Wednesday, March 14, 2012

my two week old baby

K, where has time gone?! Mia is already two weeks old? What? It's gone by so fast... Too fast. I want her to stay snuggly and little forever.

Here are some facts about this baby so far:

  • She now weighs 7lbs 5oz. (7lbs 12oz. at birth)
  • She is now 20 inches long. (19.5 at birth)
  • She sleeps AMAZING. Usually, she takes naps that are about 2 1/2 hours to 3 hours long during the day, and then sleeps for a good 4 hours at night. We have only had two nights where she has woken up like every 2 hours, but for the most part, 4 hours is what she does. (thank goodness!) 
  • She smiles while sleeping. All the time. Either she has gas, or is communing with angels. Haha. Or both. :)
  • She makes a little noise that sounds like a sea horse. It's so funny. I need to catch it on video.  
  • She hates to be put in the carseat. She will cry really hard when you first snap her in, but then will stop crying and fall asleep the minute you pick the carseat up and put it in the car. She likes the car. 
  • She makes an "o" with her lips all the time. Its so cute! I need to get a picture of that too.. 
  • She likes it when I sing to her when putting her back to sleep. I usually sing I am a Child of God, I Love To See The Temple, A Childs Prayer, and then a song that I know from my childhood.
  • I have a hard time burping her. Usually Kevin is the only one who gets her to burp. She just swigs my milk in like none other and then has to pull away quick and cough 5 times because she inhales it! It's kinda funny but sad too haha. 
  • She projectile vomited on me yesterday. She was eating and drank too fast and pulled away to cough and all of it came out on me. It was awesome. Haha. 
  • She has been sleeping in her crib in her room since day one. I love it. 

Her lips are my favorite feature about her, then her hands. Her lips are just perfect. 

I have so much fun dressing her up and playing with all her hair! When its wet, her hair is SUPER curly. So, I put a little gel in the curls to keep it curly sometimes. 

She is always happy in the mornings. We open the blinds every day and let the sunshine come through and it makes us both so happy! 

Well, that's all for today. Just a lil update! We love our little Mia! 


Jared & Kelsey said...

She is beautiful! Congrats on your new sweet little one!!

beckaboots said...

She is darling! Congrats! Your NICU stay sounds a lot like ours. My son had a high bilirueben count as well and had to have IV and the lights. I'm glad you got to have a room with her- we did too and it was the best.
She is just adorable! And if she keeps having trouble with coughing on the milk, if you try laying on your back when you nurse, it helps slow the flow down and helps them not choke so much :) If you want :)

Congrats again!


Megan Wynn Volnoff said...

I'm so jealous! Ready for my little angel to be here! That's great she's sleeping so well! And it appears she's nursing well too! That's so awesome! Congrats!

Ty and Whitty said...

So adorable

Dave and Tana said...

What fun times these are!!!! We love you guys and think she is so pretty. I love her curly hair, Ansleigh's did that when she was little too.

The Duke said...

Thanks for coming up last night and letting me hold and cuddlel with her. She is an angel. I love how she furrows her brow when she is staring at you..... "Who in the world are you???"


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