Friday, January 27, 2012

not looking forward to tackling this list...

this is what is on my cleaning list this weekend:

Things to get done

Clean Bathroom
·         Toilet
·         Sink
·         Floor
·         Baseboards
·         Shower

Clean Kitchen
·         Dishes
·         Stove
·         Sweep floor
·         Mop floor
·         Clean off table and counters

Vacuum apartment

Clean bedroom
·         Make bed
·         Hang up clothes
·         Throw away trash
·         Dust
·         Clean off end tables and dresser
·         Organize shoes and drawers

·         Towels
·         Whites
·         Darks

Baby Room
·         Get rid of table
·         Sell blue bike
·         Hang kevins bike somewhere
·         Sell one snowboard

I have alot to do. if you need me, you can find me on my hands and knees scrubbing some baseboards or something....

giveaway time

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Monday, January 23, 2012

what I would give for a new wardrobe!

I have decided that after the baby comes (in 47 days!) that I want a whole new wardrobe. Haha. That means though that I have to loose all the baby weight and tone up too. My goal is to get into really good shape after, and I know that it's not easy for everyone to loose all the baby fat soon after.

 I will be trying my hardest so that by summer time I can be wearing super cute clothes that fit me right! Then I can just wear a t-shirt without feeling like a muffin top is hanging out of my pants. Hahahaha. 

These are my dream outfits right now, all found via pintrest. I just want to dress nicer and have some sort of style. It's weird, but when I wear an outfit I like I always feel more confident and prettier. Are you like that too? 

And this dress... oh how I LOVE it! But, it looks like it would be a little short on me. Might not work.. But nevertheless I love it. 

A few more months till I am out of maternity clothes and into something a little more flattering.. :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

whats your grocery budget?

So Kevin and I have had this debate on how much we should spend on groceries every month. I always do the shopping because clearly he has no spare time! I try to make meal plans and then go buy the things for those meals, but then we never have anything to snack on and being pregnant has made cooking a DREADFUL chore for me. (Because of smells and no energy). 

When you don't cook a lot, you spend more on groceries because you are buying quick and easy things. That being said though, I almost NEVER spend more than $100.00 on groceries every 3 1/2 to 4 weeks. I think that's pretty good. We do go to the store here and there to get milk and eggs and cheese and bread in between because those are things we run out of like crazy. Also, every few months, we spend about $100 at Sams club getting cereal, crackers, frozen chicken, you know- the bulk essentials. But that is only every couple of months and we try to keep it between 50-75$ although sometimes we do buy more depending on what looks good when we are there :)

Before you go all coupon crazy on me- I have tried it. It's not for me. It takes too much time out of my day, way too much time at the store, and usually only buys junk food. It's good for stuff like cleaning supplies or soap or toothbrushes, but honestly, sometimes time is worth more than money to me in that situation. So before you try to convert me to coupons and telling me how great it is and how much you save- in the nicest way possible, I kinda don't want to hear about it. Haha. I watch extreme couponing and although its a great method for some familes, it's not for us. But I am glad there are people out there doing it I guess. :) 

So what I am asking is- what do you spend on average on groceries monthly? Do you think I spend too much, too little, average? Kevin always thinks $100 is a lot but I always try to buy the off brand to save money and look for sales and I am usually pretty good at getting our food to last for the month. 

That being said, I went grocery shopping tonight, which is why all this is being brought up. I spent over an hour in the store comparing prices and trying to carefully plan some meals as well as get a few things I can snack on since I have to eat every two hours. I spent $120 on our groceries at Maceys. (my favorite place to shop... I refuse to shop at fresh market. I have been followed by way too many creepers and had to return bad food and HATE their service.. so maceys or walmart it is). I can't remember the last time I spent more than $100 in a grocery trip! AH! It kinda gave me anxiety. However, I did buy a lot of things we normally dont buy every time, like spinich (and other things for green smoothies I am going to try) and lots of meat- (two pot roasts, hamburger, and pork chops) The doctor has put me on a low sugar diet so that I dont get diabetes even though I passed my tests so I have been instructed to eat lots more wheat and meat and protein.. 

So, what do you think. Do I spend too much? Are you in the same boat? Do you spend the same amount? 

After grocery shopping, I love organizing my cupboards and fridge to make it look nice. And I LOVE having full cupboards! I took some pictures to show you the types of things we eat. (keep in mind I am super SUPER picky but trying to be better. Dont judge. haha)

Shelf #1. I like my wheat bread. Kevin likes white. We keep the white in the fridge, and mine out because I don't like cold bread. We always have some sort of suckers because they have helped me out when I get nauseated. We always have crackers, and granola bars as well. 

Shelf #2. We ALWAYS have refried beans, olives, and pinto beans. I like to make chili or tacos or burritos (I love mexican food) so we always have that. I try to always have a few things of pasta, one white and a few red. We always have Peanut Butter (hidden behind something there) and honey. This time I got some croutons and Ritz crackers and cashews so I can snack on those. I love croutons in my salads. We also like tomato soup and grilled cheese, so we try to always have some soup on hand incase we feel lazy and dont want to cook. 

Shelf #3. This is our pasta noodles shelf. We usually have lots of pasta because its fast and easy. 

Shelf#4- baking shelf. We love our pancakes.. and I ALWAYS have frosting or cake on hand incase I have to take something to a last minute dinner we are invited to or something. 

Our bottom shelf has the press and seal and ziplock and cups, as well as sugar and rice. We keep potatoes in another shelf across the kitchen, but we ALWAYS have potatoes on hand. 

Here is my organized pantry!

K our fridge is not very organized right now. I dont like touching raw meat, so I always leave them in the bag for Kevin to put away and separate into smaller bags because it makes me gag. Right now our fridge has banana nut muffins from sams, eggs, yogurt, milk, smart water (my favorite), homemade syrup (Kevin makes it from scratch and puts it in our old syrup container), we always have two gallons of milk, the white bread, usually one in fridge and one in freezer, we have turkey, cheese, tortillas, sour cream, jam... right now the veggies we have are carrots, lettuce, celery, spinach, potatoes.. the fruit we have is bananas, clementines, and strawberries. We never buy orange juice but the doc told me it helps digest iron supplements well so we bought some. And yes, we love eggs. We eat them alot- especially me. 

We do not live without our franks hot sauce, and I love my mustard! So, that's our food in a nut shell, what you will usually see. 

this week, I plan on making a roast and potatoes, taco soup (which I made tonight and froze some), pork chops, chicken pillows, having a salad bar, and hot dogs (yummy on our george foreman grill) Tonight for dinner while the soup was cooking, I made myself a salad with romane lettuce, celery, cheese, and carrots. I put a lowfat ranch with it- and it was super good. 

Here is the taco soup I froze

and the soup in the fridge. My crockpot makes alot!

So, now that you know the inside and out of what we eat... I know, not the healthiest.. but I am trying. I have always had problems with textures and I have been made fun of my WHOLE life by everyone about my picky problem. 

Anyway, let me know what you typically spend on groceries. I am just curious. Obviously it's different for people who have kids, so those of you that have kids try to think back to when you didn't have kids and what you spent. 

Hope you enjoyed my rant about food. hahaha. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a lil update at 31.5 weeks prego

*I posted this on the baby blog, but I thought I would post it here too.*

Before I get into the post, I have to put this picture of my sweet neice Laila that passed away in July. I was looking at pictures on my computer today and found this picture of her. She is just the most beautiful baby in the world! I love her cute little smile. People tell me that she looks like me a little- but that is funny to me. I don't think she does. But I guess because my sister and I look alike I can see where people get that thought? Just had to share- we took these the month before she passed away. A memory I will never forget! I often think about her and remember how big she smiled! She also snuggled me the night we took these pictures alot. She was supposed to go to sleep, but she wasn't sleeping when I put her down, she would fuss. So, I just held her and she would fall asleep in my arms. I remember feeling so lucky I got to babysit her while my sister and her hubby went out to dinner- (they were visiting Utah from CO where they live.) What a fun memory for me to have of her. Miss you Laila faith!

Anyway, Kevin and I have some friends Jon and Kenna, who got this crib from our other friends Landon and Michelle's aunt. They decided to give it to us for xmas, and came and set it up for us even! I love it! It's in perfect condition and they even gave us the mattress too. I will be forever grateful to them for helping us out. Thank you SO much Jon, Kenna, Landon, Michelle, and Landon's aunt who it came from. 

I bought this fabric so I can make the baby a blanket. I figure she has to have a blanket made by her mommy! I love this fabric. I got it at Hobby Lobby. 

I also bought a bundle of flannel fat quarters to make some baby bibs/burp cloths with. 

Here is a picture of my bump today. I have to vent about my bump for a second. 

First off, I showed a bump pretty early. The doc said part of it was because of the way I was carrying her and because of how she was laying. She was breech till like 28 weeks. But, I have only gained 15 pounds now- which the doctor said was really good. I have about 8 weeks left, so if I continue to gain a pound a week which is recommended, I will come out at gaining about 22 or 23 pounds. (Which is great! Some people gain between 30-50 pounds and even more sometimes. Everyone is different though.) When I went in last week to my appointment, I had only gained ONE pound. It had been 3 1/2 weeks since my last appointment and the gap between it included Christmas, AND New Years. 

So go me for not putting on a ton of weight over that time! I have been really proud of my weight gain because I lost 14 pounds before I got prego only to find out it was all going to be back soon! Haha. But, its all for a good cause. Also, I can still fit in ALL of my regular jeans. I just have to wear them a tiny bit lower, but they all still fit and don't feel tight on my legs or bum. I don't feel like I have gained the weight anywhere else besides right in my belly. 

So, when people say "WOW! When are you due?!" or "You REALLY popped!" or "You are huge!" or 'Wait, how far along are you again? Aren't you due like any day? You look like it!"  I kinda get mad because although I think and feel that way, I still for the most part feel great about the way I look and actually enjoy having a bump. When people say things like that, it kind makes me second guess it and think.. "oh man, I need to stop eating as much... or I am so fat... or why didn't she show till the end? or How come I am so big compared to others?" But then I have to remember... Everyone carries their babies different, and every baby weighs different, and everyone's bodies are different. It's just kind of funny to me how much women complain about the fact that people say things like above statements such as "you really popped" to them when they are pregnant but when they aren't pregnant they think it's ok to repeat it to others who are.. does that make sense? I just have to laugh it off and just remember how much I hated/hate when people say things like that to me while pregnant so that I don't say things like that to other pregnant woman. We all know how hormonal we are... :) There are the nice people though that tell me I don't look pregnant from the back, or that I have cute maternity clothes, or that my bump is cute, and those people really make my day. hahaha. Even if they aren't telling me the truth, it helps me feel good about myself which is important to me. 

So, venting over, here is my 'bump' today, 31.5 weeks along, and loving my bump. Yep. I love having a bump. I love the fact that you can tell I am pregnant and I don't just have a flabby belly. Although I hate the fact that I have thrown up the entire pregnancy, had major constipation, had such low iron that I almost passed out in walmart the other day, have a jammed pelvis in my back since it rotated too much to make room for the baby, that I can't sleep or sit on the floor, that I have to pee non-stop, I still love being pregnant. I love the fact that I am going to be a MOMMY! I love that I already love this baby more than my own life. I love that when I sing she kicks. I love the brown line I have down the middle of my tummy. I love the fact that I can feel my baby's bum above my belly button pushing against my skin till I bump it out of the way. I love the kicks I feel. I love that I can see her move when I watch my belly. I have loved watching my belly grow from week to week. I love that I only have 2 months left. I love that I have been lucky enough not to get swollen feel yet. I love that my blood pressure has been AMAZING through out this whole pregnancy. I love that the heart beat is nice and strong. I love seeing my baby on the ultrasounds. I love that I passed my glucose test. I LOVE my baby. 

last, but not least, I ordered my baby bedding. I just couldn't find any bedding that was red and turquoise that was not expensive... and I just couldn't get around to making it myself. I wasn't going to go with pink, but I fell in love with this bedding. 

It should be here tomorrow! Can't wait to wash it and then put it on her crib! Also, the two owl paintings my sister Adrianne said she would paint. She is a very talented artist and I can't wait to see what she comes up with. Thanks again Adrianne for doing that!!

Well, that's all of an update I have for you. Getting super excited- really.. it puts a smile on my face to think of how close I am to becoming a mother and holding this sweet baby girl in my arms. 

love is in the air

I love decorating for Valentines Day! I used to hate Valentines Day until I got married and had someone to love haha. Actually, thats not true.. because my mom used to ALWAYS make us homemade valentines/candy posters on Valentines and I loved that! So maybe I did like Valentines always... ?

Anyway, I decorated our apartment a little over a week ago because there is only a month left till that day comes and I love my Vday decor so I wanted it out as long as possible! haha. I saw this cute vday felt garland on pintrest, so I decided to make it! It was super easy to make, but I realized after I strung everything through that my hearts were hanging upside down, all because I strung them closer to the bottom of the heart, making the top part heavier and so the top hangs down. Make sense? So I need to re-string it the opposite way so they are upright. 

Here is our front table, which I want to paint dark brown someday.. I made the xo blocks last year along with the one underneath the xo. We got the willow tree figure from Sean and Wendy for xmas, thank you!! I love it. The frame is from Kilee and Liza, Love that too! 

After I took this picture I realized the x is upside down.. haha

I made the love frame two years ago I think at a craft night. The wreath, Kevin helped me make. No joke, he rolled the flowers! I love it

I made these love blocks last year with my sister in law Jen at her house. The lantern I got at Christmas time from Kevs christmas party. I won it. 

I made this xoxo frame/decoration last year. The flowers I have had since we got married, they normally go in our shadow box. 

A glance at all the pink and loveliness! 

I bought this two years ago at Roberts half off. Love when you can use coupons. Too bad they closed all Roberts! 

I have been looking up cute and unique valentines on pintrest and have found lots of cute ideas! Here are a few of my favorites: 

I am excited to make some of these and celebrate valentines this year! Kevin has to work on Vday this year, but maybe we can have our date the weekend before. :) 

What are you doing for Valentines Day, and do you have any traditions?

*linking up to somedaycrafts!*

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Year 2011 in review *super long post*

It's that time of year again... to reflect upon our last year's amazing adventures and some hardships. 

I got my first (and hopefully LAST) titanium root and fake tooth, along with a very painful surgery.. 

We went to a snowboard movie premier in SLC- I loved it!!! Such a fun date night. 

Kev and I celebrated Valentines Day together with homemade pizza and sparkling cider.. along with having a fun vday party at my parents house. 

Kevin and I went to our first 'mormon' cocktail party. It was at Jarons apartment and super fun! We dressed up super nice. That night, Kev and I then pulled our mattress in the front room and slept out there and watched movies. we like to pretend we are kids sometimes... all nighter movie parties!

We planted some flowers in our front 'yard'- that died soon after because it snowed after I planted them and the storm ruined them. 

We got a brand new laptop, thank goodness!

I started playing the guitar- which I havent played since I got pregnant haha... 

I was a hostess for Miss Salem, and got SO lucky to be assigned to Rachel. I have known her for years- she danced at lifehouse too! She is not only amazingly talented, but she is smart and spiritual and so sweet. I loved being her hostess. AND- she WON! 

I also sang the national anthem with Mady Mitchell at the pageant. 

I went to New Jersey to visit my sister Chelsey and her family. I also watched her kids for 2 days while she went to a business conference with her hubby. It was such a fun 10 days!! She took me to New York City- I had never been before! I rode in a train AND a taxi for the first time! So exciting. 

She also took me to the beach- Ocean City. Its so pretty there! The pier is called "Gillian's Pier"

I had a great time, but next time I will take Kevin because it was hard to be away from him for that long!

I got to cut the cord of my new nephew Sam- and the birth was so cool. Thanks for letting me be there Amy! 

My niece had her very first dance recital to which she was adorable in

Kevin started his new job at USSynthetic- which he loves and we are SO grateful for!!!!

Our friends Jon and Kenna got married, and our niece Kara got married too in June. Both weddings were so fun for us to go to. 

My students had their end year Musical Theater recital. I decided not to go back to teach this year because of being pregnant, but I sure do miss my students and teaching. 

I finally looked at myself in the mirror and decided I was not happy with the way I looked. I got a gym pass and lost 14 pounds and worked REALLY hard all of May and June. I stopped working out in July because suddenly I was really sick and throwing up... could that be because I was prego?!
10 week ultrasound

my bump at like 16 weeks I think? I cant remember
Yep! We found out we were prego on July 7th. I was 5 weeks along. I was miserably sick... and have continued to be so throughout most of this pregnancy although I don't really throw up much anymore. But, I couldn't be more grateful to be having a baby. I never thought it would be possible with all my health issues, but it worked out and I feel SO grateful, and can't wait for this baby to get here. 

We celebrated our 2 year anniversary! Sadly, no pictures from that day.. we were driving home from CO. 

My sweet niece Laila passed away July 24th.. not a happy day. 

We had a Mohlman family reunion in August, up at a cabin in Heber. We all made tie dye shirts and had a good time

Kevin turned 25! I took him to the demolition derby- it was so fun, we had front row!

I also arranged a lunch with our friends and had his sister make a cool birthday cake for him. 

we went out for breakfast at midnight with Kev's buddies. Yes, I was the only girl haha. But we had so much fun!

Ammon turned 16! holy crap! When did my little brother have to get so big?!

I was in charge of our Salon boutique (which I forgot to mention, I moved to a new salon this year- Haven Salon) this is my table of goodies I sold, which I sold hardly anything at..

Kev and I went to the copper mine with Jon and Kenna, and had a BLAST! Fun date with them

My family had a halloween party at which they had a donut eating contest on strings! So fun. Kevin dressed up as a gangster, and I was a nurse. 

I started selling Mary Kay! Yay me! I love it so much

We carved pumpkins with Jon and Kenna, which is now a tradition we have done with them for 3 years! Hope to continue it till we get old or move away from eachother. 

My sister Chelsey held a huge thanksgiving feast at her house this year since my mom got a knee replacement. (poor mom.) 

The decor was cute, and food was great!!! We even had a rootbeer tasting party later because her hubby is obsessed with rootbeer

We celebrated our 3rd Christmas together as a married couple. So crazy! It was full of good food, friends, working lots, financial stress, but most of all, spiritual amazingness and the love for our Savior. 

We had a great year- although very challenging. I don't want to dwell on the hard stuff but we all had hard times this past year, I am sure of it. All I know is it can only make us stronger! I hope 2012 is a great year... I am sure it will be. Kevin goes back to school after having a 3 week break on Monday. He isn't too excited, but after this year, he will only have a half a year left! The baby comes this year, hopefully I can earn a car through Mary Kay this year, and hopefully we will move into a place with a little more storage and a dishwasher.... haha. 

Happy New Year!


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