Monday, January 23, 2012

what I would give for a new wardrobe!

I have decided that after the baby comes (in 47 days!) that I want a whole new wardrobe. Haha. That means though that I have to loose all the baby weight and tone up too. My goal is to get into really good shape after, and I know that it's not easy for everyone to loose all the baby fat soon after.

 I will be trying my hardest so that by summer time I can be wearing super cute clothes that fit me right! Then I can just wear a t-shirt without feeling like a muffin top is hanging out of my pants. Hahahaha. 

These are my dream outfits right now, all found via pintrest. I just want to dress nicer and have some sort of style. It's weird, but when I wear an outfit I like I always feel more confident and prettier. Are you like that too? 

And this dress... oh how I LOVE it! But, it looks like it would be a little short on me. Might not work.. But nevertheless I love it. 

A few more months till I am out of maternity clothes and into something a little more flattering.. :)


Jess and Jen said...

I want new clothes too! Let's go shopping together! -Jen

Christene said...

I love getting new clothes. There is something about wearing a brand new outfit that gives you confidence. However, as much as I love clothes (and I have a lot of them) I have realized I need to appreciate what I do have instead of just wishing I had something better or new. I have stopped buying and started appreciating, and have actually come up with awesome outfit combinations I would have never thought about before.

I do agree though that a new wardrobe is probably an awesome incentive to get you back to before the baby.

Haha, that was a long comment. I just have been in sort of a "I have nothing to wear" mood lately have been thinking the same things!

Radiant Red said...

All of those outfits are adorable! I am sure you will look beautiful no matter what! Congrats on being pregnant! Love your blog

The Duke said...

I have not figured out why anyone would want to pay a lot of money for jeans that have holes in them??? I'm old fashioned but they just don't last very long and they look tacky. Shoot, I wore that kind when I was a little kid - and it was the style of clothes worn hard by hard-playing children.
The rest of the clothes you have up there are pretty cute.
I'm sure you'll get right on the work-outs and you'll do fine. You did really well before you got pregnant so I'm sure you will again once that little girl is here.

Jes said...

Have you ever checked out They are really cute and help out when that darling skirt or dress is too short.

Alexis Kaye said...

you have AWESOME style!! I love them all! :) And seriously, starbucks as an accessory?! That made me laugh!


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