Thursday, December 29, 2011

noooo motivation

Man, I just can't get the motivation to clean these days. I feel SO lazy.

You should see my room. Clean clothes all over the place. Ready to be hung up.

Dishes in the sink. Not many, so luckily that will be an easy one to tackle.

Spare bedroom a mess. Can hardly walk in there. I really need to get crackin on that so we can set it up for the baby... who wants to help? haha

And the Christmas stuff is all still up... and I have NO motivation to pull it down what so ever. Which is funny because I am kinda sick of looking at it.. haha

All I want to do is take a warm bath, and get my feet massaged and toes painted. Oh, and maybe cuddle with my husband. :)

But, I gotta get crackin. So, laptop put away, and cleaning mode ON!

Do you ever just have those days where you don't want to do ANYTHING?


Tiffany said...

I had days like that all the time when I was pregnant. I don't think that this blah weather is helping. Goodness, I'm not pregnant and I feel that way sometimes. Chin up. You're doing just fine!:)

Megan Wynn Volnoff said...

RIGHT there with you girl. No motivation... Not even to get my nursery started. Yuck!!

beckaboots said...

I totally understand! Soak up those days of doing nothing because once that baby comes they will be gone for a while haha :) It's totally cliche but I really wish that I took a few more "me" days before my little guy came.


The Duke said...

I have days like that every single day lately. I can't find the motivation to do more then get up. Blah.


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