Wednesday, January 11, 2012

love is in the air

I love decorating for Valentines Day! I used to hate Valentines Day until I got married and had someone to love haha. Actually, thats not true.. because my mom used to ALWAYS make us homemade valentines/candy posters on Valentines and I loved that! So maybe I did like Valentines always... ?

Anyway, I decorated our apartment a little over a week ago because there is only a month left till that day comes and I love my Vday decor so I wanted it out as long as possible! haha. I saw this cute vday felt garland on pintrest, so I decided to make it! It was super easy to make, but I realized after I strung everything through that my hearts were hanging upside down, all because I strung them closer to the bottom of the heart, making the top part heavier and so the top hangs down. Make sense? So I need to re-string it the opposite way so they are upright. 

Here is our front table, which I want to paint dark brown someday.. I made the xo blocks last year along with the one underneath the xo. We got the willow tree figure from Sean and Wendy for xmas, thank you!! I love it. The frame is from Kilee and Liza, Love that too! 

After I took this picture I realized the x is upside down.. haha

I made the love frame two years ago I think at a craft night. The wreath, Kevin helped me make. No joke, he rolled the flowers! I love it

I made these love blocks last year with my sister in law Jen at her house. The lantern I got at Christmas time from Kevs christmas party. I won it. 

I made this xoxo frame/decoration last year. The flowers I have had since we got married, they normally go in our shadow box. 

A glance at all the pink and loveliness! 

I bought this two years ago at Roberts half off. Love when you can use coupons. Too bad they closed all Roberts! 

I have been looking up cute and unique valentines on pintrest and have found lots of cute ideas! Here are a few of my favorites: 

I am excited to make some of these and celebrate valentines this year! Kevin has to work on Vday this year, but maybe we can have our date the weekend before. :) 

What are you doing for Valentines Day, and do you have any traditions?

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Kira said...

CUTE! Man, I need to be as crafty as you. I LOVE it!


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