Monday, April 30, 2012

Adrianne's Birthday!

Today was my sister Adrianne's birthday! I was going through my photos and realized I have like none of just her and I. This is the only one I could find. And I look hideous. But oh well. I kinda do miss the prego belly sometimes... call me crazy. This picture was when Adrianne was visiting around Christmas time and we died her hair. It was a big change for her, but I think it turned out really pretty! 

I just wanted to dedicate a post to my sweet sister. She is so great. Not only is she a fabulous mother, but she has a testimony made of solid rock! She is so inspiring and creative and a good listener. I love lots of things about her, but those are my favorite things. I hate that I can't see her or hang out with her any time I want, because she lives in CO. I really enjoy spending time with her and miss her alot.

She has had a really really hard year with loosing her child, Laila. I can't imagine going through such a hard trial- but she has been really strong and has been trying to push through it. We all miss Laila, and Adrianne I want you to know that we will never forget her! I hope that you could feel her sweet spirit today for your birthday.

I can't wait to let balloons off for her birthday on the 2nd...

I hope you got spoiled by your boys today and I hope it was a birthday to remember! Love you.

Mia's Blessing Day

Kevin blessed Mia yesterday at church. It was a perfect day. I loved everything about it. We had a LOT of friends and family come support us and I am so grateful we have so many people who support and care about us! Thank you everyone who came! 

The day started out great. Our church is at 1, so we had plenty of time to sleep in, take long showers, and get extra pretty that day. :) Mia wore the dress I wore when I was blessed. My mom made it! I think its so cute. I will give it to her to pass down to her first daughter. She also wore some cute white booties, made by a lady in my sister in law's ward.

Kevin did a wonderful job blessing her. I cried all the way through it. My bestie Becca recorded it for us! Thanks becca!! Kev told me he was nervous, but I was just so proud to call him my husband and Mia my child! I love my family so much. It's amazing how every day my love for Kevin grows even stronger. I love watching him interact with Mia. When I first found out I was pregnant, he really wasn't that happy about it, mostly because he was scared. Now that she is here, I am pretty sure he is just in love with her by the way he talks to her and acts with her. He is so patient and kind and sure knows how to love. I love you Kevin! You are my best friend without a doubt and you are such a great father! Thanks for all you do and for blessing our sweet baby girl. 

We had to take some pictures afterwards. We all went to my parents house in Elk Ridge to eat some yuuuuummmmmyyyyy food! Thank you to everyone who brought food! I so appreciate it! And Thank you to my mom for hosting it at her house. It was a really nice afternoon! Mia just loves it when people talk to her. Here she is smiling with grammy reva! (Kevs mom)

Better view of dress and shoes


My best friends came to eat after. Alyssa, Brittney, me, Ally, and Kenna. Thanks for the support girls! Love you!! 

This is like my favorite picture ever. It's so weird that we are growing up and going on missions and getting internships and getting married and having babies! I love you girls, you will forever have a soft spot in my heart. Thanks for always being such good friends and always being there! 

It was a great day filled with good food, spiritual goodness, love, good visits from friends and family, and holding my sweet happy baby. I will never forget this day. (or the delicious texas brownies Sharese made. mmm)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Family History pt. 1: my birth and family

I found this really neat blog that challenges you to start a personal history. It even has all the prompt questions so you can just use those. I decided I better start doing this! So, here goes!

Your birth and family:  
*What is your full name and how did you get that name?  Do you have any nicknames?
My full name is Gillian Clark Mohlman. Clark was my maiden name. I never had a middle name, so when I got married, I used Clark as the middle name. I am actually not sure how my parents decided on my name. I have many nick names. My dad calls me Willy, my siblings call me Gilly, and my friends call me Jill, JB, JillyBean, or JillG.

*What are your parent's full names and birth dates and places?
My mom's name is Christina Teichert Clark, and my dad's is James Neil Clark. My mom was born on May 23, 1949 in Salt Lake, Utah. My dad was born December 26th, 1947 at the Hughes Memorial Hospital on 2nd South in Spanish Fork, Utah.

*What is the date of your birth?  Where were you born?  What are some of the circumstances (when your mom went in to labor, how long, her doctor, your dad fainting, etc.) of your birth?
I was born December 2nd 1988. I was born at Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento, California. My grandma Teichert was in town hoping my mom would go into labor a week before she actually did, and then it came time for her to catch her plane ride home. The night my grandma left, I was born! I am pretty sure I was like 7lbs 6 oz.

*What are your sibling's full names and birth dates? 
I have lots of siblings. None of the girls were given middle names. Starting from top to bottom:
James Jason- November 10th
Adam H.- August 8th
Chelsey- June 23rd
Jess Thomas- July 6th
Adrianne- April 30th
Lindsey- April 1st
Lance Allen- March 15th
David Peter- June 5th
Kaitlin- November 24th
Ammon Andrew- October 5th

*How was/is your relationship with your siblings and parents?
I have very different relationships with all of my siblings. 

I will be honest, I don't talk much to Jason because he is so much older than me and he isn't one to call people on the phone, or answer his phone.. (hint hint). I don't really feel like I know much about him. He went on a mission when I was a little baby still and so I never really lived at home with him. I still love him though of course. :) He is very VERY smart and works out alot which I think is great that he is keeping in shape. Jason came out for my wedding with some of his boys and that meant so much to me. He always calls me silly gilly willy billy button. 

Adam calls me about once a week. He tries to call all the siblings once a week. I like that he makes the effort to keep in contact with us. Adam is very passionate about things so when you get into conversations with him, be prepared to go deep! :) When Adam wants something, he goes and gets it. He has started his own business and I think that's great! I dont remember Adam much from when I was a little kid though, because he too is also alot older than me so didn't live at home much. One thing I do remember though is that he was always singing and playing the guitar. He also had my name for Christmas one year, and the gift was a one on one date with him to dinner and the movies. He took me to Guru's to eat, but I can't remember the movie.... do you Adam? That was a fun present. 

Chelsey is my shopping buddy. She knows how to shop. She knows how to decorate, and buy shoes! I love her sense of style.  I didn't talk to her much when she lived in New Jersey, but since they have moved back here to Utah, I have been able to visit with her alot and hang out at their house. I would love to hang out with her more if her life wasn't so dang BUSY all the time! When I was younger, Chels and I shared a room in Indiana and I always seemed to find my way sleeping next to her in bed. Sorry for all the times I peed the bed Chels... When she first got married, she helped out my mom with us kids alot since my mom had to go back to work. She took me to my first 'women' doctor appointment. Haha. I always looked up to her and wanted to be like her. 

Jess is my handy man brother. I swear he knows how to fix everything. He is also the most computer tech savvy I would say. He is a really good dad and has a funny sense of humor (I added that just for you Jess!). I remember him always playing the piano, singing, and playing the guitar at home. One time I was home sick from school when I was little and he was watching me. He took me to the gas station and let me pick a treat and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. One thing about Jess is that he ALWAYS has gum on him. You can count on him for your gum needs! Jess is also very smart, like the rest of my brothers. I remember driving in his truck listening to good music. He always came to my dance performances and I seemed to get along with him really well. 

Adrianne is the sister most like me I think. Hopefully she wont take offense to that. ;) She and I are similar in lots of ways. We both have more of a sensitive demeanor about us (in a good way I think). Adrianne is very service oriented and the most amazing mom in the world. She is always doing fun things with her kids and making creative foods. She is really crafty and a good cook. I always call her for recipes. Adrianne used to run track/cross country in high school and I remember going to watch her a few times. She is a really good singer too. All of my sisters are. She can paint AMAZING, and her decorating skills are so good too! She is so creative! She is also a great writer. Adrianne is the sister I call when I need to cry because she always listens and tells me how it is, even if it's something that I need to get over and something brutally truthful. I appreciate that about her. That's why I call her to cry because I know she will tell me how it is! I remember growing up when Adrianne lived at BYU she and my other sister Lindsey always invited Kaitlin and I to sleep over and swim in their pool at the apartments. They were always letting us drag along with them. 

Lindsey is my sister with all the talent and humor. She is very open like I am, and blunt and has no filter... just like me! I love it! She has a set of lungs on her. I love to listen to her sing. We have similar taste in music, Adele, Beyonce, Eva Cassidy.... She can play the piano really well too. I have to admit that she makes exceptionally cute kids too. She lives in Germany so I miss her alot. I wish she lived closer. Her laugh is contagious. I remember driving in her black mustang! I loved that mustang. I even got to drive it a few times. She always calls me Gilly. One thing I remember that I loved about Lindsey is that she always let me come play night games with her and her friends. We went to Alisha Houghten's house for night games once and it was pitch black when all the sudden some sprinklers turned on that we all thought were SNAKES! We couldn't feel the water (the sprinklers were coming on from another part of the lawn) but the noise sounded just like a ton of snakes. We all screamed! 

Lance is my super super funny and goofy brother. He makes me laugh all the time from the way he talks in silly voices on the phone, the funny facebook statuses he puts, or when he calls people 'dirt'.. it's always funny. Lance is a tender heart. He is passionate about his job as well. Lance and I had our fair share of getting annoyed of eachother moments as I was growing up. He drove this ugly old gray car and would turn on x96 on the radio every day. I remember begging him to turn it to 94.9 zht (back then it was 949 not 971) but he never would. He had really shaggy hair. I would be waiting at school in 6th grade for him to pick me up after it got out, and I would hear his music blaring from the open windows from a mile away.. I swear. He was always playing the guitar or making funny videos with his friend Chase. Lance's friends were always really really nice to me. I do remember however, once, lance made fun of me for sucking my thumb in front of his friends. I was 9 I think, (yes, I sucked my thumb WAY too long) and his friends were over and lance mentioned that I still occasionally sucked my thumb. I was SO embarrassed.  

Dave. Dave is the sibling I probably fought the most with second to my sister Kaitlin. Dave was MEAN to me in high school. (Sorry Dave.... for history purposes... haha) Granted, I was super annoying and ugly and always bugging him but in all honesty, I just wanted to be cool and popular like him. It's embarrasing to admit now, but as mean as he was to me, I just wanted to be his friend. He was so popular and everyone knew him, and I just felt like such a loser all the time. Sometimes he made fun of me in front of his friends. Some of his friends were nice to me, like Brian Knell, and Gavin Gordon, and Tyler Griffiths, and Doug and Saia. Other than that, him and some of his friends and the girls he hung out with treated me like crap. After high school was over though, Dave and I became close and I really looked up to him. I cried like a baby the day he left on his mission. Now, Dave is really fun to be around. He is super funny, successful (that is what most makes me proud of him) and he is really good to his wife and daughter. I miss having him around, especially since his wife is one of my best friends and when he is around, she is around ;) Dave was always really really good at sports and I loved going to his baseball and basketball games. I always thought of Dave as my hero- because even though we didn't get along, I know he would do anything to stand up for me if someone was mean to me or made fun of me if he didn't initiate it... hehehe... 

Kaitlin is the sister I was always most jealous of. She could always dance better than me, sang higher than me, and lower than me, played the piano and guitar better than me, could grow out her hair faster than me, was smarter than me, and was more spiritual than me. She is still that way. But I am jealous in a good way. I want to be more like her. We fought alot growing up and I think that's because we were always interested in the same things and that became a competition. I was not nice to her because of the jealousy thing... I wish I could take it all back. We like the same things, but yet are worlds apart in personalities. We always had to share rooms and we were both soo messy. Our room was always horrible looking. Haha. I love to sing duets with her in church. Our voices blend so well together. We were once told after singing in church that we sounded better than a track on an EFY CD. We thought that was pretty cool. :) 

Ammon is my buddy. I could write about him forever. He is the most spiritual, forgiving, loving, humorous little boy. I remember when he first came home after he was born (they let him come home for thanksgiving and then he went back to the hospital) and I remember just staring at the little chunker. He was so cute and precious, but it was so hard seeing him in pain and knowing he may not live a long life. We were all really nervous to have a severely handicapped sibling come into our lives, but I tell you what, life has never been the same. He has blessed our family for the better in so many ways. Sometimes I think he is what holds our family together. I have never seen someone go through so many trials and be still so positive. One of my favorite memories about him was when he asked me to go on a walk with him. I took him to the park and I was having a really bad day. I believe it was the year after I graduated high school and I was going through some pretty rough depression. As we got to the park, he asked me what was wrong. I told him life was hard and that I was just depressed and sad. I started to cry, and he cried with me and took my hand and told me he loved me. I said "Ammon, how do you stay so positive when your life is just so hard?!" He told me that it was because he knew Heavenly Father loved him and that even though life was hard, that someday he would be perfect. How amazing that experience was, and I will never forget it. Another memory I have of him is when he was getting his Trach out. I was getting ready to take my big cosmetology test and was worried I would not pass to get my license. I was really nervous. Partially, because he was getting surgery at the same time as my test. I talked to Ammon on the phone prior to the surgery and told him how scared I was for my test. He told me he was scared for his surgery. He then said "If you pray for me I will pray for you." So, we did just that. After my test, I called him after he got out of surgery. I said Ammon! I passed! He said "I knew you would because I prayed for you." His faith is just so strong and I love it. 

As for my parents, I haven't always treated them with respect. I used to tell them I hated them (I know. Don't Judge) and I was always late for curfew and many other things. But, I did always love them regardless of what I said outloud to them. I was a very needy and attention wanting child/teenager so I can't believe they dealt with me that long. My relationship with them has now grown and I believe I get along great with them now. I have lots of respect for all the hard work they have done for me!

I have a great family. I love them all so much, and so glad I got sent to them. 

*What are some lessons you learned from you parents?
I learned that money can't buy happiness. I grew up in a very poor home, but never felt spiritually poor, and I always had what I needed. My parents worked really hard to provide for us and because they always paid their tithing, we always had what we needed. My parents always had family night, and always had prayer, and always had us reading scriptures as a family. I am so grateful for that! I learned that those are the most important things in life.

*How did you help in your home? 
I helped alot with Ammon growing up. Kaitlin and I did alot of the work with Ammon when my mom was at work. It seemed like every Saturday my dad had us doing yard work too, pulling weeds or planting flowers, or mowing the lawn. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

school, migraines, volunteer, missionary returning, mia baby

We have had lots going on lately! 

We spend alot of time over at Ally's house/her at our house. We sometimes make dinner together or do our grocery shopping together. She is really really good with Mia and Mia loves her! Ally took this picture a week or so ago when Mia was taking at nap at her house. Mia's hair is getting SO long. It's grown a ton since she was born, and she hasn't lost any yet. Luckily..!

One of my best friends Brittney just returned home from her mission on April 11th! She served in the LA, California mission. She had her homecoming yesterday, so Kevin, Mia and I ventured down to Spanish Fork for it. Her talk was amazing, I felt the spirit so strong. She has a super strong testimony. I had fun getting Mia ready for church. Doesn't her outfit look SO cute?! 

I had to share these next two photos because she is just too cute not to share... 

 haha... totally cross eyed!!

Mia is two months old TOMORROW!! Where has time gone?! Here are some facts about the little one right now

Has blue eyes
hair is growing like a weed
sleeps about 6 1/2 hours at night
smiles like crazy
has started to squeal/almost giggle
holds her head up really really good, but can't quite roll over yet
still in newborn diapers
still in newborn clothes, except her legs are too long for them, and her waist is too little for them! 
still hates getting in the carseat at first
love love loves her binky
loves to nap in her bouncer
has super curly hair 
has officially had her first cold
she blows bubbles with her spit
she totally has a fake cry already
she makes lots of noises. I think she likes the sound of her voice
she is starting to hold on to her binky when its in her mouth

I dont know her weight or height right now, we will find out May 2nd at her appointment. 

Another thing that is going on is that I decided to volunteer at the Provo Nursing and Rehab Center. I have been wanting to do some service and since it's not too far from my home, and I don't have grandparents living, I thought it would be fun to volunteer there! They have all kinds of fun things to volunteer for. They used to have about 50 volunteers but almost all of them moved home for the summer or graduated from college and moved on. So, they are in desperate need of volunteers! You can sign up to visit with the residents, play the piano during meals or on Sundays, sing, play the guitar or any instrument really, help with the cooking classes, BINGO, other games, crafting... Lots of fun stuff! I am going to do manicures every Saturday from 10-12 and on Wed nights I will go and hand out popcorn to all the residents and invite them to come watch a movie in the dining area. I will also water the flowers in the courtyard on Wednesdays.  The lady in charge said I could bring Mia with me - so I thought it would be fun. I love old people. They have so much wisdom and fun life experiences. You can sign up to volunteer as much or as little as you want. You should all sign up! They need help! It's a really really nice facility inside. I am excited to start doing this. 

Things with Mary Kay are really picking up. I seriously love it! I have met some really amazing people, am making money doing it, and am learning alot more about makeup and other things. My goal is to get a car by the end of June. If I want to meet that goal, I need to do 75 faces between now and then. I also need to do 75 interviews. Wow. That's alot of pressure but I think I can do it! I wont be able to do it without help of course, and support. So, PLEASE! if you are willing to help with letting me give you a facial, or getting an interview, I will love you forever. If you do an interview, I will give you a free color item. I need this car. It's not just a want anymore. I need it. We only have one car and once school starts back up again, and it gets cold, we will be without the use of the scooter and will need a second car. Plus, its so hard working out my schedule with Kevin's right now. He seems to always need the car on the days I have something planned, or vice versa. It would just be nice not to have to wake Mia up at 11:30 pm to go pick Kevin up from work on a day it's raining and he can't ride the scooter. So, I am going to do this! I really want to earn this car in two months! I will need your help! The company pays for your insurance on the car, and the monthly payment. It's all yours, for FREE! They even pay for oil changes! So amazing...

Anyway, besides the above, Kevin is busy too! He is taking his finals tomorrow. Wish him luck! I know he will do great. :) He is going to take two classes for the first summer block at UVU. He will take Biology and Public Speaking. 

We plan to go to St. George with Ally and Kelvin in June to do all sorts of fun things. I can't wait to get away! We of course will take Mia, but that will be fun to have our first family vacation! 

I had the worst migraine last night. I started loosing my eye sight, and almost threw up. It came on super fast, and for some reason Mia had to choose last night to throw a tissy fit! I felt so bad because I didn't know how to help her and she kept crying. I just wanted to pick her up and sing to her and help her be happy but it was just killing my head, I was like paralyzed. I felt like such a bad mom. I had to call Kevin to come home from work last night because I literally could not do anything and poor Mia was just crying. He came home and took care of her and I am so grateful for such an amazing and supportive husband! I love you Kevin! 

Well, other than all the above, there isn't much else new. Just livin life one day at a time. Hope all is good for anyone reading this.  I will leave you with my favorite family picture...

Monday, April 16, 2012

updates on the mohlman family

Kev and I had the opportunity to go see Hunger Games on Friday April 6th. My mom came after work to watch Mia while we went. It is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves when people bring babies to movies. Stupid. Because either the baby is crying and you have to take them out, so why would you pay 9$ a ticket when you can't even watch the movie? OR, you let the baby cry or fuss in the theater. And then it ruins it for everyone else. So, yes, we left our baby with my mother. :) I was pretty nervous to leave her because she was pretty fussy before we left for some reason. I had pumped some milk for while we were gone, and then fed her right before we left. Luckily she was really good and snuggled my mom all night! I LOVED The hunger games. Best movie ever. It was so so good. I would def. pay to see it many times again. It's one movie I will be buying when it comes out. I loved the books too. I can't wait for the next movie! All in All, it was a great date night and fun to be out with Kevin. It was weird because it was our first date without Mia! I kinda felt like something was missing. ;)

For Easter, we went to my brother Adam's house in South Jordan. His wife Amy made sweet potatoes, a roast, a salad, I brought some rolls, and my mom made some pies. It was all really yummy and fun to visit with all of them. We didn't do Easter baskets or an egg hunt. I never grew up with Easter baskets so I figure it's not that big of a deal. Maybe when Mia gets a little older to understand and think it's fun, we will do it but really, I don't see the point in doing it for a brand new baby.. 

We were going to bless Mia yesterday but she has been sick so we stayed home and let her rest and get better. She is finally on the mend. We will do the blessing April 29th at 1pm if anyone wants to come. 

She is now sleeping 6 1/2 hours at a time at night! I LOVE it! Lucky me. I really do feel lucky because I have been able to be fully rested. She will sleep for 6 1/2 hours, eat, then go back to sleep for 2-3 hours. Of course I go back to sleep too.. hahaha. Her happiest time of the day is 11am. She is always smiling and cooing and talking to me! I kinda think she likes the sound of her voice, she is always making noises. I think she will be giggling soon.. 

Baby love now has a nickname. My dad has deemed it 'MJ'. And I kinda like it. I call her that sometimes too. little MJ has really been wanting to roll over lately! I think it's going to happen soon. 

Also, no matter how tight Kev or I bundle her up, the left arm seems to sneak out! Its the funniest thing. Sneaky baby...

Kevin has been trying to get papers done and lots of studying done for Finals coming up this next week, so Mia and I left him alone to do so and went to my moms to hang out for a few hours yesterday. My mom even made a yummy cake which I ate way too much of... sigh.. We sat around the piano and sang lots of disney songs. It was fun! Thanks mom!

Today, Ally and I hung out and made dinner here. We made some yummy chicken wings with wingers sauce. (homemade sauce). We also had steak fries.. delish! We watched the voice and just chilled in our pj's. She got a few cute pics that I thought I would share: 

Mia was lovin on her aunt ally! 

Wish Kev good luck on his finals... he gets a week break after finals (I think) and then starts up the summer semester. Not looking forward to yet another semester... I can't wait for the day when he is done! 

He sure does work hard for us and we love him so much! He is the best daddy in the world- so patient and loving. Thanks for all you do honey- I love you forever. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

sick baby

snuggling my sick baby...

shes been taking naps with mommy on my bed.. that way I get to snuggle her! 

these last few days have been emotional ones. my poor baby girl has been so sick. It literally breaks my heart. I feel so helpless and just want to take it all away for her.

It first started out with some indigestion problems. She usually poops every single day, almost every diaper change there would be some in it. Then, she went to no pooping at all for 6 days. Every time she passed gas she would cry or whimper, and it stunk so freaking bad. Haha. She would arch her back like she was in pain and so I tried to pump her legs. I called the doctor and they told me to stimulate her bum by sticking a q-tip up there. I did that. Twice. Nope. Didn't work.

Finally though, yesterday, she pooped. But, it was a darker color and not the color it normally is supposed to be. She started getting a stuffy nose too, and that worried me. She went from sleeping 6 hours at a time to 2 1/2. I finally called the doctor again yesterday and he told me to bring her in. She weighs 9 pounds 2 ounces now. She has gained about a pound since her 3 week appointment. (She is now 6 weeks old.) Still my little baby! Anyway, she cried and cried through the whole appointment. The doctor told me she just had a cold and some constipation. He told me to give her some saline drops for her nose, as well as use a humidifier and some tylenol at night time to help her sleep. As for the indigestion, he told us to get some suppositories and also to try giving her one ounce of prune juice to help her poop. Oh the joys...

Luckily my good friend Andrea in our ward let us borrow her humidifier, and she also brought over some doTerra oils drops called digestzen (i think) that are supposed to help her poo too.. haha. I think the humidifier helped her for sure. We havent noticed a change with the poo yet though..

She hasn't been eating as long as normal because she can't breathe. Because of that, she wasn't staying asleep long enough. She has been super fussy, which is not normal for her. I am sure she has kept our neighbors awake for the last few days. :(

Last night, after I got all the medicine the doctor suggested, I gave her them around midnight. I then fed her and she went right to sleep at 1am and then slept until 7am this morning! She then got up to eat, but I noticed she has now started coughing. She is not wheezing, just a really dry cough. The stuffy nose sounded worse this morning too.. sad. She went back to sleep after I fed her and then slept until 11:15 am this morning... so I got some good sleep. Thank goodness! She is now asleep again, peaceful as can be.

I just am so sad for Mia. I wish I could help her and take the sickness for her. I am praying this doesnt turn into anything worse. I will have Kevin give her a blessing tonight. We were going to have her baby blessing this weekend but we decided to post pone it so that she doesn't get any other babies sick. I also think she just needs rest. We will be staying in for a few days!

I am excited to bless her, which we will do on the 29th now. She will be wearing the blessing dress I wore when I was a baby. My mom made it. Here are pictures of me in my blessing dress:

I hope little Miss Mia gets better soon.. this mommy needs her happy baby back! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I have been asked alot how my emotions have been since I had little miss Mia. I think a lot of people were worried (including myself)  that the postpartum depression was going to hit me hard... but I am happy to say it hasn't! Considering I have struggled with pretty bad depression for the last 5 years now, that's great news!

My whole pregnancy I worried that I wouldn't be happy when she came and I wouldn't enjoy the first part because I was worried I would be too depressed. I was worried I would cry every day. Be negative every day. Not get any sleep- which makes me more depressed and ornery. I was able to stay on my depression medicine all throughout my pregnancy because it was safe so I just prayed that it would still continue to work after she came. Everyone warned me how hard it was and how much sleep I would be missing out on, and how much they cry for no reason, and etc. In my situation, that has not been the case. Sure, I cried the first two weeks. Randomly. At dumb things like a sad commercial, or when Kevin left for work, or when I was laughing, laughs would turn into tears for no reason. Haha. But I don't consider that depression for me. Because not once was I thinking "I can't do this." or "What were we thinking?!" or "I just want to SLEEEEEP!" Or any bad thoughts about myself.

My prayers were heard and answered and Heavenly Father has blessed me with a good attitude and happiness. He has blessed me with a good baby that doesn't cry for hours on end. I think I got blessed with this sweet baby because He knew I could not handle a super colic-y baby.. haha. So moms that have dealt with that, know you are stronger than me. :) I am still on my depression medicine though, and probably will be on it for the rest of my life. But that's ok. I FEEL better. It truly helps. I feel like I have done such a big change emotionally in the last two years. I now am able to focus on others more than myself. I can see that I had problems in the past, and have accepted that I am not perfect, nor will I ever be, but now I am trying to be a better person, friend, mom, and wife. It's been a process. It's been a learning experience. Not everyone has understood. Not everyone thinks depression is real. (says the people who have never experienced it...) But I can't make people understand. I just am SO happy I am not in a depressed state right now at this time in my life because this baby needs all the love and happiness in the world!

I consider myself lucky. I feel truly blessed that this has been such a smooth transition for us. I have loved every minute of it. It's rewarding, it's fun, it makes me happy, it's HARD, it's easy, it's better than I thought it could have ever been.

I love being a mom. Best. Job. Ever.

Monday, April 9, 2012

mom, stop taking photos and videos of me!

I am sure Mia is getting sick of all the videos and photos I take constantly every day... but I can't help it. Pictures say a thousand words, and they bring back memories for me! So, oh well.... she will be glad some day when she is older and can look at her cute baby self....

dont mind our unfinished dresser.. it will be done one of these days. and all the papers on top I need to file. and my crazy baby voice.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

blowouts, bath time, and loosing weight

today I stood on the scale, and I have 6 more pounds left till I get back to where I was before I Got pregnant! wahoo!! I know I will have a flabby tummy for a while though- I hate it. I can't wait to get back into the gym and work out. thank goodness for breast feeding though, I have lost it pretty fast because of it! my chest is enormous though and that i'm sure adds on some weight... (sorry, tmi) anyway, I had kevin take a picture of what I look like today. 
I still have a tummy, thats for sure, but considering how enormous I was 6 weeks ago... I don't feel too bad. (this picture was taken like a week before I had her)

I went to buy a new dress the other day and everything I tried on didn't fit. I was so frustrated because my hips have expanded so much and I still have a tummy, and even though I just had a baby 5 weeks ago, It's still hard to accept that my body will probably never be the same. But, at least I am motivated to feel good and work out at the gym, that always makes me feel better to work out. My goal is to loose 10 pounds more than the 6 I have left... so 16 all together. That will put me at a really good healthy weight and I will feel lots better! 

Anyway, besides weight, tonight has been interesting... haha. Another poopy blowout! yay! (sarcasm.) Haha. Mia has had 3 blowouts now. And, get this. ALL of them, have been in this VERY SAME onsie! Hahahahahaha. Maybe thats a sign she shouldn't wear it anymore?? Here is a picture of her blowout tonight... awesome. Oh, and she was just as happy as can be once it all came out!

We give her a bath every night before bedtime to calm her down and help her relax, and luckily the blowout happened tonight we we didn't have to bathe her twice today. She seriously loves the bath! Just look at this happy baby!

um, swoon. I love this adorable girl! She makes my heart melt! She was just cooing and smiling away. 

super excited right here... :)

And, I love this pink hooded towel, thanks to Heather Phillips for making it for Mia! We love it!

here is our bathtime video:

and another video of us hangin out :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

spring has sprung!

today was such a nice day! it was sunny, warm, and i noticed the leaves on our trees are coming in! oh the joy that brings me... 

i will admit though, our winter wasn't that bad here in provo. there wasn't really that much snowfall. kinda nice if you ask me. 

i'm looking forward to warm weather, sun tans, capris, shorts, swimming, camping... 
i can tell it's just right around the corner! 

today was a busy day for us mohlmans. kev had school from 8-12:50 so while he was gone, mia and i slept (she didn't sleep from 4:30-8 this morning so we were sooo tired. i am pretty sure she was feeling sick last night. she felt like she had a fever and she had some bad gas.. haha. i wonder what i ate?) had some tummy time, listened to music, and snuggled until kev came home. when he got home, we decided to go to lunch at sammys cafe. it was yummy! we waited for our food fooooooorever though, there was only one person working. soon after lunch, kevin had to go to work. i put mia down for a nap while i got a little bit of cleaning and mary kay stuff done. she only slept for like a half an hour, so we decided to take a trip to hobby lobby. she slept the whole hour i was wandering around there. i planned to go to walmart in springville to get some prescriptions but when we were checking out at hobby lobby i heard her toot.. and knew it was a juicy diaper! i could have changed it there in the bathroom but i decided to just go home. luckily, she didn't poop out of her diaper, but it was a gross one. haha. we then had to go to sams club, because i forgot we were out of laundry detergent and i have loads of laundry to do!! after sams club, we came home and she fell asleep for two hours while i watched the finale of one tree hill. Oh how sad I am that it's all oooooover!!!! 9 seasons. i admit i cried a little. it was truly one of my favorite shows. then came bath time. i was washing her hair (she looooooves it) and she totally smiled SO huge, I wish I would have had the camera right there. it was awesome. it totally made me laugh out loud. she even squealed! i can't believe how alert she is for a newborn. love me some mia. :)

anyway, between all of that, i managed to get two loads of laundry done, apartment vacuumed, dishes done, and decorate a  little for spring. here are some pics of my decorations:

i made the frame a few years ago, bought the flowers at hobby lobby. 

i made the temple block, bought the family plaque, and got the willow people as a gift. 

i made these blocks a few years ago 

bought this at hobby lobby. 

got this a while back at hobby lobby. 

i did have to put the baby in the carrier for a while because she just did not want to be put down today! oh well, i have always liked snuggly babies....(dont mind my second day hair do and no makeup face... woops)

all in all, it was a great day, and i love that my home looks more spring-y because it makes me FEEL more spring-y! :)

mia's newborn pics

'I love you blue as the sky, far as the moon, hot as the sun, big as a kite, deep as the ocean, tall as a tree.'

Ashley Bigler took some more photos of Mia and I yesterday. I love them! I feel like it perfectly portrays how I feel about this sweet baby girl- and I am so glad I have these pictures. I wish I had photos like these of my mom and I! I will be blowing up a few of these... Thanks again Ashley, you are incredibly talented!


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