Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Card and the greatest gift to me

Merry Christmas friends and family! We didn't get a chance to send out cards this year so I did this on the computer and decided to upload it here. Nothin fancy. :) 

This really has been a year full of laughter, trials, spiritual growth, personal growth, hard work, and love. I wouldn't say it's been an easy year, but with all good things comes hard work and bumps in the road on the way. That's what makes us grow into who we are. 

We have really had to rely on our friends and family this year for support and love and we have been showered with both. We have suffered a death in the family, financial problems, horrible sickness with this pregnancy, and my depression this year. With every single thing, people have poured their love on us and been there to help us have faith and get through the hard times! 

Kevin has really been my anchor this year and been there for me every step of the way. He has not passed any sort of judgement and has worked his butt off at school and work. He has unconditionally loved me and supported me. He has encouraged me to work towards my dreams. He is the love of my life and I am so happy to be able to spend eternity with him. I don't know how I got so lucky! 

But most of all, Christ has been the center of our lives and has really shown his love and hands in or life. There have been times when we really didn't think we could pay for groceries or rent and by paying our tithing and having faith everything has worked out. Honestly, we don't even have money to buy a crib or a carseat or stroller or anything baby related. I don't know how we will ever buy anything for this sweet baby coming. I don't know how we will continue to buy groceries. Or how we will fix our car that is leaking anti freeze right now. I don't know how we will pay our heat bill. We can't even buy Christmas gifts for eachother this year. But I DO know that the material Gifts are not what Christmas is about. And I DO know that things WILL work out. We have always been blessed with a way to make things work. Christ has really comforted us and let us know that things always work out the way they are supposed to, and I am so grateful for prayer because I know that is my personal lifeline to him! This time of year I am especially grateful for him because of the sacrifices he made to come to this earth and die for all of us. 

If He did not come to this earth, we would not have this chance to become perfect and repent of our sins. He has been the greatest gift that God has given to me, and I know that he is the light in my darkness. I am so grateful for this time of year and for the chance I have to reflect upon the real meaning of Christmas. 

I hope you all have a meaningful and wonderful Christmas season this year and that you can all feel the love of God around you. Merry Christmas, Kevin and I love each and every one of you and appreciate you in our lives. 


Jared & Kelsey said...

I loved this post and the video was powerful! Thank you for sharing! Christmas truly is about our Savior and His gift to us! Thanks

Radiant Red said...

Thank you for your sweet testimony! I love your blog. You are such a beautiful person!

beckaboots said...

Merry Christmas to you too! :)

If Work Permits

Kira said...

It's SO true. Things just work out. They really do. If we knew what was ahead that would require little to no faith. James was out of a job for a while, he finally found one RIGHT before Christmas time and we were so happy. We then found out he were pulling a "bate and switch" and basically everyone they hired they were switching shifts for nights. James can't work nights cuz thats when he has school! (the whole point to get a better job) We have been worried, but you know what? James found another job that works better for us anyways. We didn't know what we were going to do, but we just lived day to day.. and the Lord blessed us. He will you too. I promise! Merry Christmas!!!

The Duke said...

Beautiful post! It helps all of us remember why we celebrate Christmas.


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