Friday, September 9, 2011

cleaning, xmas, halloween, lotion, baby, oh just about everything

This has been a sloooooow hair week. I guess it's kind of nice that it's slow because I had time to get things done around the house. I finally set up all my fall decorations! Oh how happy it makes me :) I made a few new things. I took lots of pictures, but I can't find my camera cord. I think Kevin put it somewhere... so maybe later today I will be able to post pictures.

I also have been able to keep our sink EMPTY and CLEAN all week! Such an accomplishment for me, not even kidding. That doesn't mean I don't gag every time I do them, because I do. It's gross. (The gagging). I have only thrown up twice this week, thats HUGE! I am hoping I am coming out of this sickness phase. If not, thats ok, I can do it. But it would be nice to get over it.

I did a makeover on our salon blog today- it was needing a pick me up! you should all go check it out and follow it. We occasionally give away some awesome hair products like Enjoy and Osis products. I am in charge of our salon's fall boutique this year- and we need more vendors! So go check out the post: for more information on becoming a vendor or just if you want to come shop! I need the support!

Our bedroom has also been kept spotless all week. I've even made the bed every day. These types of things are huge accomplishments for me, because it's been two months since I have done them. Haha. I am sure Kevin is relieved that I have found some energy to get these things done, because I only work 3 days a week. That gives me lots of days off and lots of free time. (WAY more than he has!) I have gotten back into blogging a little bit and it makes me feel a little more normal.

Yesterday I was in the mood to shop. I needed some lotion (I was running out of my favorite- country chic from bath and body works) so I headed to the mall. I decided I LOVE smelling good smells. well, who doesn't? It's just nice to walk into a store and not GAG from the smells! I got a new lotion that they had in addition to the country chic one. It's called sweet cinnamon pumpkin. Oh. My. Lanta. It smells SOOO Good! It just puts me right in the mood for fall and pretty leaves and sweaters and boots!! They are 3 for $10 right now. So go. Right. Now. Get it. :)
What else? I am going to South Jordan tomorrow for a tailgate party/dinner at my sister Chelsey's with all the family. We do a family dinner with all of us once a month. This month, we get to go watch the BYU game at her house on her HUGE TV and party hard! So excited. I love that they live here now. It was not fun having them live so far away! 

I am already listening to Christmas Music.. and thinking about this: 
Kevin and I always set up our tree on black friday. We get up at 4 am and go shop, buy pj's, eat breakfast, come home and nap, and then set up our tree and listen to xmas music. It's always so much fun. I want a real tree this year because ours is really sparce (spelling?) and I love the smell of a real tree.. :) But we shall see. I know I am crazy to be thinking about it this early, but I am so in the mood for it this year. I just have so many things I want to do this season. I really don't want Kev and I to get gifts for eachother. I just want us to buy gifts for some family that needs it and doorbell ditch it or something. That would be so fun and such a good experience. If anyone knows a family, email me. I would love to help. I just don't need things, ya know? And that's not what Christmas is about anyway. I just love the smells, the food, the people, the music, the decorations... just about everything but driving in the snow haha! 

For halloween Kevin and I found a funny costume to be. BUT, I'm not telling because you will all steal it! Can't WAIT to wear it to the Mohlman family party!! 

oh don't forget my cute baby. I am almost 14 weeks, holy crap, where has time gone?! 
I just love this picture of the baby's legs sticking up. this was at 10 1/2 weeks. I get to find out the gender on Oct. 6th. I might get to find out on Sept. 15th because I have an ultrasound that day, and if they can see it I will know! WAHOO! thats in less than a week! What's your guess? I want a girl so bad, but I am pretty sure it's a boy. I keep having dreams that it's a boy! but in the picture below, there is no pee pee yet... haha

Well, now that I have rambled on forever about all the things on my mind... I think I will finish now. Better go continue to clean or do something productive! 


beckaboots said...

I am proud of you for keeping your house clean! It is always a struggle, especially when you are so sick! I remember throwing up in the car and at work- it's the worst. Maybe you can look into Zofran? It was a life-saver for me!
And OMGGGGGG CHRISTMAS!!! I am already saving up my money to buy gifts and decorations especially! I am so excited for the music and the lights and the family. You and I are on the same wave-length here :)


Kayla said...

I too am already thinking about christmas!! And pretty sure I am gong to Bath and Body works!

I cant wait for christmas! and I cant wait to find out what you are having...I had dreams of boys and girls.....But I had a boy...So i dont know if that counts.>But I am going to guess Boy just because EVERYONE is having boys!!

Lacey said...

So you inspired me to get pumpkin lotion today. I totally went to bath and body works because I read your post. :) he he.


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