Wednesday, January 4, 2012

gettin my hair did

I love getting my hair done. I always feel so much better about myself when I get a fresh trim and new color. I haven't colored my hair since July because I have just been so sick and getting your hair done from other hair stylists that you work with is hard because all our schedules conflict except for late at night! I had decided I was going to grow it out and let it be natural, but I just got to the point this week where I felt ugly every day. I would wash my hair and just feel BLAH... and boring... and ordinary... and was missing my spunky blonde hair. So, I called Ally up (a.k.a. bff and best hair stylist) and asked her to do it this week. She said she could do it Wednesday (today) so I was dang excited! We only did blonde highlights and then she trimmed my hair the slightest bit. I am still trying to grow it.... dang slow growing hair. 

I didn't take a picture before, but my hair was looking pretty brown. Here is a picture of the after- sorry I don't have makeup on except for a little bit of mascara. my face needed a break today! I LOVE it! Thanks Ally!!!!

Here is a sorta comparison. Before my hair was gettin pretty dark.... and drab. hated it. But now, beautiful blonde! 

Thanks again Ally, you are a life saver. 


Michelle said...

Very nice hair cut. I like it. The color looks great as well. I need my hair colored really bad.

Alex and Becca said...


Steph said...

Love the super blonde on you hot mama!!


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