiden name. I never had a middle name, so when I got married, I used Clark as the middle name. I am actually not sure how my parents decided on my name. I have many nick names. My dad calls me Willy, my siblings call me Gilly, and my friends call me Jill, JB, JillyBean, or JillG.

*What are your parent's full names and birth dates and places?
My mom's name is Christina Teichert Clark, and my dad's is James Neil Clark. My mom was born on May 23, 1949 in Salt Lake, Utah. My dad was born December 26th, 1947 at the Hughes Memorial Hospital on 2nd South in Spanish Fork, Utah.

*What is the date of your birth?  Where were you born?  What are some of the circumstances (when your mom went in to labor, how long, her doctor, your dad fainting, etc.) of your birth?
I was born December 2nd 1988. I was born at Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento, California. My grandma Teichert was in town hoping my mom would go into labor a week before she actually did, and then it came time for her to catch her plane ride home. The night my grandma left, I was born! I am pretty sure I was like 7lbs 6 oz.

*What are your sibling's full names and birth dates? 
I have lots of siblings. None of the girls were given middle names. Starting from top to bottom:
James Jason- November 10th
Adam H.- August 8th
Chelsey- June 23rd
Jess Thomas- July 6th
Adrianne- April 30th
Lindsey- April 1st
Lance Allen- March 15th
David Peter- June 5th
Kaitlin- November 24th
Ammon Andrew- October 5th

*How was/is your relationship with your siblings and parents?
I have very different relationships with all of my siblings. 

I will be honest, I don't talk much to Jason because he is so much older than me and he isn't one to call people on the phone, or answer his phone.. (hint hint). I don't really feel like I know much about him. He went on a mission when I was a little baby still and so I never really lived at home with him. I still love him though of course. :) He is very VERY smart and works out alot which I think is great that he is keeping in shape. Jason came out for my wedding with some of his boys and that meant so much to me. He always calls me silly gilly willy billy button. 

Adam calls me about once a week. He tries to call all the siblings once a week. I like that he makes the effort to keep in contact with us. Adam is very passionate about things so when you get into conversations with him, be prepared to go deep! :) When Adam wants something, he goes and gets it. He has started his own business and I think that's great! I dont remember Adam much from when I was a little kid though, because he too is also alot older than me so didn't live at home much. One thing I do remember though is that he was always singing and playing the guitar. He also had my name for Christmas one year, and the gift was a one on one date with him to dinner and the movies. He took me to Guru's to eat, but I can't remember the movie.... do you Adam? That was a fun present. 

Chelsey is my shopping buddy. She knows how to shop. She knows how to decorate, and buy shoes! I love her sense of style.  I didn't talk to her much when she lived in New Jersey, but since they have moved back here to Utah, I have been able to visit with her alot and hang out at their house. I would love to hang out with her more if her life wasn't so dang BUSY all the time! When I was younger, Chels and I shared a room in Indiana and I always seemed to find my way sleeping next to her in bed. Sorry for all the times I peed the bed Chels... When she first got married, she helped out my mom with us kids alot since my mom had to go back to work. She took me to my first 'women' doctor appointment. Haha. I always looked up to her and wanted to be like her. 

Jess is my handy man brother. I swear he knows how to fix everything. He is also the most computer tech savvy I would say. He is a really good dad and has a funny sense of humor (I added that just for you Jess!). I remember him always playing the piano, singing, and playing the guitar at home. One time I was home sick from school when I was little and he was watching me. He took me to the gas station and let me pick a treat and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. One thing about Jess is that he ALWAYS has gum on him. You can count on him for your gum needs! Jess is also very smart, like the rest of my brothers. I remember driving in his truck listening to good music. He always came to my dance performances and I seemed to get along with him really well. 

Adrianne is the sister most like me I think. Hopefully she wont take offense to that. ;) She and I are similar in lots of ways. We both have more of a sensitive demeanor about us (in a good way I think). Adrianne is very service oriented and the most amazing mom in the world. She is always doing fun things with her kids and making creative foods. She is really crafty and a good cook. I always call her for recipes. Adrianne used to run track/cross country in high school and I remember going to watch her a few times. She is a really good singer too. All of my sisters are. She can paint AMAZING, and her decorating skills are so good too! She is so creative! She is also a great writer. Adrianne is the sister I call when I need to cry because she always listens and tells me how it is, even if it's something that I need to get over and something brutally truthful. I appreciate that about her. That's why I call her to cry because I know she will tell me how it is! I remember growing up when Adrianne lived at BYU she and my other sister Lindsey always invited Kaitlin and I to sleep over and swim in their pool at the apartments. They were always letting us drag along with them. 

Lindsey is my sister with all the talent and humor. She is very open like I am, and blunt and has no filter... just like me! I love it! She has a set of lungs on her. I love to listen to her sing. We have similar taste in music, Adele, Beyonce, Eva Cassidy.... She can play the piano really well too. I have to admit that she makes exceptionally cute kids too. She lives in Germany so I miss her alot. I wish she lived closer. Her laugh is contagious. I remember driving in her black mustang! I loved that mustang. I even got to drive it a few times. She always calls me Gilly. One thing I remember that I loved about Lindsey is that she always let me come play night games with her and her friends. We went to Alisha Houghten's house for night games once and it was pitch black when all the sudden some sprinklers turned on that we all thought were SNAKES! We couldn't feel the water (the sprinklers were coming on from another part of the lawn) but the noise sounded just like a ton of snakes. We all screamed! 

Lance is my super super funny and goofy brother. He makes me laugh all the time from the way he talks in silly voices on the phone, the funny facebook statuses he puts, or when he calls people 'dirt'.. it's always funny. Lance is a tender heart. He is passionate about his job as well. Lance and I had our fair share of getting annoyed of eachother moments as I was growing up. He drove this ugly old gray car and would turn on x96 on the radio every day. I remember begging him to turn it to 94.9 zht (back then it was 949 not 971) but he never would. He had really shaggy hair. I would be waiting at school in 6th grade for him to pick me up after it got out, and I would hear his music blaring from the open windows from a mile away.. I swear. He was always playing the guitar or making funny videos with his friend Chase. Lance's friends were always really really nice to me. I do remember however, once, lance made fun of me for sucking my thumb in front of his friends. I was 9 I think, (yes, I sucked my thumb WAY too long) and his friends were over and lance mentioned that I still occasionally sucked my thumb. I was SO embarrassed.  

Dave. Dave is the sibling I probably fought the most with second to my sister Kaitlin. Dave was MEAN to me in high school. (Sorry Dave.... for history purposes... haha) Granted, I was super annoying and ugly and always bugging him but in all honesty, I just wanted to be cool and popular like him. It's embarrasing to admit now, but as mean as he was to me, I just wanted to be his friend. He was so popular and everyone knew him, and I just felt like such a loser all the time. Sometimes he made fun of me in front of his friends. Some of his friends were nice to me, like Brian Knell, and Gavin Gordon, and Tyler Griffiths, and Doug and Saia. Other than that, him and some of his friends and the girls he hung out with treated me like crap. After high school was over though, Dave and I became close and I really looked up to him. I cried like a baby the day he left on his mission. Now, Dave is really fun to be around. He is super funny, successful (that is what most makes me proud of him) and he is really good to his wife and daughter. I miss having him around, especially since his wife is one of my best friends and when he is around, she is around ;) Dave was always really really good at sports and I loved going to his baseball and basketball games. I always thought of Dave as my hero- because even though we didn't get along, I know he would do anything to stand up for me if someone was mean to me or made fun of me if he didn't initiate it... hehehe... 

Kaitlin is the sister I was always most jealous of. She could always dance better than me, sang higher than me, and lower than me, played the piano and guitar better than me, could grow out her hair faster than me, was smarter than me, and was more spiritual than me. She is still that way. But I am jealous in a good way. I want to be more like her. We fought alot growing up and I think that's because we were always interested in the same things and that became a competition. I was not nice to her because of the jealousy thing... I wish I could take it all back. We like the same things, but yet are worlds apart in personalities. We always had to share rooms and we were both soo messy. Our room was always horrible looking. Haha. I love to sing duets with her in church. Our voices blend so well together. We were once told after singing in church that we sounded better than a track on an EFY CD. We thought that was pretty cool. :) 

Ammon is my buddy. I could write about him forever. He is the most spiritual, forgiving, loving, humorous little boy. I remember when he first came home after he was born (they let him come home for thanksgiving and then he went back to the hospital) and I remember just staring at the little chunker. He was so cute and precious, but it was so hard seeing him in pain and knowing he may not live a long life. We were all really nervous to have a severely handicapped sibling come into our lives, but I tell you what, life has never been the same. He has blessed our family for the better in so many ways. Sometimes I think he is what holds our family together. I have never seen someone go through so many trials and be still so positive. One of my favorite memories about him was when he asked me to go on a walk with him. I took him to the park and I was having a really bad day. I believe it was the year after I graduated high school and I was going through some pretty rough depression. As we got to the park, he asked me what was wrong. I told him life was hard and that I was just depressed and sad. I started to cry, and he cried with me and took my hand and told me he loved me. I said "Ammon, how do you stay so positive when your life is just so hard?!" He told me that it was because he knew Heavenly Father loved him and that even though life was hard, that someday he would be perfect. How amazing that experience was, and I will never forget it. Another memory I have of him is when he was getting his Trach out. I was getting ready to take my big cosmetology test and was worried I would not pass to get my license. I was really nervous. Partially, because he was getting surgery at the same time as my test. I talked to Ammon on the phone prior to the surgery and told him how scared I was for my test. He told me he was scared for his surgery. He then said "If you pray for me I will pray for you." So, we did just that. After my test, I called him after he got out of surgery. I said Ammon! I passed! He said "I knew you would because I prayed for you." His faith is just so strong and I love it. 

As for my parents, I haven't always treated them with respect. I used to tell them I hated them (I know. Don't Judge) and I was always late for curfew and many other things. But, I did always love them regardless of what I said outloud to them. I was a very needy and attention wanting child/teenager so I can't believe they dealt with me that long. My relationship with them has now grown and I believe I get along great with them now. I have lots of respect for all the hard work they have done for me!

I have a great family. I love them all so much, and so glad I got sent to them. 

*What are some lessons you learned from you parents?
I learned that money can't buy happiness. I grew up in a very poor home, but never felt spiritually poor, and I always had what I needed. My parents worked really hard to provide for us and because they always paid their tithing, we always had what we needed. My parents always had family night, and always had prayer, and always had us reading scriptures as a family. I am so grateful for that! I learned that those are the most important things in life.

*How did you help in your home? 
I helped alot with Ammon growing up. Kaitlin and I did alot of the work with Ammon when my mom was at work. It seemed like every Saturday my dad had us doing yard work too, pulling weeds or planting flowers, or mowing the lawn. 


jokopelo said...

Thanks for this post, Silly Gilly Jelly Belly Button. I enjoyed reading it and am glad you are in our family also.

Jason said...

That was from Jason, not Jonathan Kopelovich (one of our surgical residents). I failed to notice that he had been using my computer and had not signed out of his Google account.

Nancy said...

I liked reading that post too. What a great family.

Dave and Tana said...

This is a great idea....write it down while you remember it. Fun to read! Miss ya mucho.

Anonymous said...

where did you find this challange Gill?

Andrea said...

I'd love the link to the blog you found this on too. I've been wanting to do this for awhile and I love the idea of the prompt questions.


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