Thursday, April 5, 2012

blowouts, bath time, and loosing weight

today I stood on the scale, and I have 6 more pounds left till I get back to where I was before I Got pregnant! wahoo!! I know I will have a flabby tummy for a while though- I hate it. I can't wait to get back into the gym and work out. thank goodness for breast feeding though, I have lost it pretty fast because of it! my chest is enormous though and that i'm sure adds on some weight... (sorry, tmi) anyway, I had kevin take a picture of what I look like today. 
I still have a tummy, thats for sure, but considering how enormous I was 6 weeks ago... I don't feel too bad. (this picture was taken like a week before I had her)

I went to buy a new dress the other day and everything I tried on didn't fit. I was so frustrated because my hips have expanded so much and I still have a tummy, and even though I just had a baby 5 weeks ago, It's still hard to accept that my body will probably never be the same. But, at least I am motivated to feel good and work out at the gym, that always makes me feel better to work out. My goal is to loose 10 pounds more than the 6 I have left... so 16 all together. That will put me at a really good healthy weight and I will feel lots better! 

Anyway, besides weight, tonight has been interesting... haha. Another poopy blowout! yay! (sarcasm.) Haha. Mia has had 3 blowouts now. And, get this. ALL of them, have been in this VERY SAME onsie! Hahahahahaha. Maybe thats a sign she shouldn't wear it anymore?? Here is a picture of her blowout tonight... awesome. Oh, and she was just as happy as can be once it all came out!

We give her a bath every night before bedtime to calm her down and help her relax, and luckily the blowout happened tonight we we didn't have to bathe her twice today. She seriously loves the bath! Just look at this happy baby!

um, swoon. I love this adorable girl! She makes my heart melt! She was just cooing and smiling away. 

super excited right here... :)

And, I love this pink hooded towel, thanks to Heather Phillips for making it for Mia! We love it!

here is our bathtime video:

and another video of us hangin out :)


The Duke said...

Your videos won't pull up. ??
You're looking great! Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful!! You are totally glowing!

Kayla said...

Look at her belly!!! She is a little fatty! She is a doll Gill! Where did you get your sponge? It looks so big!?

You are looking great! Breast feeding does wonders to lose weight!!


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