Tuesday, August 23, 2011

if I had money, i'd dress like a celebrity

ok, maybe not really..

but I do wish I had more money to wear the clothes I desire to wear. I look at all these cute outfits on pintrest and just cant help but be a little jealous of the cute outfits out there! I know there is no point in me buying them since my belly is only going to grow bigger, plus they all cost too much for me. I just feel like I dress like a slob sometimes. I buy all my clothes at D.I. (well not all) and there is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes I just want to buy something NEW and in STYLE.

for example, I want this:

who doesnt love a white t and jeans with cute boots? plus, this sweater hides a few belly issues.. 

and this. 
again the white t and dark jeans, but added a scarf. i. love. scarves. 

or I could handle this..
look at those boots and the color of that cardigan.. that whole outfit prob cost well over $150. sigh. 

similar cardigan yet again, but different color.. along with medium brown boots and a cute scarf.. green IS my favorite color... 

of course the classy gray black and red.. and the sweater makes it less casual. but, it would be cute with or without. this is your winter outfit right here. maybe add some cute black boots? or red rain boots.. ooo

and if you are going for comfort, leggings, boots, and a baggy sweater wrapped with a belt. i. need. this. 

I just love this coming time of year because all the holidays and smells and clothes... I just want to look the part too! 

a girl can dream, right? :)

*all photos found on pintrest. 


Jess said...

Oh I agree wholeheartedly! Sometimes I just look at clothes for hours, wishing Mike would let me take $100 out of his paychecks every month to spend on said clothes. :)

Amy said...

If you get any of those, I may have to come raid your closet........ ;)

The Thomas Family said...

I feel the same way!!!

beckaboots said...

uummmmmm I LOVE all of these! Sooo so cute and totally my style. I love scarves as well and my family makes fun of me because I try to wear them even when it's too hot outside! haha.


chelsey said...

Uh...hate to tell ya, but even $150 won't cover the cost of one of those outfits. I'd bet the boots alone cost around $100, then add the purse and you're well over.

I like all those outfits too, just don't think I could pull it off unless I was that skinny! Boo!

Tana said...

Love those outfits! We can all dream is right!


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