Sunday, December 11, 2011

deck the halls

this year I put up my tree two days before thanksgiving. Kevin was working late and I was really bored, had nothing to do. So, I drug out all the decorations and put up the tree! I had fun, but the next day my back was killer sore. Too much lifting haha! 

We have had this tree and the decorations since the first Christmas we had together 3 years ago. It's the ugliest tree but I love it because it's OUR tree. :) I love the decorations, I got almost all of them at the dollar store 3 years ago. The only thing I don't like about the tree is that it really doesn't have enough branches to make it look full. But oh well! 

We kind of had to put it in an awkward spot because we have too many things in our apartment and no where for it to go. 

We have had a few Christmas parties so far. We had Kevin's work party on Friday, which was SO much fun. They gave away all the center pieces and a girl at the table Shelby won it last year so she said I could have it this year! I was super excited, so thanks Shelby! (picture of it below.) They had an amazing dinner, and really fun entertainment! It was a 3 hour long dinner party, with probably over 1200 people there. It was at the UVU uccu center. 

Then, last night, I had a Christmas party with my Mary Kay unit. I love all these girls. They make me motivated and are all so welcoming. This is Lisa, my good friend there in the unit. 

This is Sarah, my role model! She is our director and she is the BEST!!! She has won 7 cars from Mary Kay, and knows how to do her business. She is so giving and so caring about everyone and honestly I think that's why she has made it so far in her business because she is ALWAYS Thinking about others! Love you Sarah! She provided a Chicken cordon-blue dinner and we all brought a side dish or dessert to go along with it. Her husband put on a game of Jeopardy for all of us and it was a lot of fun. 

Here are the ladies that went (minus their hubbies who were all taking the pictures) BTW- our unit is #1 in our national area!! (Under the direction of Julianne Nagel!)

When we got home last night I thought we needed a bump picture by the tree. Haha. So, here is me at 27 weeks! I love this little baby girl more than I ever thought possible. I can't wait to snuggle her and dress her up and put bows in her hair! I am not throwing up anymore (as of like 2 weeks ago) and I am feeling much better. I have been really tired, but I got some iron supplements from my doctor and that seems to have helped me feel more alert!

Kevin and I have not done any Christmas shopping yet this year. I think we decided we aren't going to get eachother gifts because we are just too poor this year! Plus, I honestly don't care about gifts haha. Everything I want is un-practical for us right now- like a kindle, a new phone, a car... ya. We just decided to save our money (what money? haha) for the baby and just enjoy eachothers company for Christmas. No big deal. We have just decided to focus this years Christmas on service for others! We have gotten our dads presents, our moms, and we only have two more gifts to get- the sibling ones of the names we drew out. We already know what we are getting them, we just need to get it done! It hasn't really felt like the Christmas season yet because there is no snow on the ground! I am super sad that it hasn't dumped on us yet! I am so ready for it. The rest of this month will be super busy for us, we have plans to deliver presents to the nursing homes in the area as our Christmas service project this year, go see the lights at temple square, do some caroling, cook a meal for someone in need, spend lots of time with family, and enjoy eachothers company.

I love this time of year. I can't believe it's already December 11th, time has flown by way too fast. tomorrow, my baby will be due in exactly 3 months! WOW! Can't wait.

What are your plans this Christmas season? Going out of town? Staying here with family? Doing your own thing?


Alexis Kaye said...

I think it's great you guys are focusing on the meaning of chrismtas! And I don't know what you're talking about! your tree is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

beckaboots said...

I know what you mean about gifts this year- we are doing the same thing because we just simply can't afford to spend. And it's no biggie. I love the decorations and the family and that's all that really matters :) Your tree- gorgeous. You- gorgeous :)

If Work Permits

Adam and Crystal said...

I love the picture of you by your tree, VERY CUTE!!! You and Kevin are so giving and I wish i was more like that. I can't believe that you are due in 3 months! Good luck with everything!


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