Thursday, October 27, 2011

a day in my interesting life haha

today has been a good day. this is how it went:

got up at 9. got ready for work. checked email. 

went to work. did my friend mady's hair. my mom visited me at work to bring me a stethoscope for my halloween costume. 

went home. ate lunch with my hubby at 2. (he made steak and potatoes!) kissed my hubby goodbye while he was on his way out for work. took a small nap. cleaned a bit.

took a bath while watching an episode of sister wives. (i know i am weird. weird because i set up the lap top on the toilet to watch an episode while i relaxed in a hot bath and weird because i was watching sister wives.) keep in mind my  bath was like an hour long. that was nice. 

ate a snack. visited my new friend heather and borrowed a paid of her scrubs for my costume. visited with her, her cute baby, and her hubs. i love making new friends!

now, im home. about to do some dishes. then, will watch grays anatomy. and eat dinner. but not sure what to eat for dinner... 

been a good day.. 

the rest of the night will prob consist of watching tv episodes, eating, reading, and staying up will midnight when kevin will come home. he will then make me scratch his back before bed. because he always makes me. haha. and then zzzz.... :)

interesting life eh? 

not so much. :)


Michelle said...

Confession! I TOTALLY prop up my iPad on the toliet and watch Netflix while taking a bath. Definitely one of my favorite things ever.
Also, I miss you!

Jacob and Melanie Hopkinson said...

This is about how my life goes... except the cutting hair part. I totally watch shows in the bath all of the time! My husband gets home at midnight too.. It's getting harder to stay up that late! Happy Halloween!

Chantel said...

lol Love this I bring a folding chair in and prop my computer to watch movies or my Nook to read!!! Glad I'm not the only one that does that. Ha ha


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