Monday, November 7, 2011

Kelle and Whitney

Last night my good friend Whitney invited Kev and I and Makelle and her hubby to eat dinner with them! They made a roast, amazing potatoes, a salad, and rolls! It was SO good and I was stuffed after eating. Whitney got married in Jan. and Kelle got married last july. I went to hair school with Kelle and Whit and seriously- they are the only thing that got me through that school! We had SO much fun! We told eachother everything, compared ab muscles (haha) made fun of each others boyfriends, did eachothers hair and had a BLAST! I love these girls with all my heart and consider them my best friends for life! 

Whitney is 30 weeks pregnant and has the cutest baby bump EVER! She is also having a girl, and that makes me super excited! Kelle is going to school to become a teacher and lives in Ephriam at the moment with her hubby. We had a great time visiting last night and laughing. I hope we get together more often. I love you girls!!

here are some funny pictures I have of us through hair school. haha, enjoy! 

whitney and kelle and audrey wrapped my hair in tiny perm rods and then made a fro out of it. haha

on personal service day, they did my hair, then we did whits, and kelles. 

who knew a few years later we would be prego at the same time? hahaha

typical day of us all under dryers and reading magazines haha

valentines day!

halloween :)

pumpkin carving

i love these girls, and I am so grateful for such great friends! 


The Duke said...

These are really nice girls. Glad you got to get together again.

Amy said...

Seriously, such fun photos!


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