Monday, March 26, 2012

back in business

ladies and gents, I am now back in business. haha. 

well, kinda. I decided after lots of prayers and thought and discussing with Kevin that I will not return to work at the Salon. I will be doing the stay at home mom thing. However, I will still do hair on the side just here at my home or at your house if you cant come here. 

I was totally planning on going back to the salon come April. I got 4 weeks of maternity leave and was planning on going back like 3 days for half a day or something each time. I would have Ally or Kevins mom watch Mia on those days because Kevin would be at school or work. I went to an all day salon training meeting a week and a half after Mia was born and for some reason, I just had this pit in my stomach. They wanted me to come back 3days a week for 8 hours each time. (because realistically, a half day is only 4 hours and that would only get one color and cut in) So it made sense to do 8 hours, but I just couldn't justify leaving Mia. For one, I had all these anxieties about leaving her at 4 weeks old. And then, what if she wouldn't take a bottle? What if she would take a bottle, but preferred that to my breast? (tmi sorry). Then, I just got sad at the thought of leaving her. I literally had a panic attack after the meeting and just didn't feel right about going back to work. I cried forever about it all week. I told Kevin how I felt and we decided to pray about it. Then, we got our taxes back. We realized that I made hardly ANY money doing hair last year (partly because I was sick for 9 months of it) so we knew we didn't rely on my income. It was more of a bonus. We decided we could do without the extra money and that it was more important for me to stay home with Mia. I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom and I just didn't want to pay someone to watch Mia the whole 8 hours- then I would just be working to make money for someone else to raise my child. I really enjoy being a mother and feel confident in my mothering skills. (although it IS hard and I AM tired.. haha) I just feel like now is the time and if we can make it work, then why not? I can't wait to spend my time home with my sweet little girl every day! I know the Lord will bless us for making this decision and Kev and I feel really good about it. We may have to do without doing super fun stuff or going out to eat, but that's worth it to me if I can stay home with Mia.  

So, I called the owner of the salon and told her I would not be returning. She was so nice and so understanding, it really meant alot to me. That also was kind of a sign that I made the right choice by listening to my answer of my prayer. The owner, Hillary, told me if I ever wanted to come back I could have my job back and that she totally understood how I was feeling and that I had to do what was best for my family. I really appreciated her for being so kind about it. I am truly going to miss the salon. I have loved it there, and made such great friends, and learned SO much about hair by watching all the talented stylists there. If you girls are reading this, know that I love you all and will miss you SOOO much! But don't worry, I will come by and visit with my lil babe. And Dani, I will need to come get a facial from you sometime. :) 

I am excited for what the future holds and I hope I can continue to be a stay at home mom. With all that being said, I still want to continue to do hair. I don't want to loose my skills and it's something I enjoy doing. I set up a little corner in my house for all hair stuff so I can do it here. I can work any day/time now so if you need something done, let me know. My prices will be $10 cheaper for color and $5 cheaper for cuts since I will be doing it here and not at the salon. (I still have to make money to help out so Kevin isn't so stressed about making all the money haha)

Here is my little hair corner:

So, if you want to get your hair done, call me or text me at 801-616-7288. :)


Christene said...

I am glad you are happy about your choice. Anthony and I aren't really sure when we will have kids, but being a stay at home mom vs a working mom is a topic that always comes when we talk about starting a family. It is a hard decision to make and already, even without kids, I still feel divided. So, I am sure it feels good to know you made the right decision for you and your family! Hope that makes sense.

chelsey said...

You made the right choice for you. And being a good momma to that little one will never be a choice you'll regret!


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