Monday, February 6, 2012

some baby showers

I had two baby showers this last weekend, and will have one more this coming weekend. I feel so lucky to have such great friends and family who are so supportive and willing to help get me prepared for this little baby girl to come. 

The shower I had on Friday was thrown by Michele Thomas, Kenna Coyne. Justina Palfraymen, and Michelle Conover. They are all married to Kevin's friends, and I have become great friends with all of them through that. They are all such talented and kind girls and throw really fun parties!! 

This shower they threw was for my spanish fork/married friends. There were some people that didn't make it that made me a little sad because I would have loved to visit with them and honestly it would be a chance to visit with them since I don't get to see them alot, but I think about 16 or 17 people came so it was a pretty good turn out!! It was so fun seeing everyone! They had the theme of me being 'about to pop' and i'm telling you what- I do feel like it! The girls who threw the party made me this ADORABLE diaper cake and blanket and also sewed some cute designs on some onsies. 

I love the onsies! They have the chevron pattern on them, super cute. 

They did all kinds of popcorn. Caramel (to die for), normal, and a white chocolate covered one with m&m's.. soo good

they also made cake pops and had soda pop and these cute little candies that looked like beads- but they tasted like sixlets!

here was the table set up. 

They had balloons all over the place. 

I only took a few pictures with my camera, so when Michelle Conover gets the pictures to me from her camera I will post the rest. I did get a picture with my besties Makelle and Whitney. Makelle is 20 weeks pregnant with a girl, and Whitney just had her first baby girl 2 weeks ago. Um, hello- my friends are GORGEOUS! These are the girls I went to hair school with and I have stayed in close contact with them since. I am so happy we all had baby girls within the year together- all our kids will be the same grade in school! How crazy. I am excited for them both. 

This is Whitney's cute new baby girl- only two weeks old! Her name is Aleeah and she is SO perfect! I am just in love with her. Thanks Whit for coming even though you had just had a baby two weeks prior- you not only looked AMAZING but I am sure you were dead tired so it meant alot to me that you came. Love you girl!

The shower I had on Saturday was thrown by my other bestie Becca Evans! Oh I just love her. She was in my ward until they got rid of the married student wards and now she is in a different ward. boo. We have stayed close friends and she just lives down the street from me. This shower was for the people in my ward now and people in my previous ward. 

She decorated it so cute. I want those tissue balls to hang above the baby's crib, but I do not even want to attempt to make them haha. 

She also made a diaper cake, so cute! I love it!

She had like all my favorite treats- blow pops, lemonade, rice krispy treats, key lime pie, lemonade pie, tootsie rolls.. all the good sugar stuff! and yes, she made the pies from scratch!

I love that she put the drinks in mason jars, such a cute idea

here she is mixing up the drinks!

I just love becca, and appreciate her so much for throwing this shower for me! 

I didn't post pictures of things I got from either shower but I got lots of cute clothes! I will need to take a picture of some of them and post them. Thanks to all those who came and supported me! 

Some things I do not have yet that I will need to get are:
a swing (which I dont really need I guess)
a diaper bag
burp cloths
and other sizes of diapers. I have only newborn sizes. 

I can't believe how close we are getting.. so excited! 5 more weeks. :)
now I am excited for my family/elk ridge ward shower this weekend on Saturday. Can't wait! 


Jena said...

so freaking cute!!! I am so sad that I couldn't come. I know it's weird, but I am totally coming to your Elk Ridge one --- I hope your mom doesn't mind, I just really want to see you, and it was the only one that worked with my schedule! I love you Jilly bum!!

Lokodi said...

Wow! You've got some serious over-achievers for friends. Those are some amazing decorations and food. Glad you got a lot of good stuff. It sounds like you won't even need to get that box of clothes from me. Maybe I'll just send you diapers. :)


Alex and Becca said...

Love you!!!

Kira said...


Dave and Tana said...

Love the decor...props to your friends. Baby showers are so much fun, I'm glad you got so many great things.


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