Monday, March 12, 2012

The NICU- birth story part 2

I thought I better post the rest of our stay at the hospital so I don't forget anything. :) 

In my last post, I left off where Mia had been brought back from the NICU and I fed her, and then she went back to the nursery. The next morning, She came back into our room and spent the whole day there. It was so fun to just be able to pick her up and snuggle her all day! I loved it! I really was in heaven. Kevin loved it too, and we had a bunch of visitors that day. Around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, we noticed she was breathing weird and her tummy was retracting when she was breathing. I decided I better call in the nurse to have her take a look at Mia. 

As soon as the nurse listened to her, she decided to take Mia back to the nursery to get some tests done, because her breathing didnt sound right. We said ok, and took that as a chance to get a nap in. An hour or two later, they brought her back in. They decided to do some blood tests on her, and then came to the conclusion that she needed to be taken back up to the NICU. At this point, there were 2 nurses in our room with Mia, and one CNA. I was so overwhelmed, and really confused. I asked why they were taking her back up, and they said that Dr. Dayton wanted to talk to me on the phone and explain. So, they handed me the phone they had and Dr. Dayton told me that Mia had an infection, high biliruben levels, and her respiratory rate was 100, when it should only be between 40-60. They wanted to take her up and put an IV in to administer antibiotics and put her under the lights. I asked how long she would have to stay up there, and she said at least two days, if not more. That would mean we would have to go home without her...I was trying so hard to hold back the tears, because there were so many people in our room and I HATE to cry in front of people... 

I frantically looked at Kevin and all I wanted was to just be alone with him and have him hold me and tell me our sweet little girl was going to be ok. I got off the phone with Dr. Dayton and the tears let loose. The nurses told me everything was going to be OK and that they would take good care of her. That still didn't take the knot out of my stomach though, and the sadness away that we both felt! They wheeled little Mia away and my tears were just running loose. I felt like I had just gone through 9 months with her and then to have her taken away from me when I first had a chance to physically hold her in my arms was just like the end of the world. I never realized how much love you could have for your kids until that instance, where I just knew for the rest of my life I would be worrying about our baby... if she fits in, if she is healthy, if she is happy, if she dies before me/really young, if she has friends, and the list goes on and on.. I just realized that I would do anything for my child. I wished it was me going to the NICU instead of her! :( 

The next day was Friday, and I was to be discharged to go home. I wouldn't have to leave the hospital until 9:15 pm, so we had all day there to rest. I was really dreading the end of the day because I didn't want to go home without Mia. Especially because I didn't know how long she was going to be there. What if she smiled for the first time and I wasn't there to see it? 

My mom came that day and we ventured up to the NICU to see our baby.We were allowed to visit as much as we wanted, but they wanted her under the lights pretty much 24-7.. So holding her when I wanted was out. I really only got to hold her when I fed her, so I cherished those moments. She started off in the 'A' NICU, where the sicker babies are. That night, they moved her over to the 'B' side of the NICU since her breathing had improved a little. 

While my mom was there visiting, the nurse practitioner came by and told me that they had some 'rooming in' rooms there at the hospital, provided by the Ronald McDonald foundation and that we were going to be able to stay in one of the rooms! They wanted me close to Mia so I could get up to feed her in the night. I was so glad we didn't have to go home, and that the rooms wouldn't cost us anything. Also, the bed in the rooms were big enough for Kevin and I to fit on so he was able to stay too! I will be forever grateful for the use of those rooms we got. So, We slept in them Friday night after I got discharged out of my room. The room was just down the hall from the NICU so it was a short walk in the middle of the night to go feed her. We also got to stay Saturday night, since she wasn't ready to come home yet. 

Saturday her bili level went up, and she still had an infection. For some reason, she wasn't improving really and it scared me. I think the reason it scared me so bad is because they didnt know what the infection was, just knew that she had elevated white blood cell count and that she needed fluids and antibiotics. I kept getting thoughts like 'what if her liver never starts to work and her bili gets so bad.. ?' I just felt like she needed a blessing... So, we called Kevin's parents and asked his dad to come help give a blessing. His dad did the anointing, and Kevin did the blessing. It was such a beautiful blessing and just blessed that the doctors would be inspired to know how to help Mia get better and that Mia would know how much her parents loved her. I cried.. no surprise there. :)  We got to give her a bath that night right in the NICU. It was fun, she loooooves having her hair washed! 

She was trying to drink the bath water the whole time, it was hilarious. She found her hand, and started licking it! 

They bathe so differently than I had learned. They said you can do a tub bath even if their chord is still on because they found that it doesn't matter either way. The nurse said they bathe the babies in the NICU every two days, and they have never had a problem with the chord. They also wrap them in fleece blankets to keep them warm and let the blanket get all wet. They taught us all the tricks! 

The next day was Sunday, and the blessing worked! She had started to turn around health wise and her bili went down! The nurse practitioner said they were going to take her off the antibiotics that night, and that she could come home Monday!!! I was so happy. I know that blessing helped her. So grateful that Kevin has the priesthood and could give her a fathers blessing. I love my husband!  Later, my mom and dad and Ammon brought Kevin and  I some yummy dinner. Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, steamed veggies... it was all good. We took my mom and dad in to see the baby again and this picture shows my dad holding her. It shows where her IV was, they had to keep a stint on it to keep it straight so her IV wouldn't come out or kink or anything. Poor baby had so many probes on her!

This is me trying to calm her down when she was getting a diaper change, this girl hates being naked! 

While she was in the NICU she had a harder time eating. I was pumping after every time I fed her but my milk really didn't come in until the day we came home or the day after. So, occasionally we had to feed her what little milk I had pumped through a syringe and tube, and let her suck on a finger with the tube. It's called SandS. I think. 

I loved that she started recognizing my voice. She would stare at me and start to smile at times. It sure made me happy to see her paying attention to me- and when she calmed down because I would sing to her. 

Her feet were poked a million times for the biliruben, oh so sad... :( She has all these pokes on her heels now. I should get a picture of them. 

my baby gettin her tan on. 

Me and Kev visiting our cutie

She hated that mask... I would too gosh dang it! 

They let us stay in the room again that night, and the next morning, Monday, was the day I was to be induced. Luckily, she had already come! And, we could finally take her home! We got up early, packed up everything, had to watch a few videos, she had to pass her carseat test (they made her sit in the carseat for 90 minutes to see how she handled it) and the nurses all had to check our out to make sure everything was ok. She passed everything with flying colors and was ready to come home!!

snuggling my sweet baby before we dressed her to bring her home!

Haha, she looks silly in this picture, I think she was in the process of stretching. We were so happy to have her off all the machines and dressed in her cute outfit :)

She slept all the way home (the two minute drive it is, haha) and then went in her crib when she got home. 

She ended up being in the NICU for about 5 days all together and we are forever grateful for the awesome nurses who took such great care of our little Mia! We are so glad she is home, and doing well. We have adjusted well and for the most part I feel pretty good. Still a little sore in the lady business haha, but I am just glad I am not throwing up every day... and honestly, I have WAY more energy than I had before, even though I am not getting as much sleep. 

We love Mia so much and she is definitely a fighter! Today was my official due date- yet Mia will be two weeks old in two days. I can't believe she is already two weeks old. Where has time flown???? No matter how fast she grows up, she will always be my baby... 

I Love you little one!


Adam and Crystal said...

She is way CUTE Gillian!! I felt so bad when I saw all the pokes on her heels too.

The Duke said...

She will love reading this post when she gets older. I'm glad you wrote it down.
You are a wonderful mother and I love your calm demeanor when you handle her. It is obvious that you adore her and I think she already has Kevin wrapped around her little finger.

Kira said...

I loved this post... and I loved how you described the love that comes with Motherhood!

Her bow is so cute! You MUST tell me where you got it!

Congrats again.

chelsey said...

She is certainly a cutie pie! I'm glad I got to come down and love on her a bit the other day. Glad she's doing better, too!

Mike and Adrianne said...

I'm happy she's home and healthy and that you don't have to be pregnant anymore. Go love on that baby for me!

Dave and Tana said...

So glad she is home with you now, she is such a pretty baby. I am excited to see more pictures.


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