Thursday, December 29, 2011

noooo motivation

Man, I just can't get the motivation to clean these days. I feel SO lazy.

You should see my room. Clean clothes all over the place. Ready to be hung up.

Dishes in the sink. Not many, so luckily that will be an easy one to tackle.

Spare bedroom a mess. Can hardly walk in there. I really need to get crackin on that so we can set it up for the baby... who wants to help? haha

And the Christmas stuff is all still up... and I have NO motivation to pull it down what so ever. Which is funny because I am kinda sick of looking at it.. haha

All I want to do is take a warm bath, and get my feet massaged and toes painted. Oh, and maybe cuddle with my husband. :)

But, I gotta get crackin. So, laptop put away, and cleaning mode ON!

Do you ever just have those days where you don't want to do ANYTHING?

a little crafty sum' sum and a card swap group

I finally got some crafty things done. For Christmas, I gave my mother in law some cards I made! I got her a cute pink box to put them in. I ended up making about 20 or so, and this was my first attempt at making cards! It was really fun, and I think I will continue to do it! I wanted to make her more but I just ran out of time. 

I will have to start a card swap with friends, who wants to do it? I have really been wanting to get into card making for a LONG time. I love cards. I have a huge box full of cards that I have kept since I Was little- holding every card I have ever been given. I treasure cards and notes. It makes my day when some one sends me one in the mail! So, We could do it once a month, and everyone would bring like 10 of the same cards so everyone can get 10 (or however many people are in the group) different cards at the end of the night to keep. We could do treats, and we can do it at my apartment. Anyone want to do it?

If you are interested, please email me so I can set up a group of ladies and the first date- thinking of doing it in the middle of January to give you time to make some. My e-mail is:

Hope you enjoyed the cards I made! Nothing super fancy, but hoping to get better as I make more!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Randomness and a huge blessing for us!

This is going to be a random post. I am just waiting for Kevin to get home from work so I thought I would make a quick post. I am proud to say we have all our Christmas shopping done except for one person! We have such big families so we just draw names for who we give presents to. Then we have presents for each of our parents, and then I usually give a present to Ammon and Kaitlin since they are home and not married :) I LOVE the Christmas wrapping paper I got at Walmart this year. Super freakin cute. I made the tag on it with a stamp I had. 

I got my 3 hour glucose test, passed it, but not without a fight! I sure did get poked a bunch... I ended up having to get poked 10 or 11 times because I am pretty sure I was dehydrated and they could not find a vein! I bruised pretty bad, and this one on my hand HURT like a mother

Here is the day I got it done, already showing up, bad bruise on my arm...

I was watching makeup tutorials on youtube under Robert Jones's site (celebrity makeup stylist) and I just really wanted to go play around in my makeup after that! So I decided to make a video tutorial of how I do my every day makeup. Kevins buddy Jon is going to help me edit the video so it's not like 20 mins long.. haha I talk alot. After its edited, I will post it so you can learn how I do it. Below is the picture of what I looked like after it was done. I LOVE my mary kay makeup!!!!!

I was looking on pintrest and found this beautiful dance photo. Oh man, it made me miss the days of dance! I miss being that flexible (although I am not too far from that now, the belly just makes it hard..) and I miss being at dance every day and just being with my dance girls at Lifehouse.

This is me at the studio last year. I can't wait to get back into it after the baby comes if my knees will allow me.

Here is me a few years ago. I love this picture.. such freedom in dancing! Makes me feel so good.

And this was me as a sophomore in high school. man, I want that tiny skinny body back that was so in shape. I used to think I was so fat, how could I EVER think that? I was a bean pole! I remember right before I got pregnant this summer I was working out almost every day at the gym and it felt SO good. I just felt so confident and proud of myself. It's a little harder to do now with this huge belly but I am SO looking forward to getting into that again...

Lastly, here is the quote of the YEAR for us. Like I mentioned in my post the other day, we have been extremely poor and financially struggling since I got pregnant. Just this week we were unsure how to buy groceries or fix our car that was leaking anti freeze and gas really bad... and then, a miracle happened! Somehow, UVU let Kevin re-apply for pelgrants because when he applied, I was pregnant but we hadn't found out yet. Because of that, they let us re-apply to see if they would refund us. We thought it was a long shot, but applied anyway. Yesterday, I walked to get the mail and as I got it, I see a letter from UVU that looked like a check. Indeed, it WAS! They refunded us a LOT of money, I wont say how much but I just cried and smiled and was SO grateful to my heavenly father! we just had to have faith to know that things ALWAYS Work out! And always in his timing and his way. Granted, we will have to pay my booth rent with it, fix our car with the money, pay off our line of credit that we had to use when we were so poor last month to pay for our rent, and then we want to put the rest in savings. It will be gone quickly, but I feel so grateful that the Lord was looking after us and helped us out. Thank you UVU and government and Heavenly Father! wahoo! I am now able to buy Kevin a Christmas present, although we aren't spending much because we want to save all that money. 

It's funny because alot of our friends have big TV's, cable, nice cars, some of them don't have to work, they go on vacations out of state, and they always just seem to have money that we don't have. I always wonder, dang, how do people who are going to school and not working much have those things?! Wouldn't that be nice.... But then I look at it and those are things Kevin and I don't need to make us happy. I am not saying in any way that it's bad for other people to have those things because believe me, it would be nice if we had them too. I don't know all of their situations so it's not really that fair for me to make the assumption that they have alot or aren't struggling in other ways so I apologize if it is coming out that way. That's not my intention. We don't have one credit card, we don't buy things we cant afford, we only have one car, we don't go out to eat like hardly EVER, we have never been on a vacation out of state besides our honey moon (unless you can count the funeral we went to in CO but that was sad), I buy my clothes at thrift stores or take hand me downs, but you know what, I can't complain because I know we are better off than ALOT of people. I never understood that but I know everyone's situation is different and that MOST college students are just like us, broke as a joke haha and living the life. I know I will look back on this time of our life and be so grateful for it because we have been able to learn how to budget our money and live off of nothing and be so grateful for the things we do have! (totally not saying our friends that have more money aren't grateful  for what they have because I know they are) 

Things do work out. All you have to do is pay your tithing and do your part and the Lord blesses you! So glad for that. 

Well, Kev's almost home. Time for bed! 

*also, baby update. She has finally turned! I am 28 weeks, right on track for weight gain, and the heartbeat sounds great still. I get another 3D ultra sound next week, cant wait! She's kickin just as hard as ever. I think we will name her Mia Jane. We want to wait till we see her but we are thinking that's the name. So don't steal it :) *

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Card and the greatest gift to me

Merry Christmas friends and family! We didn't get a chance to send out cards this year so I did this on the computer and decided to upload it here. Nothin fancy. :) 

This really has been a year full of laughter, trials, spiritual growth, personal growth, hard work, and love. I wouldn't say it's been an easy year, but with all good things comes hard work and bumps in the road on the way. That's what makes us grow into who we are. 

We have really had to rely on our friends and family this year for support and love and we have been showered with both. We have suffered a death in the family, financial problems, horrible sickness with this pregnancy, and my depression this year. With every single thing, people have poured their love on us and been there to help us have faith and get through the hard times! 

Kevin has really been my anchor this year and been there for me every step of the way. He has not passed any sort of judgement and has worked his butt off at school and work. He has unconditionally loved me and supported me. He has encouraged me to work towards my dreams. He is the love of my life and I am so happy to be able to spend eternity with him. I don't know how I got so lucky! 

But most of all, Christ has been the center of our lives and has really shown his love and hands in or life. There have been times when we really didn't think we could pay for groceries or rent and by paying our tithing and having faith everything has worked out. Honestly, we don't even have money to buy a crib or a carseat or stroller or anything baby related. I don't know how we will ever buy anything for this sweet baby coming. I don't know how we will continue to buy groceries. Or how we will fix our car that is leaking anti freeze right now. I don't know how we will pay our heat bill. We can't even buy Christmas gifts for eachother this year. But I DO know that the material Gifts are not what Christmas is about. And I DO know that things WILL work out. We have always been blessed with a way to make things work. Christ has really comforted us and let us know that things always work out the way they are supposed to, and I am so grateful for prayer because I know that is my personal lifeline to him! This time of year I am especially grateful for him because of the sacrifices he made to come to this earth and die for all of us. 

If He did not come to this earth, we would not have this chance to become perfect and repent of our sins. He has been the greatest gift that God has given to me, and I know that he is the light in my darkness. I am so grateful for this time of year and for the chance I have to reflect upon the real meaning of Christmas. 

I hope you all have a meaningful and wonderful Christmas season this year and that you can all feel the love of God around you. Merry Christmas, Kevin and I love each and every one of you and appreciate you in our lives. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

deck the halls

this year I put up my tree two days before thanksgiving. Kevin was working late and I was really bored, had nothing to do. So, I drug out all the decorations and put up the tree! I had fun, but the next day my back was killer sore. Too much lifting haha! 

We have had this tree and the decorations since the first Christmas we had together 3 years ago. It's the ugliest tree but I love it because it's OUR tree. :) I love the decorations, I got almost all of them at the dollar store 3 years ago. The only thing I don't like about the tree is that it really doesn't have enough branches to make it look full. But oh well! 

We kind of had to put it in an awkward spot because we have too many things in our apartment and no where for it to go. 

We have had a few Christmas parties so far. We had Kevin's work party on Friday, which was SO much fun. They gave away all the center pieces and a girl at the table Shelby won it last year so she said I could have it this year! I was super excited, so thanks Shelby! (picture of it below.) They had an amazing dinner, and really fun entertainment! It was a 3 hour long dinner party, with probably over 1200 people there. It was at the UVU uccu center. 

Then, last night, I had a Christmas party with my Mary Kay unit. I love all these girls. They make me motivated and are all so welcoming. This is Lisa, my good friend there in the unit. 

This is Sarah, my role model! She is our director and she is the BEST!!! She has won 7 cars from Mary Kay, and knows how to do her business. She is so giving and so caring about everyone and honestly I think that's why she has made it so far in her business because she is ALWAYS Thinking about others! Love you Sarah! She provided a Chicken cordon-blue dinner and we all brought a side dish or dessert to go along with it. Her husband put on a game of Jeopardy for all of us and it was a lot of fun. 

Here are the ladies that went (minus their hubbies who were all taking the pictures) BTW- our unit is #1 in our national area!! (Under the direction of Julianne Nagel!)

When we got home last night I thought we needed a bump picture by the tree. Haha. So, here is me at 27 weeks! I love this little baby girl more than I ever thought possible. I can't wait to snuggle her and dress her up and put bows in her hair! I am not throwing up anymore (as of like 2 weeks ago) and I am feeling much better. I have been really tired, but I got some iron supplements from my doctor and that seems to have helped me feel more alert!

Kevin and I have not done any Christmas shopping yet this year. I think we decided we aren't going to get eachother gifts because we are just too poor this year! Plus, I honestly don't care about gifts haha. Everything I want is un-practical for us right now- like a kindle, a new phone, a car... ya. We just decided to save our money (what money? haha) for the baby and just enjoy eachothers company for Christmas. No big deal. We have just decided to focus this years Christmas on service for others! We have gotten our dads presents, our moms, and we only have two more gifts to get- the sibling ones of the names we drew out. We already know what we are getting them, we just need to get it done! It hasn't really felt like the Christmas season yet because there is no snow on the ground! I am super sad that it hasn't dumped on us yet! I am so ready for it. The rest of this month will be super busy for us, we have plans to deliver presents to the nursing homes in the area as our Christmas service project this year, go see the lights at temple square, do some caroling, cook a meal for someone in need, spend lots of time with family, and enjoy eachothers company.

I love this time of year. I can't believe it's already December 11th, time has flown by way too fast. tomorrow, my baby will be due in exactly 3 months! WOW! Can't wait.

What are your plans this Christmas season? Going out of town? Staying here with family? Doing your own thing?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

if you want to help give christmas to people, this is the perfect opportunity

*this is what I am doing for Mary Kay, but individuals can donate too.*

Happy Holidays from Mary Kay Cosmetics!

Hello my name is Gillian Mohlman with Mary Kay.  This Christmas, I am doing a Community Outreach Program.  It is called "Adopt-a-Grandparent" for the holidays.  Together with my sales unit, we are working with Nursing Homes in the area.  We are asking local business and individuals to Adopt-a-Grandparent for Christmas.  You can adopt one resident for $25.  A receipt will be provided for tax deduction purposes.  Checks can be made out to Gillian Mohlman.  I will be taking gifts to the nursing homes that will include Mary Kay products with a seasonal gift, all in beautiful packaging for both the ladies & gentlemen.  Our goal this year is to adopt 150 residents.

Many seniors are forgotten during the holidays.  For some, this is the only gift they receive. For many facilities, the budget doesn't allow for extras like the ones we are providing in your name.  Hopefully this will make their day!  They will be presented with their gift bags at their Holiday party.

I have gift tags to put your name on or for your special message.  Also, in each gift bag will be a gift tag and a business card attached of the sponsoring businesses.
I am overwhelmed by the positive response from the community in years past, and welcome your participation this year!  Together we can make someone's Holiday special! You can adopt 10 for $250!  How many residents would you like to adopt? 

Please respond before Tuesday, December 13, 2011.

Thank you in advance for your generosity & thoughtfulness!
Gillian Mohlman
Mary Kay Cosmetics

Please forward this messages to family and friends who wish to make someone's Holiday special this Season.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


i see lots of funny stuff on pinterest. here are a few of them that made me laugh tonight. *a few may be crude.*

haha.. funny because this is at walmart. probably the only store you would see someone wearing a shirt like this in..

um, this is me. EVERY shower curtain. I check behind it to see if someone is there. call me crazy. 

haha, this is totally funny. I want to do this to my kids although I freaking hated curfew growing up. 

haha.. this is crude but funny. just had to add it.

just a few to make ya laugh.


Monday, December 5, 2011

what do you put in your stockings?

I posted this on my beauty blog and on facebook so for those of you who have already seen it, sorry! I just thought I would share here for anyone who is interested. I am doing some great deals at the salon for stocking stuffers. I can't believe Christmas is in 20 days.... Where has time gone by? I love to do stockings. What do you put in your stockings? Usually I put candy, an orange, a small gift, and stuff like car fresheners, a hair product or something like that.. (all that for kevin). So, what do you put in? Anyway, below is what I am offering for the holidays:

Hey all, this is Gillian {stylist here at haven}. I am offering a STEAL OF A DEAL on gift certificates this holiday! 

Basically, you buy a gift certificate (must spend at least $25) and you get $25 FREE! That covers two haircuts from me if you are a woman! Tell your husbands about this- this would be a great gift for them to put in your stocking. I hardly ever give big discounts like this, so take advantage! This will be valid to buy only until December 10th. So hurry fast! There is no limit on how many you can buy, and they don't expire for 6 months from the date you buy them. Call me if you have questions, or would like to buy one! 

Xoxo, Gillian

*dont forget to follow my beauty blog-

Sunday, December 4, 2011

our gratitude box

today in relief society the lesson was about how to keep the true spirit of christ in this christmas season. the teacher had everyone share traditions they had or things they do to keep Christ at the center of the home at this time.

one girl shared that they had family home evening at the beginning of december and wrote down all the things they were grateful for. they then cut them into strips and folded them and put them in a wrapped christmas box (one where the lid can come off) and every time through out the month till Christmas, they added more things to it. I thought it was a great idea. They then open the box on Christmas and read all the things they put in there that they were grateful for. I decided we needed to do this! 

So, tonight, we watched this video on mormon messages on youtube:

We then wrote down a list of things we are grateful for, and tonight I will wrap up a box and put it under the tree.

Here are a few of the things on our list:

Our apartment
Our car
Our laptop
Our jobs
Safe water to drink
Food to eat
Warm blankets
Our baby
Good friends
Our pretty Christmas tree
Christmas music
The ostensons for offering their crib to us free
Our phones so we can communicate
Free time to nap!
Snuggling eachother to get warm at night
Dr. Dayton
Pel Grants
A decorated apartment to make us feel at home
A portable dishwasher
Bishop Wall and Provo 2nd ward
Good health
Not throwing up every day
A heater that works!
A washer and dryer in our apartment
My body pillow!
Nature- snowy grounds, blue skies, green grass
Water to play in
The center street exit being open
Mormon messages on youtube
Your kisses

 we have been so blessed through out this year and I hope we can keep the Christmas spirit in our home this season and remember the true meaning of Christmas. Love you all!

Friday, December 2, 2011

my 23rd birthday

today I turned 23!

Kevin took the day off of work but he did have to go to school this morning until one... so, I treated myself to sleepin in! I slept in until 10, got up, showered and got ready, and then Kilee came to get me and take me to lunch. We met with Eliza at Olive Garden and we had a yummmmmy lunch! It totally hit the spot. They gave me a really cute beadboard frame with a picture of Kev and I in it and a stand for it to go on. I LOVE it! Thank you girls for spoiling me :)

When I got home, Kevin got home from school and his parents came over. They gave me a card with some money in it and visited with us for a while. Thanks Carl and Reva!! My friend Noel from the ward then came over with a cupcake and card- so super sweet of her. I just love her. Thanks Noel! Kev and I then decided to go wander over to the university mall and see if there was anything I wanted there. I wouldn't let Kevin give me a present this year because we obviously have no extra money to spend so we just window shopped. Not the most fun thing to do when you don't have money, but it was still fun :)

I have been feeling pretty sick the last few days so today I was really trying to get some strength and feel great but I was sooo tired today. We ended up having to sit down on a bench at the mall for a bit and all I could think about was man, I am pregnant and getting old. What boring people we are to have to sit down in the mall because we are tired hahahahaa.... we are in for it!

After the mall, we went to dinner at Wingers (with the money from my mother in law haha, thanks again!) Wingers is my favorite place to eat besides Los Hermanos. It was extra good and they even gave me a free piece of asphalt pie that I only took like 2 bites of. No room in my tummy!

We came home and got in our pajamas and then watched "it's kinda a funny story". I fell right to sleep at the beginning, and Kevin fell asleep half way through. He needed to take a nap anyway because he had to go into work tonight to work a Grave shift. So now, I am awake and probably going to go sit by the Christmas tree and read or something until my eyes get too tired to stay open. I was hoping to be asleep before he left but I woke up and am now wide awake. I hate going to sleep without him...

Over all, it was a great day. A little bummed Kevin didn't get me a cake...haha jk, but a white cake with lots of frosting from sams club would have been yuuuuummmyyyy.... can you tell I am pregnant yet? But really I don't need it. I am getting my gestational diabetes test on the 6th, I gotta behave! All Veggie diet! haha jk I could never do that.

I got lots of birthday texts and wishes on facebook and calls from friends and family and I so appreciate it! Thanks to everyone who made my day relaxing and special!

Now tomorrow we are going to Nutcracker (which is free!) that my studio is putting on in payson. Can't wait to see it! It will definitly put me in the mood for Christmas...


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