Monday, April 30, 2012

Adrianne's Birthday!

Today was my sister Adrianne's birthday! I was going through my photos and realized I have like none of just her and I. This is the only one I could find. And I look hideous. But oh well. I kinda do miss the prego belly sometimes... call me crazy. This picture was when Adrianne was visiting around Christmas time and we died her hair. It was a big change for her, but I think it turned out really pretty! 

I just wanted to dedicate a post to my sweet sister. She is so great. Not only is she a fabulous mother, but she has a testimony made of solid rock! She is so inspiring and creative and a good listener. I love lots of things about her, but those are my favorite things. I hate that I can't see her or hang out with her any time I want, because she lives in CO. I really enjoy spending time with her and miss her alot.

She has had a really really hard year with loosing her child, Laila. I can't imagine going through such a hard trial- but she has been really strong and has been trying to push through it. We all miss Laila, and Adrianne I want you to know that we will never forget her! I hope that you could feel her sweet spirit today for your birthday.

I can't wait to let balloons off for her birthday on the 2nd...

I hope you got spoiled by your boys today and I hope it was a birthday to remember! Love you.


Seth and Natalie said...

You two look a lot alike, definitely sisters!

Mike and Adrianne said...

Dude, I look pregnant in that picture. Oh yeah, I always look that way. And I have no makeup on and look really tired. But, my hair looks hot!! Thanks for the post. You are a sweet sister and I love you.


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