Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Year 2011 in review *super long post*

It's that time of year again... to reflect upon our last year's amazing adventures and some hardships. 

I got my first (and hopefully LAST) titanium root and fake tooth, along with a very painful surgery.. 

We went to a snowboard movie premier in SLC- I loved it!!! Such a fun date night. 

Kev and I celebrated Valentines Day together with homemade pizza and sparkling cider.. along with having a fun vday party at my parents house. 

Kevin and I went to our first 'mormon' cocktail party. It was at Jarons apartment and super fun! We dressed up super nice. That night, Kev and I then pulled our mattress in the front room and slept out there and watched movies. we like to pretend we are kids sometimes... all nighter movie parties!

We planted some flowers in our front 'yard'- that died soon after because it snowed after I planted them and the storm ruined them. 

We got a brand new laptop, thank goodness!

I started playing the guitar- which I havent played since I got pregnant haha... 

I was a hostess for Miss Salem, and got SO lucky to be assigned to Rachel. I have known her for years- she danced at lifehouse too! She is not only amazingly talented, but she is smart and spiritual and so sweet. I loved being her hostess. AND- she WON! 

I also sang the national anthem with Mady Mitchell at the pageant. 

I went to New Jersey to visit my sister Chelsey and her family. I also watched her kids for 2 days while she went to a business conference with her hubby. It was such a fun 10 days!! She took me to New York City- I had never been before! I rode in a train AND a taxi for the first time! So exciting. 

She also took me to the beach- Ocean City. Its so pretty there! The pier is called "Gillian's Pier"

I had a great time, but next time I will take Kevin because it was hard to be away from him for that long!

I got to cut the cord of my new nephew Sam- and the birth was so cool. Thanks for letting me be there Amy! 

My niece had her very first dance recital to which she was adorable in

Kevin started his new job at USSynthetic- which he loves and we are SO grateful for!!!!

Our friends Jon and Kenna got married, and our niece Kara got married too in June. Both weddings were so fun for us to go to. 

My students had their end year Musical Theater recital. I decided not to go back to teach this year because of being pregnant, but I sure do miss my students and teaching. 

I finally looked at myself in the mirror and decided I was not happy with the way I looked. I got a gym pass and lost 14 pounds and worked REALLY hard all of May and June. I stopped working out in July because suddenly I was really sick and throwing up... could that be because I was prego?!
10 week ultrasound

my bump at like 16 weeks I think? I cant remember
Yep! We found out we were prego on July 7th. I was 5 weeks along. I was miserably sick... and have continued to be so throughout most of this pregnancy although I don't really throw up much anymore. But, I couldn't be more grateful to be having a baby. I never thought it would be possible with all my health issues, but it worked out and I feel SO grateful, and can't wait for this baby to get here. 

We celebrated our 2 year anniversary! Sadly, no pictures from that day.. we were driving home from CO. 

My sweet niece Laila passed away July 24th.. not a happy day. 

We had a Mohlman family reunion in August, up at a cabin in Heber. We all made tie dye shirts and had a good time

Kevin turned 25! I took him to the demolition derby- it was so fun, we had front row!

I also arranged a lunch with our friends and had his sister make a cool birthday cake for him. 

we went out for breakfast at midnight with Kev's buddies. Yes, I was the only girl haha. But we had so much fun!

Ammon turned 16! holy crap! When did my little brother have to get so big?!

I was in charge of our Salon boutique (which I forgot to mention, I moved to a new salon this year- Haven Salon) this is my table of goodies I sold, which I sold hardly anything at..

Kev and I went to the copper mine with Jon and Kenna, and had a BLAST! Fun date with them

My family had a halloween party at which they had a donut eating contest on strings! So fun. Kevin dressed up as a gangster, and I was a nurse. 

I started selling Mary Kay! Yay me! I love it so much

We carved pumpkins with Jon and Kenna, which is now a tradition we have done with them for 3 years! Hope to continue it till we get old or move away from eachother. 

My sister Chelsey held a huge thanksgiving feast at her house this year since my mom got a knee replacement. (poor mom.) 

The decor was cute, and food was great!!! We even had a rootbeer tasting party later because her hubby is obsessed with rootbeer

We celebrated our 3rd Christmas together as a married couple. So crazy! It was full of good food, friends, working lots, financial stress, but most of all, spiritual amazingness and the love for our Savior. 

We had a great year- although very challenging. I don't want to dwell on the hard stuff but we all had hard times this past year, I am sure of it. All I know is it can only make us stronger! I hope 2012 is a great year... I am sure it will be. Kevin goes back to school after having a 3 week break on Monday. He isn't too excited, but after this year, he will only have a half a year left! The baby comes this year, hopefully I can earn a car through Mary Kay this year, and hopefully we will move into a place with a little more storage and a dishwasher.... haha. 

Happy New Year!


Jess and Jen said...

Wow...looks like you were busy! -Jess

Alex and Becca said...

So cute!!! Love the baby bump pictures!!

Steph said...

Yay for a new year and your baby to come!!!


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