Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Christmas Post

This year Christmas was fab. We had a really good time- packed with good food and lots of family! I didn't take a lot of great pictures to document our xmas because Kevin hates pictures. Haha. So, here are a few. 

On Friday Dec. 23, we had the Clark family Christmas party up at my sister Chelsey's house. We had appetizers (SO many yummy things to eat) and played games, and did a program and a white elephant exchange. Here is a picture of Ammon and I before the festivities began. 

Here is the game we played. We had to split up in groups, and rolled the dice. If you rolled doubles, you put on snow gloves and tried to open the present with your gloves on. You could only try until the next person rolled doubles. The presents were wrapped a million times haha!

Then each family participated in our family program. My brother Jess and his wife Jen and girls sang a song they wrote about their little boy Austin. Here are the words: On the 12th Day of Christmas, Monster Austin gave to us:
  • 12 poopy diapers
  • 11 smashed candy canes
  • 10 broken branches
  • 9 knocked down garbage cans
  • 8 unwrapped presents
  • 7 spilled hot cocoas
  • 6 pulled down stockings
  • 5 broken ornaments
  • 4 unplugged lights
  • 3 tipped stools
  • 2 exhausted parents
  • and a lump of coal under the tree

Mike and Adrianne shared a cute story and had us all write things of service we had seen that christmas season and pin them on the tree. 

Abby (8) played the piano while Sarah (10) sang along. Those little girls are growing up so fast, they are so cute- I love my nieces! 

For the white elephant gift, my mom got the best present hahah!! My sister in law jen made slippers out of maxi pads. AWESOME! hahahahaha my dad just about had a fit

Here is a vest that Ammon was given by his teacher at school as a white elephant gift. He brought it for the party and Adam and Amy got it haha. It has cat hair on it, cat paw prints, and a mouse pinned to it... pretty gross

Brent and Chels got this big nightgown. Haha

Kevin and I got hand warmers! Something we will actually use! We always take these everywhere with us in the winter. 

This nightgown was so big that Abby and sarah could fit into it!

oh, and me :)

Kevins sister let us borrow some christmas sweaters. Kevin wore his the night before at his work party so it was dirty.. so I just wore the one I borrowed. Love it! dont zoom in though, because this picture is HIDEOUS of my face. Kevin must have taken it before I made my face or something... its like a transition picture.. so bad

The next night was Christmas Eve. We didn't get any pictures that day, bummer. We first went to Kevin's parents to eat some snacks (they always do an appetizer buffet) and we just hung with everyone and visited for about 2 hours. We slept at my parents so we left his parents around 6:30 to go eat the christmas eve dinner at my parents. We had Ham and potatoes and asparagus and yummy juice. I wasn't feeling good that night so I didn't really eat much, but what I did eat was good. I don't like Ham so they made me some chicken... haha, i'm spoiled. Kev and I stayed up till about 11 only haha- but we visited with Adrianne and Mike. It was really fun to have one on one time with them. They don't know Kevin too much yet so I feel like it was good for them to have that opportunity to get to know him. 

The next morning, we all got up around 7:45 to open presents. There were so many!

Ammon was in heaven this Christmas! He got an Amazon Kindle Fire, and this cool movie he has been wanting forever called Waking Sleeping Beauty. He got other things too but those were what he made the biggest deal about haha. He had a perma grin that day! 

Kevin and I were not going to get eachother presents, but when we got that check from UVU we decided to spend $50 on each other. Kevin did good this year! We spent the same amount of money on eachother but he must be a better shopper than me because I had lots of presents to open! haha. I got slippers, a jacket, some body wash and spray, and a few other things. I got him a george foreman grill and some wax for his car, and a tie and church socks. He was so excited about the grill! Haha. 

After presents, we went to church with my parents, then came back and took a nap. After our nap, we went to Kev's parents house to have a turkey dinner with everyone. We spent most of the night there and had a great time with everyone. We watched a Christmas Story which I love! 

All in all, it was a great Christmas and I loved it! It was fun spending so much time with family and by this time next year we will have our little baby girl to enjoy Christmas with! So excited. 

I hope you all had a great Christmas! 

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