Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Randomness and a huge blessing for us!

This is going to be a random post. I am just waiting for Kevin to get home from work so I thought I would make a quick post. I am proud to say we have all our Christmas shopping done except for one person! We have such big families so we just draw names for who we give presents to. Then we have presents for each of our parents, and then I usually give a present to Ammon and Kaitlin since they are home and not married :) I LOVE the Christmas wrapping paper I got at Walmart this year. Super freakin cute. I made the tag on it with a stamp I had. 

I got my 3 hour glucose test, passed it, but not without a fight! I sure did get poked a bunch... I ended up having to get poked 10 or 11 times because I am pretty sure I was dehydrated and they could not find a vein! I bruised pretty bad, and this one on my hand HURT like a mother

Here is the day I got it done, already showing up, bad bruise on my arm...

I was watching makeup tutorials on youtube under Robert Jones's site (celebrity makeup stylist) and I just really wanted to go play around in my makeup after that! So I decided to make a video tutorial of how I do my every day makeup. Kevins buddy Jon is going to help me edit the video so it's not like 20 mins long.. haha I talk alot. After its edited, I will post it so you can learn how I do it. Below is the picture of what I looked like after it was done. I LOVE my mary kay makeup!!!!!

I was looking on pintrest and found this beautiful dance photo. Oh man, it made me miss the days of dance! I miss being that flexible (although I am not too far from that now, the belly just makes it hard..) and I miss being at dance every day and just being with my dance girls at Lifehouse.

This is me at the studio last year. I can't wait to get back into it after the baby comes if my knees will allow me.

Here is me a few years ago. I love this picture.. such freedom in dancing! Makes me feel so good.

And this was me as a sophomore in high school. man, I want that tiny skinny body back that was so in shape. I used to think I was so fat, how could I EVER think that? I was a bean pole! I remember right before I got pregnant this summer I was working out almost every day at the gym and it felt SO good. I just felt so confident and proud of myself. It's a little harder to do now with this huge belly but I am SO looking forward to getting into that again...

Lastly, here is the quote of the YEAR for us. Like I mentioned in my post the other day, we have been extremely poor and financially struggling since I got pregnant. Just this week we were unsure how to buy groceries or fix our car that was leaking anti freeze and gas really bad... and then, a miracle happened! Somehow, UVU let Kevin re-apply for pelgrants because when he applied, I was pregnant but we hadn't found out yet. Because of that, they let us re-apply to see if they would refund us. We thought it was a long shot, but applied anyway. Yesterday, I walked to get the mail and as I got it, I see a letter from UVU that looked like a check. Indeed, it WAS! They refunded us a LOT of money, I wont say how much but I just cried and smiled and was SO grateful to my heavenly father! we just had to have faith to know that things ALWAYS Work out! And always in his timing and his way. Granted, we will have to pay my booth rent with it, fix our car with the money, pay off our line of credit that we had to use when we were so poor last month to pay for our rent, and then we want to put the rest in savings. It will be gone quickly, but I feel so grateful that the Lord was looking after us and helped us out. Thank you UVU and government and Heavenly Father! wahoo! I am now able to buy Kevin a Christmas present, although we aren't spending much because we want to save all that money. 

It's funny because alot of our friends have big TV's, cable, nice cars, some of them don't have to work, they go on vacations out of state, and they always just seem to have money that we don't have. I always wonder, dang, how do people who are going to school and not working much have those things?! Wouldn't that be nice.... But then I look at it and those are things Kevin and I don't need to make us happy. I am not saying in any way that it's bad for other people to have those things because believe me, it would be nice if we had them too. I don't know all of their situations so it's not really that fair for me to make the assumption that they have alot or aren't struggling in other ways so I apologize if it is coming out that way. That's not my intention. We don't have one credit card, we don't buy things we cant afford, we only have one car, we don't go out to eat like hardly EVER, we have never been on a vacation out of state besides our honey moon (unless you can count the funeral we went to in CO but that was sad), I buy my clothes at thrift stores or take hand me downs, but you know what, I can't complain because I know we are better off than ALOT of people. I never understood that but I know everyone's situation is different and that MOST college students are just like us, broke as a joke haha and living the life. I know I will look back on this time of our life and be so grateful for it because we have been able to learn how to budget our money and live off of nothing and be so grateful for the things we do have! (totally not saying our friends that have more money aren't grateful  for what they have because I know they are) 

Things do work out. All you have to do is pay your tithing and do your part and the Lord blesses you! So glad for that. 

Well, Kev's almost home. Time for bed! 

*also, baby update. She has finally turned! I am 28 weeks, right on track for weight gain, and the heartbeat sounds great still. I get another 3D ultra sound next week, cant wait! She's kickin just as hard as ever. I think we will name her Mia Jane. We want to wait till we see her but we are thinking that's the name. So don't steal it :) *


Lokodi said...

I'm so happy to hear things worked out. What a blessing. You guys are doing it the smart way, or should I say the "Hans way". We were and still are really frugal and sometimes I can admit that I resent Hans for how cheap he is, but for the most part, I'm extremely grateful he's taught me the skills to manage money. You guys are doing a great job and will definitely look back on this day as a lesson learned.

I like the name. :) I've always loved the name Jane and I like Mia Jane together. Super cute. Don't worry, I won't steal it. :)


Marissa said...

I love that you mentioned cable as one of the luxuries of life! It's so true! I never used to think it was until I became a poor married college student myself, but now I can't imagine shelling out $30+ just for some extra channels :)


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