Thursday, March 15, 2012

spring break, cuddly baby, and kevin updates

for some reason, my camera isn't working right now. it wont read memory cards.. So, baby and I got creative and took some pictures with the web cam on the computer. That's why they are all super bad quality.. sorry!

This week has been spring break for Kevin. Thank goodness! It's been so fun to have him home every morning/early afternoon. I am so sad that it's half way over already. I feel bad because we really haven't done anything fun besides go eat breakfast at Kneaders on Monday. He did change the oil and air filter on the scooter today though, which is something he enjoys doing. We have slept in every day and just basically relaxed all week so far- it's been so nice!! I am still not totally healed from the birth so that doesn't give us much of an option to do a ton.. (no bike rides, no hiking, no swimming...) so I guess relax is all we can do this week! 

Today Mia has been pretty needy. Usually, she just eats, then gets her diaper changed, snuggles for a little bit, and goes right back to sleep. Then, during the day will sleep for about 2.5 or 3 hours at a time before she wakes up again. Today though, she keeps waking up every 30 minutes or so and is wanting to eat, or is fussing till I pick her up. The minute I pick her up and snuggle her, she stops crying. I kinda love that I have had to hold her all day because I always hoped I would have a snuggly baby!!! She has been pretty gassy today so maybe that's why she can't stay asleep- because her tummy hurts? Anyway, finally around 3pm today, she fell asleep laying on my chest while we were sitting on my bed. I layed her beside me on the bed and then I fell asleep too! we slept until 5:40, and then she fell back asleep on my tummy again when my visiting teachers came at 6. I know you shouldn't fall asleep with a baby in your bed but she is so little still that she wasn't going to be moving anywhere. She doesn't sleep with us at night so a nap with mommy once in a while is ok right? Haha. 

She is starting to be awake more often now. I love it. She smiles when she is awake once in a while and loves to be talked to. So far being a mom has been easy for me... I have been so calm and have loved it- even when I am tired (which honestly hasn't been that much since she sleeps well at night.) God must have really blessed me with a good baby because he knows I have major anxiety/depression issues haha. 

Here's some pics from Mommy and Mia time tonight.. :)

Aside from baby stuff, life is going good. Kevin is still at USSynthetic, and loves it. His parents are putting their house up for sale in Springville (makes me so sad!) which is where he grew up his whole life. They need something a little more spacious and open for all the family and they really need a garage. We hope they can sell it fast and find something they really love. Still sad that they are selling it though! I love that house. I wish I could buy it for myself...

Kevin has been driving the scooter to work all week. He says the weather is good enough and he likes to ride it to save on gas money. We really have gotten good use out of that scooter! I am so glad we still have it.

We will be getting our tax return sometime in the next week or two. I am glad we finally have our taxes done! We are getting a return- thank goodness. Just not nearly as much as last year. But hey, considering I dont pay taxes on hair stuff through out the year, its a miracle we even get a return..

I have now lost almost 25 pounds (changes from day to day by a pound or two) since having Mia. I am really looking forward to getting to the gym after the 6 weeks healing time is up.. I want to get in shape! I haven't done the splits in forever, I can't wait to get working on that too. I miss dance!

Well, that's about all I have to write about tonight. Wait, shout out to my brother Lance and nephew Daniel who are both having birthdays today! hope it was a good day for you both. :)


Kira said...

:) I love reading happy posts like this! It makes me excited for my future! I am so glad that being a mommy has been easy... That's the way I think God intended... of course there are times of trial to make us stronger and more grateful, but having children no matter how easy or how hard is ALWAYS in my opinion a huge privilege and blessing!

The Duke said...

She gets cuter every day.


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