Monday, October 3, 2011

payson canyon picnic

On saturday, I begged Kevin to take me up Payson Canyon to see the colors. He really didn't want to drive that far, but since I begged, he gave in. :) We packed a picnic and went inbetween conference sessions. 

After going up far, we decided to come back down and find a place to eat our lunch. I love this little area and wanted to eat here. 

we parked and took a little walk to be a little more by ourselves inside all the trees. I love the spot we picked. 
don't mind my crazy husband who wont ever smile for any pictures. such a butt head

seriously. this was after me begging him to smile. such a nerd

i had to get a prego belly pic too.. :)

here is the lunch we packed. sandwiches, watermelon, carrots, granola bars, pringles, hostess cupcakes, drinks and it was yummy!

I was clearly excited about these cupcakes, and kevin wanted to ruin the picture. boo

We had a lot of fun spending the afternoon together! I decided not to work on saturdays anymore so Kevin and I can have some time together. It's the only day we have together and I just don't want to give that up. I'm lucky to have such a great hubby... i love him!

*also, I posted a little baby update on the baby blog:

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Alex and Becca said...

Ah I'm so sad we couldn't come! We need to go together another weekend!


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