Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy 25th Birthday Kevin!!

I already posted this on my family blog, but wanted to post it on here too.

It's Kevin's 25th Bday today!!!!

I love my husband so much. Marrying him was the best decision I ever made. He is so kind, funny, silly, smart, hard working, soft spoken, and adventurous! He takes such great care of me and I am glad I get to spend forever with him. Here are a few pictures I wanted to post :)

this is our future- this is Kevin as a little boy, haha! Hes the cutest thing ever! Our baby will be adorable. 

Kevin used to have hair crazier than you Dave! This was him in high school. 

the thing I love most about his physical features is him smile.. his teeth are PERFECT! I love seeing him smile. 

he's an amazing snowboarder. yes, this picture is of him. i wish I could afford to buy him a pass. 

this picture was us at our family reunion last weekend- we all made tie dye shirts. 

he's such a silly boy sometimes. I love that he has a fun silly side!

All in all, I love my sweet husband and I hope he has the best day ever! I can't believe he is 25.. we are growing up WAY too fast!  I am taking him to lunch with about 15 of our friends to Wingers tomorrow and then we are going to the demolition derby at the Utah County Fair. I hope he has fun!

Happy Birthday Sweet heart! 


Alex and Becca said...

We love Kevin!! Happy Birthday Kev!!

Dave and Tana said...

Happy Birthday to you Kevin!!!

I like your blog background right now, Gillian. Cute!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Kevin -- please let him know that he ROCKED that mullet when he was younger :).


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