Wednesday, October 5, 2011

its birthday time!

today is a great day! there are two special birthdays in our family today, so I better give a shout out. 

Gracie, my niece, is 2 today! She loves the color yellow, milk, to say the word baby, she has the biggest smile in the world, she calls my dad 'popie", and she is super loud. haha. she loves to make noise and laugh and giggle. 

Happy birthday Gracie Boo!

And of course, can't forget my favorite brother! (haha) Ammon turned 16 today! I cant believe it! I feel so old now.. He is so precious to me and I love him so much. 

He loves to dance in his wheel chair. He knows how to groove to any type of music. It's awesome!

He loves pictures. LOVES Them. for christmas two years ago I gave him a framed picture of him and I at my wedding and he smiled so big. He also loves the color orange :)

He is so brave. the bravest person I know. He smiles even through pain. 

He gives lots of kisses on the cheek, but always wipes them off when its over. haha. 

He LOVES to sing. He listens to music all day after school and memorizes words and loves to sing along. here he is using a remote as a microphone! 

He is a die hard BYU fan. He was a thursdays hero for them and he felt so special. He has all the BYU gear and is in heaven when he gets to meet the team. 

He loves babies. SOOO much. I think its because they are so peaceful and don't mess with his wheelchair. hahahaha. 

I just cant believe how much he has grown up. He is my best buddy and I love him more than words can say. I hope he has the best birthday ever. 


The Duke said...

Wonderful post. It will make Ammon smile larger than life. He is pretty crazy about you, too.
Gracie was so excited this morning with her presents. She kept saying, "Yeah!" with her arms spread wide. Two very cute kiddos, that's for sure.

Ashley Rose said...

Your brother looks like he is SUCH a sweetheart! My little brother has spina bifida, so lots of surgeries and a wheelchair. Such a special guy though. I've always been curious about your brother. What's his story?

Radiant Red said...

What a wonderful relationship you two have. He looks like the sweetest person ever. Happy Birthday to him!


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