Tuesday, October 18, 2011

i love pumpkins and traditions

our friends jon and kenna invited us for dinner on sunday. we had yummy cafe rio food and some dutch oven cake dessert. It was so good! we even had shirley temples to drink for dinner :) After dinner and visiting for a while, we went to their pumpkin patch (they basically live on a farm) and got some pumpkins. Kenna is the best at carving pumpkins and I am horrible, so I Decided to show her up this year by painting mine. haha... that didn't work. I only had the patience to decorate two of the pumpkins, and keep in mind they were small ones! I ran out of glitter on the glittery one. woops..

I painted this one black and purple, but I still need to put some finishing touches on it. I plan on carving the big one but we shall see.. 

here's how the porch looks! 

kenna ended up carving kermit. KERMIT. it was perfect. haha, she even wrote 'it's not easy being orange' and it turned out really cute. I am waiting on them to email the pictures to me so when they do, I will post. 

It's been a tradition every year for us to carve pumpkins with them. This year was the  3rd year, and we hope to keep the tradition alive! We always do some sort of dinner or treat and just have a great time. Here are some of the pictures from past carvings with them:

Just a reminder before I close the computer, the salon boutique is on Saturday, Oct. 22nd (this week) from 12noon to 5pm. Goodies and lots of vendors! (including me) please come support me. I have put in so much work and effort to make this happen, since I was put in charge of it this time. Please please come! I know you wont be disappointed! Address is 359 w. 100 S. in Provo. Thanks!! 

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The Duke said...

I will try to get to the boutique. I like lots of the things I saw last night.


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