Monday, September 19, 2011

our fun weekend!

This was a busy weekend for me. Me, Brittany Hughs, Liz Pearson, and Julie Penrod threw our friend Jena a baby shower. It was so much fun and a lot of people came! We made looooots of food, including cake balls, snickerdoodles, homemade cheesecake bites (pictured below) and then had fruit and veggies and chips and dip. We were up till midnight the night before (so friday) making the cake balls and putting together tissue ball flowers to decorate with. 
We all ate cafe rio and just chatted it up and cooked!  It was so much fun! The shower was the next day from 3-5 and she got some really REALLY cute baby clothes! I love baby showers. 

After the shower, Kev went to have a boys night and watch the game with some friends while my neice Sarah and I went to BYU's World of Dance. My little sister danced in it so we got to watch her perform! It was such a good show! I loved it. Then I took her to wingers for dinner, we got a redbox, and snuggled up and watched a movie! It was really fun and I don't think I have ever hung out with Sarah alone so it was great to get to know her and spoil her a bit. I hope she had fun! 

Kevin and I love to take Sunday Drives. We usually take the scooter down to the lake or something but It's getting a little uncomfortable for me to sit on the scooter for too long, so we decided its time to start using the car! We drove up to Sundance yesterday and walked around. I am SO out of shape. laying in bed for 3 months doesnt really do your body that good! I better get my butt to the gym again.. The flowers up at Sundance were SO beautiful. 

us on our little walk! IT was chilly!! 

I loved these yellow flowers, and had to get a picture by them. Also, my belly just POPPED! 15 weeks and counting! BTW, We are having a baby GIRL!!! :) (more about that later)

My favorite flowers planted right here... love it. 

I look drugged in this picture haha, but Kev looks mighty handsome :) 

We then drove around and let me tell you, there are TONS of houses for sale up there. Kinda sad. But They are all gorgeous and over priced. :)


kaites said...

I am SO sad I missed the shower! We had a little medical emergency right before. I am glad so many people came :) You are looking so great gill! I am so happy for you!

Kira And James Morris said...

awww, you always do such fun things! You are such a fun girl! Glad we are bloggy friends... it gives me new ideas to keep my own life interesting ;) You're so cute!


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