Wednesday, February 15, 2012

our love story {part 2}

*Ok, I realized I mixed up two of our dates in the last post, so this August one was actually before our Red Robin date.. So you might want to go back and re-read the last post. Sorry!*

After our movie in the park, it took a few weeks before he called me again. It seemed like 2 weeks was the norm for him..

August 2008
Now this one I remember the exact date. It was August 16th, 2008 and I had just gotten back from a campout my singles ward had. I was sunburnt, and laying in bed (it was about 9 pm) and trying to get some sleep. My hair was still wet from my shower and I was wearing pink sweat pants/capris and a white shirt. My phone rang, and it was Kevin!! Of course I sat up and answered it. He asked what I was doing, and told me to come over to Wendy's house. All of his family was celebrating someones birthday up at Wendys house and I guess they all wanted to meet me, and Kevin wanted to go on a walk. I first told him no, because I had no makeup on, and my hair was wet in a pony tail. He told me he didn't care and to just come over. I finally agreed to go over, so off I went! I was really nervous to meet his family, especially with the way I was looking! When I got there, his family was all eating cake and I felt so out of place. Haha. He gave me a short hug and asked if I wanted to go on a walk. I said yes (anything to get me out and not be embarassed). We walked down to the Elk Ridge park, and sat by a tree overlooking the valley. Luckily, there were some fireworks going on while we were sitting there out in the valley so we sat and watched. We still hadn't held hands yet, so I figured he was probably too shy to make the first move. So, I put my head on his shoulder. Shortly after, he grabbed my hand. His excuse was that his hands were cold, and I told him he could put them in my jacket with my hand to warm them up. ;) I tell you what, sparks were flying... When we walked home, he held my hand the entire time and he walked me right up to my front door and gave me a big hug. He asked if we could go out again. I said OF COURSE! :)

I decided I kind of needed to take matters into my own hands, because Kevin was a slow mover. I knew his birthday was coming up in a few days, so I made homemade oreos and showed up at his house without telling him and he was so surprised! We visited for about an hour then I left. He texted me thank you, and I texted him back jokingly that his birthday present was going to be a kiss but I wasn't sure he deserved it. He then texted back and said "oh boy that would have been nice, a birthday kiss!"

Finally at 2.5 weeks since our hand holding, he called and asked if he could take me to dinner and a movie. I said yes and we set up all the details. The date came  and we went to Red Robin for dinner. His friends showed up video taping us (thats a story for another day) and Kevin was so embarrassed! He made them leave and apologized to me a million times. I thought it was funny and really didn't mind. After dinner, we went to the dollar theater to see Indiana Jones. With every look I got at Kevin I was literally just crushing on him. Bad. I wanted to be with him more, know him more, kiss him already.. It was an attraction I never knew possible. I really didnt even think about missionary that night either. While in the movie, Kevin grabbed my hand. I really couldn't hide my smile. Our hands were touching and it just felt right! I never wanted to let go. That night, we held hands all in the car on the way home. Neither of us wanted to let go. When he walked me to my door at the end of the night, I had major butterflies. He leaned in to what I thought was a hug, so I moved my head to hug, but it was supposed to be a kiss.. woops! He ended up kissing my chin hahahaha. I laughed, and he grabbed my face, and said "let me try that again...." and BAM! most magical kiss in the world happened. I mean, tell me that does not sound like movie status right there!! It felt SO good to kiss him. It was so natural. There was no makeout, just a few long lingering lips only kisses. This was the night I realized I had to tell T that our casual dating would not be able to turn into anything real because I had strong feelings for someone else. (that someone else being Kevin.) I knew T had feelings for me and I really had no idea how Kevin felt, so it was a risk for me (seeing as for some reason I always feel more secure when I am dating someone.. lame I know) but I wanted to take that chance.

After our red robin date, two more weeks passed. I was starting to feel more like a 'back up plan' for him when he couldn't find other dates. Because, really, I was thinking about him every day, but wasn't hearing from him all but every two weeks or so.

Somewhere in September we started to hang out more often and text eachother. We went on a hike to the grotto...

 Later in the month we then went to a corn maze with his friends (the first time I met all his friends) and his ex girlfriend was even there! (that was horrid.) He held my hand like we were a thing, which was the first time in public we had really shown affection towards eachother. This is us the night of the corn maze. It was FREEZING!

With every time I hung out with him, I just wanted to be HIS and him to be MINE and it just wasn't clear what we were yet. We had been kissing each time we hung out since our first kiss and I wanted to be in a relationship. He wasn't making any sort of indication that we were together or what not, and I didn't want to be his booty call! We had certainly made out a few times by now and I just wasn't interested in that unless we were to be exclusive. So, the weekend of Conference in October, I made us have the DTR. "determine the relationship" It was simple. I sat down with him in his family room and just said "k, so I like you. and I like kissing you. and being with you. But I am not going to keep kissing you unless we are together. I just don't kiss guys I am not dating." All he did was grab my hand and say "so, you wanna be my girlfriend?" I smiled, said yes, and we shared a small kiss. After that, we never spoke about what we were, we just knew.

The months of October, November, and the beginning of December were magical. I never thought of my missionary (infact, I didnt even write him!) and I was truly happy. We went on tons of dates and I was falling SO hard.
At nightmare on 13th, October 24th
Carving pumpkins!!

on Halloween, he was a gangster, I was a flapper girl. This was at dinner at Brick Oven

I think this was in November. We went ice skating and to Gurus for dinner

I will post part 3 later today or tomorrow... This is where it starts to get EVEN BETTER!


Jess said...

This is SO adorable! I love it. Would you mind terribly if I steal your idea? ;)

Alex and Becca said...

okay i'm LOVING this. I look forward to reading the next days and I already know the story!! Hahah love you guys.

Kelsie said...

Gillian I am finallly commenting after plenty of blog stalking. Love reading this! Haha so fun.


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