Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall decorations and a new coffee table

I've had lots of projects going on here lately. When Kevin quit CR Doors his co-worker made a coffee table and decided he didn't want it. Kevin decided to take it home and we painted it white, and stained the top part dark. The top part lifts off and has lots of storage inside. It's nice! I LOOOVE it. 

I decorated it with my fall button tree I made last year, and other decorations that I got last year as well.

Here's the front table. I still want to stain this table dark to match the top of the coffee table. I made the pumpkin and the halloween frame thing next to it. the rest I bought last year at the dollar store and tai pan.

I got this happy harvest 40% off at hobby lobby this year. I love it!

I bought the pumpkin things at the dollar store. I made the boo blocks, which are only sitting there for a few more days because I am selling them at the salon boutique. If anyone wants them, you better speak up, I am selling them for $10.

I also made these fall blocks, and decided to put them on the kitchen window seal.

in other news, I got another ultra sound today! it's for sure for sure a girl. SOOO happy!!! I really want to name her Zoe. Kev says he likes the name but isn't sure about it yet. We will have to see. She was so active and moving a lot, and stuck her cute little finger out. I had to post this picture. I will post more about the ultrasound and baby stuff on the baby blog.

Hope you all had a good day! 

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Kathryn Ferguson Griffin said...

First off, Congrats on the baby girl! We have one who just turned 4 and she runs the house! Love the coffee table! Absolute perfection! Love all your fall decor!! Found you via Someday Crafts. Toodles, Kathryn

Michelle said...

Ryan and I really like the name Zoe!! It's spunky, sassy, and girly. (Don't worry, we probably won't use it. We have a few others we like, too.) I totally vote on that one for you guys!! :)

Jess and Jen said...

I already have a niece named Zoe and would love is a really cute name! That is a pretty cute pic of her with her finger out!

Lokodi said...

Your little girl is saying she's number one and don't you forget it! Super cute. I love the coffee table. It's really beautiful. You have more fall decorations than I do. I'm so bad about seasonal decorations, except Christmas. Your house is super cute.


The Duke said...

My vote is NOT for Zoe - but you can name her whatever you want and we will adjust and get used to it. I love your coffee table. I want your dad to see it.
Fun decorations all around. I love your craft little self.

Michelle said...

That is the CUTEST ultrasound picture EVER. I love how her finger is sticking out. Also your decorations are amazing. You have done a really great job decorating your home.

Alyssa said...

I like the thing that says boo on the tv. It is adorable

Papa Doc said...

Wow! I went through some of the blogs today to see what was happening and I am sure impressed with yours. All I can say is wait until whats her name is about nine or ten months. The placement of things mignt change.

You and Kev just keep it up and great things will come to you.

Dad Clark


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